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Come Summer, go to Hong Kong!

I remember the time when we used to travel with our kid in tow. He neither enjoyed the intricate Sistine chapel paintings in the Vatican nor did he marvel at the famous Mona Lisa. These attractions are for grownups only.

Harbour City, Hong Kong at night, a panorama
Hong Kong at night, a panorama

We know that when we travel with kids we would have to balance. So, when we travelled to Hong Kong earlier, we made it a point to find out about things that would be interesting as a wholesome vacation for the family. So we present here, the specially curated things-to-do in Hong Kong as a family.

This is especially useful with summer holidays around the corner. Another reason is smart deals will be available to all visitors to HK from 1st April. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, coupon booklet with fabulous offers from 21 attractions, airlines and transportation will be ready for you to enjoy the best of Hong Kong. Don’t forget to get yours! While you are at it, try Cathay Pacific’s offers to Hong Kong ex India.

Sky 100: Sky-100 is the name given to the observation deck at 100th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building (the International Commerce Centre ICC) and offers incredible 360-degree views of Victoria Harbour from a height of 393M. The elevator takes just about a minute to get to Sky 100 from the ground level. We have written a detailed post on Sky100 here.

Sky 100 Hong Kong
Sky 100 Observation Deck

To add to the delight, there are a few 3D Trick Eye exhibits.

Sky 100 Hong Kong
3D fun at Sky100 Observation deck

Beyond the 101st floor, up to the top is the luxurious Ritz Carlton hotel, in case you feel like staying at the tower!

If you are an adventure loving family, then you can actually climb to the top of the tower from the outside. :)… Just kidding!

Ocean Park Hong Kong
Ocean Park. Pic Credit – Hong Kong Tourism Board

Ocean Park: This is a multiple experience park. There are marine mammals, land animals, Oceanarium and amusement park rolled into one huge 226-acre enjoyment area. There are 4 roller coasters, many thrill rides, and animal shows and so on, spread between the Summit and the Waterfront. You can use the 1.5 KM long cable car to move between Summit and Waterfront areas.

Ocean Park Hong Kong
Ocean Park. Pic Credit – Hong Kong Tourism Board

Waterfront comprises of amazing Asian animals, Red Panda and Giant Panda pavilions, birdwatching, dolphin and penguin encounters and many more attractions for kids and the kids at heart.

Ferry Crossing and Junk Cruising: One of the cheapest mode of transport to go from Kowloon to Hong Kong is the Star ferry that is an experience by itself. Especially when you do it at night. If that is not enough the entire family can enjoy a 45-minute cruise aboard a red-sail junk boat. A Junk is a typical Chinese sail boat and is not junk as in dilapidated, in case you are wondering. 🙂
If that is not enough, you can charter the whole junk for days!

Peak and the Peak Tram: The Sky terrace at 428M atop the Peak Tower, is the highest 360 degrees viewing terrace in Hong Kong. The beautiful view of Hong Kong and Kowloon is on one side and on the other rolling green hills meeting the sea. While the views are stunning at any time, evening and nights offer the best.

Victoria Peak Sky Terrace Hong Kong
View of Hong Kong from Sky Terrace 428 on top of Peak Tower

The peak tower itself is a small mall that also houses the Hong Kong edition of the world famous Madame Tussaud’s wax museum and Magic Post Office where you can schedule a future post card to your friends and relatives (as usual I scheduled one for myself!).

A quick tip: It gets quite cold and windy at the Sky Terrace so don’t forget your light jackets. The terrace also has a “I love you” corner where you can make your love known or write your wishes.

Hong Kong Peak Sky Terrace
I Love Hong Kong!
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Hong Kong
Whatsup Mate?

While there are just a few 3D trick eye exhibits in Sky-100, there is a whole museum at the Peak, where you can enjoy taking photos of yourselves at impossible locations.

The quickest way to get to the Peak is by the Peak Tram. The 128 years old peak tram, has been constantly upgraded to provide the best possible service to the tourist at the same time retaining the old-world look. It is indeed a great experience to climb to the peak by the steepest funicular railway in the world.
From the Lower peak terminus, as we move up, the tall skyscrapers give way to green hills which glide past at an odd angle as we ascend towards the peak.

Victoria Peak Tram Hong Kong
More than a century old Funicular, The Peak Tram

One can trek it up, take a bus or a cab too to get here.

