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Abu Dhabi in Instagram

Abu Dhabi in Instagram

Do you play with Instagram?
I do. Sometimes.
Why sometimes? Because when I enjoy a place I forget about clicking pictures, let alone sharing them, instantly then and there. 🙂
Nonetheless, here are a few pictures that I had managed to Instagram when I was in Abu Dhabi. Presenting you the story of Abu Dhabi in Instagram.
On that note, here is my Instagram account. You may love to follow it for these glimpses from across the world.

When our plane was about to land at Abu Dhabi International Airport, I saw this interestingly shaped building from up. After landing I was lucky enough to spot it again when our plane was taxiing. There was some construction work going on around it. Later I found that this is the air traffic control tower at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

I checked into the Hotel Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi, I looked out of my window and this was the view that greeted me. Oh there were some water sports also. See a photo-feature on Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

A plateful of fruits was completely ignored by me when I saw this mouth watering absolute delight on another plate welcoming me. These, including those green leaves & yellow petals, are chocolates of different flavors and colors.

In the evening, as the Sun set, we were at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club. The vast expanse of white sands wasn’t like the usual desert sand, rather it was a part of a clean beach! What could be better than playing Golf and then taking a dip in the sea?

The Saadiyat story brings the island’s vision to life. This exciting international artistic venue hosts a dedicated space for touring international cultural and art exhibitions. The state-of-theart Saadiyat Island exhibition, ‘The Saadiyat Story,’ is on permanent display and provides visitors with an interactive narrative on the history and cultural vision behind the island.

The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital became the highlight of my trip! It is the world’s largest and most advanced falcon hospital. Do you believe if I say the hospital has air-conditioned individual rooms and wards and ICU for over 250 birds? I have written about it here in detail.

Ferrari World. The name itself is sufficient to tell you about the adventure activities it has. I had a thrilling experience on the world’s fastest Roller Coaster which had speed of 250 KM per hour. This particular ride was simulator based and I revisited Italy with an aerial view.

The picturesque Al Jahili Fort is one of the UAE’s most historic buildings. It was erected to defend the city and protect precious palm groves. An Al Ain landmark, the fort has been carefully restored and now houses a permanent exhibition of the work of British adventurer Sir Wilfred Thesiger.

With Ramadan just in the corner, we were invited to attend an exclusive media sneak preview of the Ramadan Pavilion at Emirates Palace. The palace needs a separate post altogether. On our way to the hall we came across this Gold ATM machine which gives you gold coins & jewelry.

Inside the hall where Iftar buffet party was arranged in Emirates Palace, a couple of boys were serving sherbet. Look at the huge jar made of brass and the tray attached to him to keep the glasses.

Abu Dhabi and weirdly shaped buildings are synonyms. This is one such building in the shape of a coin! To know more about these interesting buildings read here.

So that was Abu Dhabi in Instagram. On that note, here is my Instagram account. You may love to follow it for these glimpses.

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