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Finnair Review Economy Class A330-300

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Finnair Review Economy Class A330-300

I looked down through my window. I was flying over a range of some barren mountains with sporadic snow covered peaks in sight. Where was I exactly? My immediate reaction was to look at the screen in front of my seat. The flight map showed we had crossed Pakistan and now I was flying over Kabul, Afghanistan. Afghanistan, one of my dream destinations. At least I could see how it looks from above. 🙂

finnair review economy class A330 300

As the flight moved further up north, the brown mountains changed into sparkling white. It looked like the glistening snow was inviting me with open arms. To say I was excited, would be an understatement!

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Finnair Review Economy Class A330-300

It was not the first time I was flying to Europe. For me, going to Europe is like going to my comfort zone. But I hadn’t visited any Nordic country before. And I hadn’t flown Finnair before! And neither disappointed me. 🙂
Finnair doesn’t fly from Mumbai but it has direct flights to Helsinki from Delhi thrice a week. It takes 7 and half hours to reach Helsinki.

Here is, how my experience with Finnair was.

Finnair means ‘Your shortcut to Europe’.

At the airport:

My flight was in the morning at 10:40 AM and in my opinion it’s a convenient time to fly out compared to those early morning/late night flights. I could sleep well through the night and left for airport after a quick breakfast. The flight was on time.

On reaching Delhi airport everything was done very smoothly. While boarding I was pleasantly surprised to see flock of Indians traveling by Finnair. Of all the popular airlines, why would Indians prefer Finnair, so I thought. Later I came to know, Finnair is a favourite with not only Indians, but many other fliers as well.

Like many airlines, Finnair has also introduced a Stopover in Finland Program for long-haul passengers traveling between North America and Europe or Asia. The idea is to offer passengers a small holiday up to 5 days, in order to break up what is a long journey. Isn’t it a fantastic idea? If you are travelling between Asia, Europe and the USA, you get to explore what may be a new country for you? The Finnair website also helps you book a hotel or activities in your choice of town in Finland.

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Finnair Review Economy Class A330-300

In-flight Services:

finnair review economy class A330 300
Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - Finnair Review Economy Class A330-300
This is an area where one forms an impromptu opinion about the airlines he or she is travelling. That’s what matters the most to most of the passengers. The in-flight services. Right?

The moment I entered the aircraft, an air hostess led me to my seat and made me comfortable. Another one brought a glass of water to the passenger next to me. Though I was traveling in a small group, we all had booked separate seats as per our choices. I had my favourite window seat. 🙂 A trolley of free soft drinks, wine and beer was brought once the airplane was at cruising altitude. The flight attendants on this Finnair flight were generally friendly and attentive. When those around me rang their call buttons, a flight attendant always arrived within a minute or so.

Food & Beverages:

finnair review economy class A330 300

finnair review economy class A330 300

finnair review economy class A330 300

I had pre-ordered a vegetarian meal which was served on time. As accompaniment I enjoyed the Finnair blueberry juice, and then had extra serving of my favourite Tomato juice. Ah! I had red wine too! Of course, there were tea, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks as well. But still I think there is a room for improvement in this section.

The galley at the back had refreshments like aerated drinks and pretzel and rye crackers which could be had throughout the flight, and we utilized this opportunity to straighten our legs, to have a chit chat while enjoying our snacks.


Although no Wi-Fi was offered on this flight, there was an in-flight entertainment screen provided in each seatback. The screen was clear with brightness level settings and a tilt you could easily adjust. However, I felt the screens were losing the touch screen functions. It required firm touches in order to get a response. So mostly I used the remote control provided under the armrest.

There were movies from different genres and categories “comedy, drama, action and classics”, albeit not too many choices. Since it was a daytime for me, I watched a couple of films back to back. I hope Finnair will consider giving more options in entertainment section for economy class.


finnair review economy class a330 300

Traveling in economy class makes me prepare myself for a cramped seat, especially if it is a long flight. But not on this flight. A cursory glance inside the aircraft told me, the seats were not as cramped as they are generally in economy class.

I was happy to see that there was enough space and enough leg room. I didn’t feel uncomfortable during the flight. The aircraft was A330-300 with seating arrangement of 2+4+2. There are two sections to the economy cabin, with bathrooms situated in between them. Both sections felt airy and spacious.

The seats were upholstered in pale blue patterned fabric that was well-accented by the lime green and beige packaged flannel blanket and lime green pillow. Also, there was a set of in-ear headphones and water bottle tucked into each seat-back pocket. Seat-back screens were connected to an audio-video on-demand system with remote controls in the armrests, and also had a credit card swipe system for payments.

The plane landed in Helsinki so smoothly that I didn’t feel it! With a short taxi to the stand and only a couple of minutes’ wait until disembarkation began via an aerobridge.

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finnair review economy class A330 300

Overall, I was satisfied with the flight. I would certainly consider booking another Finnair flight.

Have you flown Finnair anytime? What was your experience?

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21 thoughts on “Finnair Review Economy Class A330-300”

  1. Never flew with Finnair before. Judging by your post, it seems lovely and smooth. I like the fact that your were satisfied with your vegetarian meal, and that stopover option is actually a really good idea! Will have to check it out, thanks! 😉

  2. Sounds like a great experience. I love flying long haul, relax, watch movies and let those funny little trays of airplabe food appear in front of you. Hopefully the rest of your trip was as good as your flight.

  3. Finnair is becoming one of the best companies to fly with! Nice informative post 🙂 How was the veg meal? Lately I prefer to get veg meals on the plane as well.

  4. I havent tried Finnair yet (but tried most airlines in Euroland), but I have heard good things about them. Great review and if I ever get back to the amazing country full of finns and moomins, I hope to be traveling with them.

  5. I’ve never flown with Finnair before, but based on your review it sounds like a great airline to go with. I am definitely a stickler for the in-flight entertainment/food and usually this is what makes or breaks an airline for me. It seems as though you got everything you needed; the stopover option to break up a journey is a fantastic idea! I would definitely consider doing this the opposite way (i.e. I would fly from Europe to Asia and stop off somewhere on the way). Thanks for sharing a thorough review, I will definitely consider booking with Finnair next time if they fly the route I am looking for!

  6. this was so helpful! I’m flying finnair for the first time from vienna to bangkok this summer. I had no clue what their planes were like. thanks so much for the descriptive reviews

  7. Loved hearing about that Stopover in Finland program. I may try to do it should I travel to India in the future. Definitely a great perk. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That was a very nice review. Recently I reviewed some domestic Indian flights and can relate that how tough it is to review the limited scope that this subject provides.
    Very nicely written with nice pics.

  9. I love the stopover options, and it looks like a pretty comfy flight. I’m glad I’m not the only one that takes pictures out of airplane windows!

  10. I loved your straight, crisp review. My husband flies every year to Europe but has never booked Finnair. I am surely going to recommend him this airline. The best I liked is the stopover option at Finland. Your picture of snow covered peak from plane window is amazing.

  11. Looks like you had one blissful flight experience. The flight looks good & glad to know that the problem of leg space was absent. Of all the things, stopover in Finland program caught my instant attention! It sounds too good & tempting. I hope to try it someday!

  12. I bought a “flexible” ticket, but Finnair were unable (or unwilling) to reasonably change it. You pay $300 extra specifically for the purpose of being able to push the flight date. Then they say the next time they can fit you in is in a month! This is no different than buying the ticket at a regular price. So, their “flexible” ticket is a lie and COVID is only an excuse.

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