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A walk down the Krupowki Street

A walk down the Krupowki Street

Krupowki Street

Gingerly I walk on the road, making my way through slush; I stop for a moment to look around. There is snow on both sides of the road. There are small shops, cafes and restaurants on one side of this street & some vendors on the other side. A restaurant owner writes menu for the day on the board and his eyes are looking at me hoping for business. A middle-aged woman carefully places the rate cards on the home made cheese that she’s selling on a handcart.

Krupowki Street
I stop by her, and ask for permission to click a few shots. She first smiles shyly then can not resist laughing. She says, “I am a common woman, why are you making me a celebrity?” I respond by smiling and letting my camera work.

I am on Krupowki Street, the most popular place in Zakopane. The very mention of a visit to Zakopane, receives a recommendation by every Polish person to visit here.

Located in the center of Zakopane, the street of Krupowki pronounced as (crew-poof-key) is a pedestrian only access. This is the place where most shops and restaurants are located and I can see that even in sub-zero temperature the street is bustling with life. Holidaying tourists or the locals, there are plenty of places to sit, enjoy the atmosphere or simply walk down for some shopping. I am told it is also the main nightlife destination.
Krupowki Street

As I walk, Krupowki Street turns to left at a very slight angle. Most of the chalets have thick layers of snow on their wooden sloped roofs.

At one end of the street stands a monument of Count Zamoyski. Then I reach a small romantic bridge over a stream flowing along the street. Offering a nice view of the most popular Mount Giewont, this is the place where most pictures are taken.

Krupowki Street
Krupowki Street

Further down the road, passing a number of shops, restaurants I reach a shopping center built in traditional style. There are small stores selling handmade woolens, lace work, jackets, leather garments, wooden artifacts and much more.
I am pleasantly surprised to see that most of the shopkeepers speak English!! A definite advantage for the tourists. 🙂

Krupowki Street

Then I can not stop admiring at a row of shops, all of which are selling home made cheese of different varieties! A cheesy street? 🙂
I buy a few stuff including some Oscypek cheese. I am again amazed to know that most of the things are much cheaper than in India.

krupowki street walk

Somewhere at a corner, I see a carriage rank where you can hop onto a horse-drawn carriage and enjoy a nice trip around Zakopane. The beautiful old church of the Holy Family stands at a distance.

Krupowki Street

As I reach the set off point at the end of the street to take the Funicular onto the Gubalowka Hill, I turn around to see the street one more time… to capture the quintessence of the place… to cherish it in my heart.

Would you like to go for such a walk? 🙂

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25 thoughts on “A walk down the Krupowki Street”

  1. Lovely pictures.
    And what a beautiful story you’ve written.

    I am surprised to know that things are cheaper there than India! That’s a good observation by you.

    Keep taking us on virtual tours like this. 🙂

  2. Shreya,
    Thanks so much.

    Yes, I checked on woolens, leather and wooden artifacts and yes, cheese also. Things are much cheaper than in India.

    In fact, I had some Zloty (their local currency) left which I blew at the airport buying some ‘foreign’ stuff which would have costed me a bomb in my own country. 😛

  3. Yes, I would very much like to go for such a walk. It is my favorite thing about traveling–exploring the side streets and alleys, especially pedestrian-only thoroughfares. I love to see the action of the vendors interacting with the buyers, the children playing, the food on display, and so much more!

  4. Krupowki street looks so vivid with different things to shop and eat. Good to know that it’s a pedestrian-only street, which is mostly the case for special streets like this. I would have loved to try the cheese too if I would go there! You made me walk through the street through your pictures! 🙂

  5. Krupowki Street sounds like a great street to walk – so funny when I read that the woman said she was just a common woman, why make her a celebrity lol because we’ve realized throughout our travels, that people in our own home town, not interesting, but for some reason the minute we land in a new country, the people are so interesting to photograph and really make the scene – even though where they come from they’re common and can’t understand the fascination 🙂

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