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Ramadan Recipes

It is that time of the year when we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. There are a variety of sweets made on this occasion and offered to the Lord Ganesha. Today I’ll talk about the delicacies prepared in Malaysia…. not for this festival but for another festival called Eid or Ramadan.

ramadan delicacy

Ramadan bazaars are full of Malay dishes – curries, rendang, porridges, roasts, and rice cakes in endless varieties together with sweets, pastries and traditional juices. What better way to start with sweet dishes which I learnt in a

Feasting on Ramadan Delicacies

I returned yesterday after soaking myself in the local culture & feasting on local culinary delights of Ramadan of a few countries. It was that time of the year again. The followers of Islam in India, Malaysia, Turkey and other parts of the world fast during the daylight hours of the month long festival of Eid-ul-Fitr or Ramadan maintaining their self-resistance towards their needs and urges. Come evening, they break their fast with mouth watering dishes in this holy month with much gusto.
This year I followed the Ramadan food trail from Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Each city had its own variation of certain culture and eateries that specialize in certain types of cuisines.

ramadan delicacy

In Turkey I roamed

Malaysian Food Festival

Last week I was invited to attend the Malaysian Food Festival which is being held in Mumbai. When I reached there, I was welcomed by the very warm & courteous staff of India Jones, Hotel Trident and was guided to a corner table near a French window.

The ambience was perfect for a quiet lunch. From my seat I could see almost whole of the restaurant. On right hand side a large family was seated on a long table. They were celebrating some occasion. It wasn’t a birthday; perhaps somebody’s achievement? On another table a family of five from three generations was having a quiet lunch. The table next to mine on left hand side was occupied by a young couple, who was discussing spirituality while savoring the Malaysian delicacy.

Ikan bakar

Delicious Yemas de Ávila

Delicious Yemas de Ávila

As a traveller I always try to taste as much local food as possible. Whichever country we are in, the local food tells us so much about the place… some history, availability of certain raw products in the region, weather conditions, or simply the reason for it being made or produced there. So has done Yemas de Ávila ! Or by its other name Yemas de Santa Teresa.

I have a big sweet tooth and when it comes to sweets trust me I simply can not resist them. So, when I was told that Yemas is a famous delicious sweet dish from the medieval walled city of Ávila, I was drooling again!

yemas in Avila

Round, orange sprinkled sugar, its delicacy is unsurpassed.

Yemas de Ávila or Ávila egg cake refers to what must be one of the best known Spanish confectionaries. The origin of this confectionary is not very clear but it was first commercialized and distributed as Yemas de Santa Teresa.
The interesting story is that

Culinary delights of streets – Malaysia

One interesting way to explore any country is through its food. After indulging in top 5 foods of Malaysia, let’s talk about more food. 😀
This time street food of Malaysia. If you are visiting Malaysia, you simply can not ignore street food and it can very well be counted in your things to do in Malaysia.
I am a big fan of street food and that is what I like more. There is some kind of assurance when we see piping hot food being prepared in front of us. It also gives us an opportunity to see how it is made and to interact with the person preparing and selling it.

Here are five of my favourites again.
Ikan Bakar:

ikan bakar

That’s how Ikan Bakar is made.

It is an

Top 5 food in Malaysia

They say “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach“. And I think Malaysians truly know and believe in it. I have been to Malaysia many times and I can say, Malaysians love to eat. They must have a minimum of six meals a day. There is always ample food in sight. And it is not only the Islamic community who come here for giving themselves a gastronomical treat! We enjoy it equally.

Here are top five food that you must try while in Malaysia.
Malaysian Satay :

malaysian food


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