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Meet my Partner in Crime

Some of you have already met him.
Meet my partner in crime, partner in real life and partner in many things that you don’t know. Down to earth and a very simple person at heart, he has been my backbone & a strong support, and this support also includes financing many of my solo trips. 😀


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Featured in DNA Newspaper

It was a pleasant surprise when one of my friends informed me that I have been featured in today’s (Oct 24, 2013) DNA Newspaper’s Escape supplement, Mumbai edition.

The article is titled ‘Blog It’ and talks about travel bloggers who share their experiences of exploring India and the world. There are five other travel bloggers featured in the article along with me. All of us try to reminisce about our journeys and share our passion for travel and blogging and ponder over ‘why we travel?’.
DNA 24102013 md spec 6 - Featured in DNA Newspaper

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Monetize a Blog Without Selling Out

This is a guest post written by Jennifer Mattern.
How Bloggers can Monetize a Blog Without Selling Out?
Do you run your own blog? Would you like to make money through your blog, but you worry that you’ll be perceived as a sell out? Well stop worrying! Making money doesn’t have to mean selling your soul to advertisers. You can make money blogging, be compensated well for the hard work you put into your blog, and still keep your ethical standards. The trick? Put yourself in your readers’ shoes.

Before we jump into tips on making money from your blog while maintaining your standards, let’s look at what it really means to “sell out.”
For sale @lemonicks.comWhat Does it Mean to “Sell Out” as a Blogger?

As a blogger, here are some examples of things you might do that could damage your reputation and make readers view you as a sell out (or stop visiting altogether):

1. You write more for the money than for your readers — as in you have a lot of affiliate reviews and not much else.
2. You let sponsorships influence the editorial side of your blog in any way.
3. You accept money for posts, reviews, or other sponsorships without fully disclosing that relationship to readers.
4. You have so many ads littering your blog that readers can’t bear to spend time there.

10 Tips for

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