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Sharjah in Pictures

Sharjah is the third largest Emirate in the UAE both in terms of size and population. It would not be out of place to call this the cultural capital of the UAE. It is said that Sharjah has been continuously inhabited for 5000 years. Ok.. We will hold the history for another day 🙂
For now here are a few pictures to demonstrate the diversity in such a small region.

Things to do and see in Sharjah
Al Noor Masjid, one of the most impressive mosques of Sharjah during Sharjah Light Festival 2017

Things to do and see in Sharjah
Al Taqwa Masjid, a mosque in Al Majas park, which has so many waterfront restaurants . Shot during Sharjah Light Festival 2017
Things to do and see in Sharjah
A typical Arab greeting by rubbing each others nose.
Things to do and see in Sharjah
One of the largest markets, the Central Souk, designed in the traditional format of souks but now fully Air Conditioned
Things to do and see in Sharjah
Gold Shopping Spree at the Central Souk!
Things to do and see in Sharjah
Modern and traditional designs of carpets are both in vogue.
Things to do and see in Sharjah
Only Vegetarian food served here, probably South Indian by the looks of it. Slurrrrp!
Things to do and see in Sharjah
First thing you are reminded of is the movie 50 first dates :)..There are so many varieties of them is all sizes, textures and tastes.
Things to do and see in Sharjah
Probably a grouper but defintely a 100-pounder at Sharjah Aquarium
Things to do and see in Sharjah
Little bright fish flit this way and that
Things to do and see in Sharjah
This is one of the largest Fish Markets where fresh catch is auctioned to buyers. It is quite hygienic but the noise levels are just like a fish market 🙂
Things to do and see in Sharjah
An old Souk was converted into the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization at Majjarah Waterfront.
Things to do and see in Sharjah
This is a piece of special cloth called Kiswah used to cover door of Kaaba in Mecca.
Things to do and see in Sharjah
The dome of the Islamic museum looks like this and the area underneath is a cafe called…well you guessed right ..the Dome.
Things to do and see in Sharjah
These are predominantly tourist activities. Riding a 4X4 over the dunes of ten called dune bashing but in reality the passengers head get bashed on the roof the 4X4
Things to do and see in Sharjah
After bashing a few dunes at Mleiha you must visit this oddly shaped rock called the Camel Rock
Things to do and see in Sharjah
Al Hajar Mountains are quite rugged and is shared by Oman and UAE
Things to do and see in Sharjah
Oops, is that the Carribbeans? Nope, this is Sharjah.
Things to do and see in Sharjah
A large dhow converted into a restaurant moored at the lagoon.
Things to do and see in Sharjah
Fossil of Ammonite
Things to do and see in Sharjah
Monument at Al Ittihad Park near the Blue Souk.
Things to do and see in Sharjah
Skyline of modern part of Sharjah across Khalid lagoon, a view from Al Nakheel Oasis

Have you been to Sharjah ? What was your experience ? 🙂

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51 thoughts on “Sharjah in Pictures”

  1. I’ve never been to Sharjah but really enjoyed your photos! Did you have to get permission first to take that amazing one of the two gentlemen greeting each other?

  2. Love the greeting, we’ll try that with our neighbours later.
    Looks much quieter and understated than Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We know why you refer to it as ‘the cultural capital of the UAE’.

    1. Hahaha! I would like to videograph that! It is a lot quieter as many people who work in Dubai actually live here and commute everyday. So the day-time action is at Dubai. There is no night time action at Sharjah since alcohol is prohibited.

  3. Very cool! That is a lot of diversity in the region–would love to explore sometime! And would love to see the Al Noor Masjid during the light festival! The contrast between the beach, desert and the city is fantastic!

  4. What a wonderful collection, really!
    Got back wonderful memories of the trip. Sharjah surprised me on many counts. A perfect blend of old and new. My fav pic here is the dhow boat one. Very well captured. A great photo essay.

  5. Can not believe I had never heard of Sharjah. It look absolutely incredible! Man, I would have loved to be there for the light festival. The colors on the mosque!!!

  6. I’d never heard of Sharjah until your post! It looks like a great alternative to Dubai – and it seems to have more soul too. I love the photo of the typical greeting – I never saw anything like it in Dubai either! The light festival seems like a perfect time to visit too!

  7. I remember the dates when I got to Dubai – you are right, so many. I haven’t spent enough time in the UAE to do the sand dunes adventures either but I would rally love to do this. Great to read about Sharjah as I guess Dubai usually gets all the attention.

  8. As a stamp collector, I heard about Sharjah and have been wondering about traveling or exploring the region for quite some time. Thank you for sharing the photo collection with us. I didn’t realize that some of the shoreline seem to be what people would go after, ie tranquility and they look so pretty!

    Halef (the Round The World Guys)

  9. Like most of the Indians, the only thing that came to my mind as a kid when I heard of Sharjah was cricket. Then I became fascinated by its pictures! Funny to know that it’s head getting bashed rather than dune bashing! – Lagoon, beach and the rugged mountains – a wonderful mixed bag!

  10. Those are indeed stunning photos. I enjoyed every bit of it. All are inviting and I hope that I can see all of those tourist attractions in person too. By the way, do they always rub their nose whenever they greet each other? I can only see that between parent and child.

  11. Great photos, especially the one of Al Taqwa Masjid, the Arabs greeting each other, and the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization at Majjarah Watefront. I’ll have to pay a visit to Sharjah – I’ve only been to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  12. Looks like a very diverse and interesting region – I’ve been to Dubai, but not yet had the chance to explore other Emirates like Sharjah. Love the photo of the two Arab men greeting – had no idea that a typical Arab greeting is by rubbing each others nose 🙂

  13. Hannah bailey-churcher

    Such a beautiful and varied place to visit! Ive never heard of Sharjah before- but like most people have heard lots about Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Would definitely add to my travel bucket list 🙂

  14. What an attractive photo essay about Sharjah! I had not really considered it as a place to visit but looks like there’s quite a bit to see there.

  15. It’s really great to see other Emirates other than Dubai and Abu Dhabi, both of which I’ve been to multiple times. I’ve loved all my visits to the the UAE and I’d love to explore more outside of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Thanks for introducing me to Sharjah!

  16. I have heard about Sharjah when I visited Qatar. The cost of living is not that high compared to Dubai. You have taken a lot of interesting photos like the ‘dates’ one. I did not know that there a lot of varieties of dates. I have eaten some and they were really sweet. The Sharjah Museum looks massive and imaginative. It looks like a movie setting. I like the colorful carpet. It looks vibrant and nice. I’d like to visit Sharjah someday.

  17. Sharjah is feel is such an underrated city in the Emirates. We hear so much about Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It truly is a lovely city. I have only seen the Gold Souk and the cricket stadium. I think I will need to go back to explore more of this amazing city. BTW I must say you have some beautiful pictures here on the post.

  18. I have never heard of this town. The pictures look great. Riding a 4×4 in the desert must be such a great fun! I will put this on the bucket list.

  19. Sharjah looks beautiful by day and resplendent in the night. The pictures have captured well the dazzling beauty of the place and slice of life of the place. The Souls look so charming.

  20. I have been to Oman and after reading your post I regret having no more time to visit the neighbor Emirate, :-(( I think I would really like that old souq transformed into a museum, the architecture is spectacular!

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