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Meet my Partner in Crime

Some of you have already met him.
Meet my partner in crime, partner in real life and partner in many things that you don’t know. Down to earth and a very simple person at heart, he has been my backbone & a strong support, and this support also includes financing many of my solo trips. 😀


Whether it was

Yahoo made a Video on Me !

Yahoo featured me as a Fab & Fearless girl on its exclusive video.

It is a great honour that out of billions of Indians YAHOO chose me to showcase as a “Fab & Fearless girl“.

One fine day I was approached by them. They said they wanted to shoot me. Not with a gun, but the video kind. 😀
After initial reluctance, I agreed.

Yahoo made a video on me self

Here is the link of the video for you. Thus yours truly is the only Travel blogger from India to have this honor !


First thing about India

First thing about India

First thing about India
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘India‘?

Beautiful ? Chaotic? Dirty? Splendid? Crazy?

crazy cow

This crazy cow would not let us drink water on a very hot day & started pushing whoever came near the tap. I have this on a video too.

I want to hear it from you. Even if you have not visited this country, you can chip in your views or perceptions about India.
I will keep updating this post with your reply. The idea is to know how and what people think of India.

Of course, you are always welcome if you prefer to comment as anonymous.

But there are two conditions.
1. Your answer