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A Wooden Mug

A Wooden Mug

More than fond memories of a place, some souvenirs show us the character of that place. They tell us history, culture and much more about the place. This wooden mug from Philippines is one such souvenir.

wooden mug

A beautiful handmade wooden Mug.

When we stopped at a house in a village while hiking the rice terraces, it was raining outside. Inside, woman of the house was cooking something in a big wooden vessel on a stone stove similar to what we have in our villages. We were offered a hot drink in wooden mugs like this. On enquiry, came to know that they use it everyday. Not only drinks, they have cooked rice with water in these mugs.

A mug is a sturdily built type of cup often used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soup. But who uses a wooden mug when we have mugs made of ceramic, steel, glass etc.?

Certain regions of Philippines are forests, have plenty of wood. There are some villages as well. In these remote villages, the people are poor and they can not afford luxury of having expensive utensils and cutlery. Their utensils and other household items are made of wood. You’ll find many who depend on wood to earn livelihood. Not to mention, the region is famous for its artistic wood work also.

Wooden utensils have their own advantages. They keep things warm for longer period and easy to hold without burning your fingers. This wooden mug is used to have hot soup.

wooden mug

Side view.

We bought several pieces and gifted to our loved ones. I am using one as a pen stand.

P.S.- This is a monthly series exhibiting various souvenirs that I have picked up from my journeys across the globe. You can see more of them here. And this time it is from Philippines.
Next Souvenir:- I’ll talk about Bulul, the rice God of Philippines.

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30 thoughts on “A Wooden Mug”

  1. Beautiful mug. Initially I thought it could be made of Bamboo (FB Status) but now I am convinced that they are of wood. I also wanted to learn the mystery of wooden utensils being used for cooking. Will (atleast the upper portions) they not catch fire.

  2. I gave up on travelling when I had my second child. It’s just going to have to wait until they’re older! However my uncle is a very worldly man and he’s always kind enough to bring me back trinkets like these whenever he visits new countries. A wooden set of utensils was one of my favorites. It had been tooled with exotic flower designs and you could tell someone made it by hand with lots of love and patience.

  3. Brroke,
    I totally agree with you. The wooden utensils are much more interesting. When they didn’t have any other kind of vessels & wood was easily available, this was the solution.

    Wait for my other utensil set souvenir made of wood. 😀

  4. Nice acquisition there. Whenever I visit a new country I make it a point to find a unique and memorable item that will remind me of my stay there. Its not always easy but at times the simplest thing can work.

  5. This thing looks cool! I really enjoy getting souvenirs as well from each place I’m traveling to!

    Btw – followed you on Twitter as well. Like your site. I hope we can connect there.

    Torsten @ Mightytravels

  6. I can say that the artist had literally put life in the mug art. I sensed the vibe of fine creativity and level of skill. It reminded me old day Persian and Kashmiri fine arts.

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