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Clever Airlines

Recently I came back to my base after more than a month. My trip was packed with activities with not a single half day to spare. Most of the tickets were booked either by air or train depending on the sector, availability and convenience. Because of the summer rush, some of the tickets were waitlisted but I was quite satisfied with the arrangements that were made for me.

On one such domestic sector (Chennai to Mumbai), I had confirmed air-ticket. I had to catch 7:50 PM flight and was looking forward to having dinner with my family at Mumbai.
A little before leaving for airport – Received a sms from the airlines conveying me the news of half an hour delay. Glad for the airlines that they know the term ‘CRM’. 🙂


On my way to airport – Received 2nd sms telling me of further delay of half an hour. Nothing could be done since I was already on my way.

At the time of checking in – Another half an hour of delay was conveyed to me. GRRRRRR…
So, now the flight would take off at 9:20 PM, I thought.

Flights from other airlines were leaving on time and I was contemplating with the idea of canceling my ticket and booking with one of those. But the cancellation charge of Rs 5000 and delay of just 1/2 hour more kept me away from the counter.

At the airport – While roaming around and waiting, I heard another announcement of half an hour delay for my flight ! I rushed to the counter and had a ‘sweet talk’ with them. By mistake, a female staff (either she was feeling guilty or was nervous) vomited the truth.

Right from the beginning, the ground staff knew that the airplane which was supposed to come from Kolkata was late by three hours !

Look at the modus operandi adopted by this airlines. In this competitive and recession period, they did not want to lose on the passengers so kept them in dark by politely informing them of only half an hour’s delay at a time. Also, they saved on money by not providing any food vouchers.

This way passengers do not think of canceling their tickets and hope their flight will take off soon. By the time they realize the situation of this kind, all other intercity flights have already gone or are full.

My flight finally took off at around 10:45 PM.

12 thoughts on “Clever Airlines”

  1. Anil,
    I will look forward to it. I am yet to go through all your posts written during this time and there are a few things pending from my side as well. 🙂

  2. Jeevan,
    The main problem comes when you reach a new place at midnight or later with no literally no transport available.

    In my case it was good that IPL matches were going on, I could watch them on TV screens at the airport. Also, I didn’t have to look for a local transport. 🙂

  3. Agree with shantanu.

    this is a regular affair
    my friends sis was comming back on one of the budjet airlines and even though the plane had landed they kept announcing awaited
    and held up the passangers for hrs

    in India sab chalta hai attitude prevails!
    the rule of law is broken right at the top

    question here is will u repeat traveling on the same airline

  4. Prax,
    I am more interested in how to bring them to terms so that other airlines also become careful in treating passengers.

    Yes, you are right.

    We need to do something about it lest they take us for a ride.

    This is the only comment I got. Write again what you wanted to ! 😀

  5. I hate when airlines keep passengers in the dark. Happened to me two years ago, our flight was… 35 hours late! They knew after a couple of hours that the plane was stuck in Toronto because of a break and that it would take a day, but instead of telling the passengers, they just kept on making us wait.

    The airline went bankrupt last year… can’t say I was surprised!

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