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Hua Hin Railway Station

Hua Hin Railway Station
If you ever want to see a working railway station which is also historic, mark Hua Hin Railway Station in your list. Beautifully designed with red and white as main colors, the brightly painted wooden structure of Hua Hin Railway station make it very striking. It looks as beautiful at night as it looks in daytime. We visited it at night.

hua hin station

Probably Hua Hin Railway station is the most beautiful railway stations in Thailand and it is definitely worth a visit. It is also the oldest in Thailand.
Built during the reign of King Rama VI, and only a short distance from the centre of town, Hua Hin Railway Station is very eye catching and so is adjacent royal waiting room. There is a Victorian feel to these wooden buildings which are Thai in concept and design.

Hua Hin railway station

hua hin station

The story about Hua Hin as a royal seaside getaway town would be incomplete without a mention of this historic railway station. Back in those days, there was no road access to this beach town. Boat travel was boring and train travel was a new and hip alternative to get from Bangkok to Hua Hin.

With the train station in place and the northern-southern rail line connecting Bangkok and as far south as Singapore, the town was gradually built around it. European expats would travel from Penang and Singapore to enjoy a seaside vacation in the town.

hua hin station

hua hin station
Today, the train station has become a popular tourist attraction. Its quaint, Victorian architectural style stands in stark contrast to the modern buildings.

hua hin station

You can relive the past and take the train from Bangkok to Hua Hin, a journey of about four hours. The Station is open 24 hours, but trains operate between 6.30AM and 11.20PM.

Have you seen a station as beautiful as this one? 😀

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  1. Anki,

    Yes, I’ve heard of Barog station. Himachal is full of gems. 🙂

    Great. I suggest you go in daytime or spend sometime there. Better still if you take a train from Bangkok to this place.

    I’ll do that when I am on my own. 🙂

  2. Manish,
    धन्यवाद । हम लोग बीच नहीं गए थे पर सुना है, शांत व सुन्दर है।

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