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Celebrate Womens Day

Ways to celebrate Womens Day

Shall I say “Happy Womens Day” ?

So many people speak about Women’s day. Parties, shopping, discounts, dinners… all inviting us.
Is that all?
women's day

The beautiful expressive Indian classical dancer.

Today I want to mention about a girl Arunima Sinha who was a volleyball player at national level. When travelling in a night train, she resisted some chain snatchers who had boarded the train at the dead of night. While others obliged, she refused to give her gold chain to them.
She was pushed out of the running train. She fell on the railway tracks and couldn’t move. Another train on a parallel track crushed her leg below the knee. Nobody came to her rescue till next morning when some villagers saw her. She had lost so much blood that for sometime she lost her vision as well. As a result her leg had to be amputated below the knee.

Then she decided to fight back… she stood up and within two years she became the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest!!


I want to celebrate woman like Arunima and the womanhood.
Here’s my pictorial tribute to us, the women. May we touch the sky!!

women's day

A tribal woman Orang Asli of Malaysia

women's day

A curious dreamy girl.

women's day

Another dreamy girl.

women's day

A cheese seller in Poland.

women's day

A village belle sipping tea at a road side kiosk.

women's day
women's day
women's day

Bollywood celebrities.

women's day
women's day

Be it comforts of a house or a desert, she makes it a home.

women's day

She demanded that I click her picture.

women's day

And this pretty woman as well.

What is your idea of Women’s day?

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8 thoughts on “Celebrate Womens Day”

  1. Prasad,
    Yes, absolutely right!

    I’ve cut short this story to the minimum… it was terrible to know how she survived that night when trains from both directions crossed over several times and she lied in between those 2 tracks.

  2. There shouldn’t be a day to celebrate what ‘should’ be done.
    Credit-worthy selections though. I am sure you are enjoying your time too!

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