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Him, them and the horse

Him, them and the horse

I stand near a river bridge, on the famous river Ebro by which the town Zaragosa is situated. The river is the longest in the country. The weather is sunny and breezy. The two sculptures of lions on the pillars of the bridge stand guard. As I wait for a taxi which will take me to the exhibition site of the new town of Zaragosa on the other side of the bridge, I see a horse sculpture.

Angel Cordero Garcia

I go near it and pat on its back. A boy comes running and sits on it. This horse is children’s favourite. But the children are favourite of somebody else!

horse sculpture zaragosa

His name was Angel Cordero Gracia. He was a photographer. He used to have a horse made on paper and he usually took photos of it to show it to children in the town. Children loved the photos and he loved to take pictures of those children. The win-win situation. 🙂

horse sculpture

Angel Cordero Gracia worked there for 53 years. When he retired in 1978, the cityhall decided to remember him with a horse. A sculpture was made in bronze by Francisco Rallo, a famous sculptor of that time in the city. What a way to remember the love between the photographer and the children! 😀

Zaragosa has many beautiful sculptures and icons and each of them has a beautiful story to share with. I’ll share them from time to time. 🙂

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