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Cathay Pacific Lounges and Premium Economy Class

You may all remember the exemplary Cathay Pacific business class service we had on our way from Mumbai to Manila and back. Cathay’s philosophy of providing #Lifewelltravelled experience to their passengers could be discerned even in the smallest part of the airplane or the smallest activity of the staff. In this article we would like to talk about the Cathay Pacific lounges which we enjoyed a lot and premium economy class of travel on their long haul flights, a new service from Mumbai.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
The Pier, Business Lounge of Cathay Pacific

Cathay Lounges at Hong Kong Airport:

As business class passengers we had access to all the Cathay Pacific Business lounges of Hong Kong airport. There were several options while waiting for the flight. There are 2 first class lounges, The Wings First and The Pier First and as many as four business class lounges; The Wings, The Pier, The Bridge and The Cabin. There is also one at the arrival section aptly named The Arrival!
Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class

We had over 4 hours to kill after having landed from an overnight flight. We were received by one of the officials and were escorted by her to go to The Pier, Business near gate 65. I must say that became our base for the next 4 hours. This was not like any other business class lounge ever experienced by us. This was large and when I say large, I mean really laaarrge! Our hostess informed us that it was recently renovated and had many surprising elements and she left us to make those discoveries ourselves!

The Pier

We checked-in using our business class boarding pass. Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Gold and Silver card-holders are also eligible to use these facilities.

The lounge was divided into several sections and it was up to us to select the ones where we felt comfortable. After the reception on the right are 20 number coded lockers for stowing large bags which would otherwise not be needed during the time in the lounge.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
20 digital lockers, The Pier

On entering the main lounge area we entered the Food Hall with ample seating. There was an array of hot & cold snacks and of course a coffee cart on one side for the most need cuppa at that hour. We particularly liked the location of the Food Hall as it was most convenient for those travelers who did not have much time, to quickly grab some food, drinks and rest before moving on to their gates.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
Jugful of tea for the tea aficionado 🙂

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
Coffee cart at the Pier

The Bar, Noodle bar and Teahouse

Next in line was the well-stocked bar with lounge chairs and bar stools. Again there was no dearth of sitting spaces. At that point we were told that The Pier can accommodate over 500 passengers at a time! The ambience was such that one could, after a light meal, relax here with a drink of choice.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class

Should you prefer Chinese cuisine instead of international cuisine you may head to the Noodles Bar. There is an assortment of dimsums, noodles and soups to cater to everyone’s palate.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
Array of Chinese sauce at the Noodle Bar
Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
Noodle Bar

As avid tea-drinkers our own favorite space was the tea room aptly called the Teahouse! This was the place for authentic tea drinking experience. The range of tea available here can put to shame all other tea rooms in the city. Green, black, white, herbal, spiced, blended, honey et al, think of it and you will find it. Not only the range, but the tea specialists who make the tea are experts too. If there is something called a tea-sommeliers then you will find them here!

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
The Teahouse at the Pier, Business lounge

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
The Teahouse at the Pier, Business lounge

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
The Teahouse at the Pier, Business Lounge

Relaxation, Showers and Workstations

With all these eating and drinking, can sleeping be far away? Not at all. The next section had the shower rooms and shhhhh…..the relaxation room. The 14 shower rooms are just awesome with Aesop’s bath toiletries & cosmetic supplementing the well-equipped showers. The relaxation room had many loungers with footrest for that well deserved rest between flights. In fact one could lie down flat and take more than those idiomatic forty winks. The ambiance was just for the purpose with dim lighting and silence.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
The relaxation room at the Pier, Business lounge

After a snooze of half-an-hour we wanted to catch up on work and communications with our friends. So we grabbed our laptops and entered The Bureau, just the place. With several personal computers and cushy sofas with small desks this was an ideal place to spend productive hours. There were also individual, more private Solus work stations.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
Solus , private work stations at the Pier and the Bridge

What we realized was that the lounge sections were designed from noisy to silence, the further you moved in. From our experience we could very easily say that, although this was a business lounge, it could have passed for a first class lounge too. Such was the facilities and luxury.

The Bridge

While we spent bulk of the time at The Pier, we also did an exploratory tour of the Cathay Business Lounge called the Bridge located near gate 35. Oh, wait a minute, was that a whiff of the aroma of an Indian dish? 🙂 There was a delectable array of international dishes at the Bistro and the Bakery food.
The bar area overlooking the airside of HK airport were manned by expert mixologists dishing out refreshing cocktails including Cathay’s Signature cocktail. The work space, the shower rooms, all looked super comfortable and luxurious and could put to shame some of the run-of-the-mill business lounges around the world.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
The Bridge Business Lounge at Hong Kong Airport
Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
The Bridge Business Lounge at Hong Kong Airport

We did not have the time to explore other lounges, The Cabin near gate 23 and the Wings near gate 1, but what we could discern was that the lounges were scattered around the departure gates strategically so that one was never too far from a Cathay Business Lounge from the their respective departure gates.

