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Delhi 101 – A review

Delhi 101 – A review
This book was sent to me sometime back by a blogger friend Ajay Jain for a review. I have been following all his travel stories since quite some years now when he had not written so many books. 🙂

In this book, Ajay writes about Delhi, his hometown, a city that he grew up in and continues to live. Having associated with Delhi myself, I wanted to know about the city through somebody else’s eyes.

Is it different from what I know of Delhi? Is it a one point reference book? Is it a detailed guide?
Well, no! None of them. But you’ll still find it a mix of these and interesting enough to browse through. I agree with the author that one can never write a complete book on Delhi; it has so many ever growing dimensions and layers laced with history that it is impossible to write about them in one single book.

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