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Apam Balik – A Malaysian Street Food

I call Malaysia my second home and the one thing that has always fascinated me about this beautiful country is the variety of food available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Malaysians love to eat and I heard from one of the locals that they eat a minimum of six meals a day! He was so right; wherever I go in Malaysia there is always ample food in sight.

Apam Balik Malaysian street food

Roasted peanut spread over pancake.

I’d mentioned earlier about a street dish called Apam Balik. I have tasted many traditional Malaysian street foods while touring the country and Apam Balik is one of them. This crispy peanut pancake is also known as Chin Loong Pau in Chinese, something Indians can relate to as it is similar to the south Indian dish dosa.

I tried to find it in restaurants but it’s probably better on the street. The best ones can be found at the morning markets or the night bazaars. This is a must try if you’re planning to visit Malaysia.

Now you can read a detailed article with recipe on the same, published on Travel Wire Asia website : Apam Balik – A Malaysian Street Food.

Go read the article and make some awesome fluffy Apam Balik today. Don’t forget to comment. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Apam Balik – A Malaysian Street Food”

  1. nice post, Nisha… would love to try it, minus the eggs.. its actually quite similar to a dosa-like aapam we make at home. but that one is savory, not sweet

  2. Corrinne,
    What a pleasant surprise !!

    Sure, anytime. I would love to help you. I consider Malaysia as my second home and written about many aspects of it. 😀

    Do let me know.

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