Cathay Pacific Business Lounge, Manila

On our return journey from Manila we were a bit too early for the flight and checked in to the comparatively new Cathay Business Lounge at Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The design concepts were by Studioilse, same as Hong Kong Airport lounges. At 650SqM, it may not be as big as The Pier, but it was still overly spacious for the 135 passengers it could accommodate.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
Cathay Pacific Business Lounge at Manila.

The luxurious looking cherry wood paneling and limestone floor gave an impression of being at the home of some celebrity and not at an airport lounge. 🙂 The natural light from the airside only accentuated the feeling.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
Slide out power sockets at Manila Cathay Pacific Lounge

The pull out power-sockets in the side-tables were well-appointed but a bit small. But work area and powerful Wi-Fi were some of the highlights. Food and beverages did not disappoint us although we did not consume much as it was much too early in the morning.

Return of the Premium Economy Class

Recently Cathay Pacific has come out with yet another reason to fly to Hong Kong from Mumbai. Cathay Pacific brought back its Premium Economy Class in October, 2017, with its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. This provides an enhanced comfort in conjunction with its wide body and high ceiling design.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
Cathay Pacific Boeing 777. Photo Credit: Cathay Pacific


There are 32 seats in 2-4-2 layout in this class and has great legroom. In long-haul flights one could stretch out and use the padded footrest & the calf support for a more comfortable journey. Yet another reason for smiles is the huge 35KG checked in baggage limit. 🙂 And did I say there is a priority while boarding??
The welcome kit includes socks, an eyeshade, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste. The elbow room is more than adequate and the meal table is large. One could work or have meals comfortably. Snacks, wines and beverages selections are always at hand throughout the journey! One could nurse a drink while reclining, which goes farther back than economy.

Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
Big legroom with calf support and footrest in the Premium Economy Class. Photo Credit – Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class
Large meal table in the Premium Economy Class. Photo Credit – Cathay Pacific

The pillows and blankets are of business class quality too.


The state of the art inflight entertainment system, StudioCX with its touch screen and noise-cancelling headphones provides a totally immersive experience. Even before travelling one could check-out the collection online.


It does seem like worth the money upgrading from economy to premium economy which does seem to provide many business class services to the passengers including welcome champagne!
There are wider meal choices, a great menu and meals are served in a proper porcelain dinnerware and stainless steel cutlery which we are waiting to experience. 🙂

Looks like Cathay Pacific have been redefining luxury travel in this part of the world and hope to fly Cathay Pacific again!

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Cathay Pacific lounges and premium economy class

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40 thoughts on “Cathay Pacific Lounges and Premium Economy Class”

  1. What a comprehensive post! I myself love the lounges for the comfort and free drinks 😉 . I have not been to Hong Kong but will be going there soon. Hope to make use of this info. Happy travels.

  2. Whoa! I did not know there are so many Cathay Pacific lounges in Hong Kong. Good review and you showed us the right reason to go there.

  3. You had me when I saw the ambience room! They are divine! I’ve never had the privilege of using a lounge yet, but the idea of a shower and a bit of rest with some food and drinks sounds lovely!! I love flying with Cathay Pacific so can see the quality in their lounges in your photos too!

  4. We love spending time in a lounge but have only ever used the standard airport ones before! I love the fact that there are actual tea experts in the lounge – not something you get access to everyday! And sleeping in-between flights must be a dream! Cathay Pacific seems like an awesome airline!

  5. Oh my word look at that tea house! That is the highlight for me 🙂 I absolutely love Cathay Pacific. They are the first airline I ever used when I decided to quit my job and go travelling. Their service is top notch in my opinion. I might just consider moving up to business class rather than economy next time 😉

  6. I would think I’d died and gone to heaven in that tea house! My only problem would be drinking way too much tea before the flight. It’s like a library of tea.

    I’ve heard excellent things about Cathay Pacific and the lounge definitely looks like it is a major perk.

  7. I always love flying Cathay Pacific and it seems their lounge areas do not disappoint! I love tea as well, and their tea options are quite impressive. It seems they take good care of their loyal customers. A perk for spending so much on flying!

  8. I may have to reconsider just sticking to one airline. Cathay is all the comfort while traveling. I love the different options of meals at the lounges. Do you know if you can purchase a day pass?

    Also, economy comfort is definitely worth it if you get the welcome pack and a footrest

  9. Seems like a great luxury experience. While I appreciate the lounges, I tend to travel a bit more humbly to utilize my funds or points on other things. However, If I had a long layover in Hong Kong, hanging out in the Pier seems like a great time if not for the food and drink options alone. Also the relaxation room looks ideal for those with a long overnight layover. Can you buy day passes to enter?

