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Myths, Stereotypes & Facts about Siberia

Oh Siberia!
Surrounded by so many myths and beliefs about Siberian people and Siberian culture. It was probably one of the last places on earth you would want to find yourself in. When I was young, Siberia meant three things to me.

  • A remote place where bad and not so bad people were kept in exile.
  • Siberian trains.
  • Siberian migratory birds.

Was I wrong?
No. All three were right.
So then, what made people to jump and say “Oh no ! You going to Siberia?” when we announced that we were going to Siberia?

Decembrists’ Church Museum, Chita

Last month we had an exclusive opportunity of visiting an offbeat city called Chita, in Siberia. Chita has several nicknames but one that struck us as odd was “City of Exiles”.
On the very first day we visited the Decembrists’ Church Museum (originally called the Church of Archangel Michael), where we learned how it had earned that unique sobriquet. In Russian it is called Музей декабристов.

Follow Up Siberia Contest

Robert Powell, the famous British actor, once said, “I have a number of places on my wishlist …….I have a passion for wilderness and Siberia is on my list – however that may be a bridge too far”.

Our (Nisha’s and Vasu’s) own wishlist has sported Siberia for a long time but Yay! Thanks to #FollowupSiberia, we are about to cross that imaginary bridge that eluded Robert Powell. 😀
Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Follow Up Siberia Contest Kazansky orthodox cathedral in Chita, Russia, Photo credit: Alexander V. Solomin, Wikimedia commons