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Him, them and the horse

Him, them and the horse

I stand near a river bridge, on the famous river Ebro by which the town Zaragosa is situated. The river is the longest in the country. The weather is sunny and breezy. The two sculptures of lions on the pillars of the bridge stand guard. As I wait for a taxi which will take me to the exhibition site of the new town of Zaragosa on the other side of the bridge, I see a horse sculpture.

Angel Cordero Garcia

I go near it and

Soul de Ebro

Soul de Ebro (The Soul of the Ebro)

They wanted an icon for the town. A symbol, to be called the soul of the famous river by which the town was situated. The river was the longest in the country and its importance was well known to all.

The world famous sculptor from the same country was invited to make an extraordinary icon. When the final work came out at the cost of half a million Euros; disappointed, they felt, it was difficult to identify it as an allegory of the river.

soul de ebro zaragosa

So the sculpture was not

Zaragosa, a windy town

Today early morning (started at 5:30 AM) we headed to Barcelona airport. Saying Goodbye is always a difficult task but had to do it to my new friends who were going back to India.

After that started my ‘Me’ time…. solo travel in Spain. Took a Renfe train for Zaragosa. During the one & half hour journey the train got delayed by 2 minutes and the announcer was profusely apologizing for it. Quite unheard of it in India? 😛

zaragosa windy town

The cabs in this little town