  10. I can’t believe this lounge! Never seen anything this nice in an airport, definitely the perfect place to spend 4 hours… or more!

  11. I’ll always travel business class if I have the funds – and the lounge offerings do vary tremendously! The Cathay Pacific ones look very special indeed. I love the solus work areas and the bespoke tea section!

  12. The lounge looks gorgeous! The more we travel, the more I appreciate a great lounge. It’s just so nice to relax with a little bit of everything – reading some new magazines, trying some new tea, getting washed up, trying different bites of food. I find it helps make the time pass so much more quickly overall.

  13. I love the look of the bureau. How clever of them to design it to filter out noise the further into the middle you go. Cathay always goes the extra mile. I used to use them often, but I haven’t lately. I will have a look at their flight the next time I go to Asia.

  14. Wow, the Cathay Pacific Lounges look so fancy and divine! I can’t believe that The Pier can accommodate over 500 passengers all at once – that’s amazing! I recently had a 9-hour layover in New York and I opted to pay the extra for the lounge and it was SO worth it! The chance to get a shower, eat delicious food, drink all the coffee I wanted, and not have to drag my bags with me every time I had to go to the bathroom was priceless.

  15. wow, I have never seen economy class look SO good! I’ve never flown Cathay but I really want to try it now. I’ve also never even bothered to visit airline lounges where I actually have access – I’m so curious to visit the KLM lounge and compare it to what you experiences on Cathay… it looks hard to beat!

  16. A very complete and well-structured review. All the lounges look great, but most of all I am attracted by the private workstations. I would love to work at the blog in those special places while I’m waiting for the plane.

  17. The Cathay Pacific lounges sound fabulous, the Pier especially. I’ve been through many business class lounges in my time, but it sounds like this has been very well thought out with preference on comfort and space to spread out. There’s nothing worse than being packed in a lounge, you may as well be in the airport terminal when that’s the case! So I love that the Pier is so spacious. And it’s fabulous that they’ve put a focus on traditional cuisine, like with the Teahouse. The Bridge sounds fabulous too, as does their Manila lounge. And I would definitely pay for an upgrade to premium economy now that they’ve brought back this class. Thanks for the overview!

  18. The Cathay Pacific lounges look wonderful. I would love to pass my time sampling tea in the teahouse. It sounds amazing! I can’t believe that relaxation room! What a fantastic way to wait for a flight. This makes me hope for a layover!

  19. This lounge is NEXT LEVEL! I love the massive selection of teas…and then the showers, the loungey beds, oh goodness. I’ve gone to airport lounges before, but nothing quite like this one. Impressive!

  20. That is a well written comprehensive post. You are right they actually qualify for the first class lounge. The drinks section, shower and then relaxation zones everything look so perfect. And the tea cafe with so much variety is just awesome. That is what I have never heard of in the lounges. Great pictures too.

  21. I have to admit that with all my travels around the world, I’ve never been in a business lounge. Having said that, Cathay Pacific has been one of my favorite flights so far. I was surprised how good their in-flight food was. But that Chinese food in their lounge looks delicious, and I’m growing more fond of tea as I live in Edinburgh, so I’d probably have to visit the TeaHouse while I’m there. This definitely inspires me to start visiting business lounges more.

  22. It always worth to upgrade from economy to business class – that’s what my husband (who travels more, with his job) always says. From your review, I see that it is also a good idea when it comes to Cathay Pacific (to upgrade to business class). I’d love the noodles bar and the tea section! I don’t know if I could actually sleep in the relaxation room, but I like the way it looks!

  23. This lounge does look really great! We don’t get into airport lounges much, but it’s always such a treat when we get to go to one! That’s really nice they have a spot for you to store your bags. It’s so nice to be able to drop a few things off and not have to worry about them when you are relaxing. The noodle bar and teahouse sound amazing too-they would both be fun treats to have! And the showers and relaxation room looks amazing too! Really hope we can check this lounge out sometime!!

  24. This review made me hate the fact that my budget is solely for economy flights. Haha. That lounge is absolutely stunning. I love that they have areas where you can actually lay down and sleep. That’s amazing for those trips that just drag on and on forever.

  25. I love that the lounge overlooks the tarmac, what a place to sit and enjoy a mugful of tea! And the relaxation area looks superb too. I actually haven’t travelled by Cathay Pacific but their lounges sure do look amazing (I remember reading a review you had done earlier as well).

  26. I love that the lounge overlooks the tarmac, what a place to sit and enjoy a mugful of tea! And the relaxation area looks superb too. I actually haven’t travelled by Cathay Pacific but their lounges sure do look amazing (I remember reading a review you had done earlier as well).

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