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Malaysian Food Festival

Last week I was invited to attend the Malaysian Food Festival which is being held in Mumbai. When I reached there, I was welcomed by the very warm & courteous staff of India Jones, Hotel Trident and was guided to a corner table near a French window.

The ambience was perfect for a quiet lunch. From my seat I could see almost whole of the restaurant. On right hand side a large family was seated on a long table. They were celebrating some occasion. It wasn’t a birthday; perhaps somebody’s achievement? On another table a family of five from three generations was having a quiet lunch. The table next to mine on left hand side was occupied by a young couple, who was discussing spirituality while savoring the Malaysian delicacy.

Ikan bakar

malaysian food

After the regular customaries, the Malay Chef Kamarudin Bin Dali was informed and he came to my table to greet me. We exchanged greetings and he asked me what I wanted to order from the menu, so that he could start preparing it for me. It was not a buffet lunch like last time in Malaysian Food Festival but À la carte.

I told him that most of these delicacies have already been tasted by me in Malaysia and so I expressed my wish to try something new. But then I did not want to push him for something that wasn’t in the menu. For starters I zeroed in to Otak Otak Makanan Laut. It is a popular delicacy of grilled seafood mousse wrapped in banana leaf with a very mild coconut sauce. It just melted in my mouth.

Otak Otak

For the main course I preferred my favourite dish Ikan Bakar Daun Pisang. Again an assortment of grilled fish coated with spices, wrapped in banana Leaf cooked on charcoal, Jasmine Rice, Mango Salad and thin Tamarind Sauce with cherry tomatoes and chopped red chillies. 😀

India Jones trident

The Chef was very happy with my choices.
Malaysian cuisine offers an incredible wealth of color, exotic tastes and smells. Its rich array of flavors reflect the country’s multi cuisine culture of Asian flavors, a combination of native Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

Being a diabetic I did not take any dessert but I did have a look at the menu. These were Bubur Kacang Dan Cucur Kodok Pisang (green Bean Soup & fried Banana Fritters), Agar-agar Kelapa Ice-Cream (Coconut Jelly along with ice cream) and Jack fruit sago soup with tropical fruits.

Some more photos of the day. Thank you Tourism Malaysia for inviting me. 🙂

Ikan bakar

india jones trident mumbai

india jones trident mumbai

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