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Delicious Yemas de Ávila

yemas de santa teresa

Delicious Yemas de Ávila

As a traveller I always try to taste as much local food as possible. Whichever country we are in, the local food tells us so much about the place… some history, availability of certain raw products in the region, weather conditions, or simply the reason for it being made or produced there. So has done Yemas de Ávila ! Or by its other name Yemas de Santa Teresa.

I have a big sweet tooth and when it comes to sweets trust me I simply can not resist them. So, when I was told that Yemas is a famous delicious sweet dish from the medieval walled city of Ávila, I was drooling again!

yemas de avila

Round, orange sprinkled sugar, its delicacy is unsurpassed.

Yemas de Avila or Yemas de Santa Teresa

Yemas de Ávila or Ávila egg cake refers to what must be one of the best known Spanish confectionaries. The origin of this confectionary is not very clear but it was first commercialized and distributed as Yemas de Santa Teresa.
The interesting story is that the neighboring wine makers of a convent dedicated to Santa Teresa, used only the whites of eggs to clarify their casks of red wine and donated the yolks to the convent. For hundreds of years the sisters would prepare Yemas from yolks. Its shape and recipe remains almost unchanged. The tradition is passed on from parents to children till date.

These delicious little balls are associated with the souvenir trade. Every year an estimated 2,50,000 boxes of Yemas are produced in Ávila.

yemas de Ávila

Interior texture contrasts with the outside crispy sugar crust that lasts.

Completely artisan, each one is a crisp sugar shell fashioned by hand, which cradles a heavenly sweet egg yolk. It creates a wonderful composition that you won’t forget. They are remarkably delicate on the palate and melt in the mouth without pressure. Also known as Avila egg cakes, they come in the form of small orange balls in a tart white paper.

Believe me; your visit to this quaint city Ávila is not completed if you have not tasted it. 🙂

yemas de avila

As mentioned, Egg yolk and sugar are the main ingredients. A little lemon juice or rind balances the natural sweetness. No preservatives or additives are used and it has expiration of almost 30 days !

Here is the simple recipe for you to try it out. Yes, I have tried. 😀

yemas in Avila

Receta: Yemas de Avila

150 gm sugar
80 to 100 ml water
1 cinnamon stick
1 tsp lemon rind finely grated
12 egg yolks
some icing sugar

1. Dissolve the sugar in water in a small pan.
2. Add the cinnamon and boil until the syrup begins to caramelize. Let it cool.
3. Lightly beat the egg yolks and add it to the syrup and also add the lemon rind.
4. Cook over low heat stirring until the mixture is thick and leaves the sides of the pan.
5. Pour onto a buttered work surface and let it cool.
6. Cover a work surface thinly with icing sugar.
7. Cut the cooled mixture into squares and roll into cylindrical or egg-yolk shapes on the sugar.
8. Wrap them individually in small squares of waned white paper or similar and place them into little paper candy cups.

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