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Myths, Stereotypes & Facts about Siberia

Oh Siberia!
Surrounded by so many myths and beliefs about Siberian people and Siberian culture. It was probably one of the last places on earth you would want to find yourself in. When I was young, Siberia meant three things to me.

  • A remote place where bad and not so bad people were kept in exile.
  • Siberian trains.
  • Siberian migratory birds.
  • Was I wrong?
    No. All three were right.
    So then, what made people to jump and say “Oh no ! You going to Siberia?” when we announced that we were going to Siberia?

    Follow Up Siberia Contest

    Robert Powell, the famous British actor, once said, “I have a number of places on my wishlist …….I have a passion for wilderness and Siberia is on my list – however that may be a bridge too far”.

    Our (Nisha’s and Vasu’s) own wishlist has sported Siberia for a long time but Yay! Thanks to #FollowupSiberia, we are about to cross that imaginary bridge that eluded Robert Powell. 😀
    Kazansky orthodox cathedral in Chita, Russia, Photo credit: Alexander V. Solomin, Wikimedia commons

    Mumbai-Bali Direct Flight with Garuda Airlines

    The time had arrived. I was flying the Garuda Airlines. I had flown it before but on a different sector as a part of my full route. This was the first time I was flying a direct flight from Mumbai to Bali, my destination!
    Yes, you heard right. A DIRECT flight to Bali. To say I was excited, would be an understatement. Because well, who doesn’t want a non-stop flight to one’s destination?

    mumbai bali direct flight garuda interiors

    Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in Velas Maharashtra

    We were on our way to an unknown village to see some new-borns take their first baby steps and then swim into the sea! We are, of course, talking about the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in Velas Maharashtra. This is a ritual that happens during the months of February, March and April in this otherwise sleepy village called Velas in Ratnagiri District, in the south of Maharashtra.

    olive ridley sea turtles velas maharashtra

    A few years back a friend

    Exploring Jungfrau Region in Winters

    I was in a Swiss Air flight to Zurich, Switzerland. To say I was excited, would be an understatement. I was visiting the country after 18 years! I was to go to Interlaken and then to Jungfrau region for some awesome activities. It was going to be a nostalgic trip for me. A lot would have changed, a lot would have remained the same; these thoughts crisscrossed through my mind. It was for me to see it myself, now. 🙂

    top things to do in Jungfrau region

    I knew it would be cold in December with snow all around, but I have lived in those temperatures and have also visited several countries in winters. So, the weather was not in my mind. It was the reminiscences that made me smile.
    We went by road from Zurich to Interlaken. The route was picturesque with inviting mountains standing at a distance. I kept smiling looking out of my window. Next day I would go there.

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