Disney Land Lantau Hong Kong
Gateway to the enchanting world of DisneyLand for kids and the kids in you,

Disneyland: Well, Disneyland is Disneyland, nothing more to be said but all to be experienced. There are seven different themed lands and many more enjoyable shows and attractions. Every time I have been there, I have seen an addition or a change at Disneyland.
Depending on the season, it makes sense to book in advance.

Disney Land Hong Kong
Disney Land Hong Kong
Disney Train Hong Kong
Special train to go to DisneyLand. See the mickey mouse windows and hand-grabs!

train to DisneyLand

It is well connected by MTR. You take the Tung-Chung line, change at Sunny Bay and take the Disney train to Disney Land. You can even purchase the park tickets at the starting station, Hong Kong near the Tung-Chung line or even online to avoid queues. Boy! You’ll love the Disney train itself!

Big Buddha: In the same Lantau island, at Ngong Ping, is the Po Lin Monastery and the Big Buddha. Kids and adults love the awesome statue of 34M tall Buddha. The journey to Po Lin is quite spectacular when you take the cable-car and glide over lush green foliage far below.
The highlight is the remarkable scenery of Hong Kong, its mountains and seas.

Big Buddha in Lantau Island hong kong. Pic Credit – Hong Kong Tourism Board
Big Buddha in Lantau Island. Pic Credit – Hong Kong Tourism Board

Science Museum: For those family members, who would like to know how things work, this museum has hundreds of exhibits that you can operate and play around, including Virtual Reality and robotics. This is located in the busy TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) district of Kowloon. The highlight is the 22M high Energy Machine, which produces incredible audio-visual effects demonstrating various forms of energy.

Science Museum Hong Kong
Science Museum. Pic Credit – Hong Kong Tourism Board

Hong Kong Zoo: Opened to the public in the year 1871, this is perhaps one of the oldest zoo in these parts. Named as Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, is quite small in comparison to many other zoos we have visited in the past but even if you have little time, this is worth a stroll and kids are bound to enjoy the place. It is quite close to the Lower Peak Tram Terminus.

Markets: Hong Kong is a great place for shopping. More interesting are its unusual markets of Hong Kong. Located in the Mongkok district of Kowloon, these are places where one can enjoy browsing through and eating and drinking local stuff.

Hong Kong Markets
A street shop in the Jade Market

The gold fish market is a place where you can get fish of all shapes and colors to fill up your home aquarium. Jade markets sells jades and trinkets, Bird market for exotic birds, flower markets for… no marks for the right answer:)! Lastly ladies market for everything else under the sun. Although mostly known for imitation things, one can get some nice souvenirs here.

Flower Market in Hong Kong
Flower Market in Hong Kong

We also loved the Stanley market on southern end of Hong Kong Island that bore a different character and is worth a visit.
If you want international brands, then the myriad malls are the place to be in.

Getting Around: There are several options for getting around in Hong Kong. The fastest is the MTR which can get you to almost all parts of HK on rails on purchasing pre-loaded Octopus cards. Alternatively, one can use the tourist Hop-on Hop-off buses. These are open-top double-decker buses, where you have an option to hop-off at any designated stops along the touristic route. The tour is hassle-free for any route or time schedule. There is a recorded commentary in multiple languages about the history and culture of the sights.

Of course, one can always use metered cabs, which are quite safe. While not being the cheapest option, they are quite comfortable. The famous old tram of the city is another option and is worth riding just for fun.
Don’t forget to bring your smart phones and tablets. At many of the above places is Wi-Fi is free!
No wonder they say BEST OF ALL, IT’S IN HONG KONG.

Have you been to Hong Kong? What do you think are the most enjoyable things to do? If not, then what would you and your kids definitely do from our list?

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64 thoughts on “Come Summer, go to Hong Kong!”

  1. I was thinking of going to a south east Asian country with my family in summer holidays. Your article came right on time!
    Thanks so much. Wasn’t aware there are so many things to do in Hong Kong.

    How many days do you suggest?

  2. I lived in HK for about 7 months and love everything you covered in this post. I never got a chance to visit Disney in HK and had no idea you could book in advance for tickets. The MTR is fast and convenient and I used it often, but I ended up utilizing the bus far more as it would drop you off at the exact location you wanted to be at 🙂

  3. It’s been so long since I was last in HK I think it’s time to go back! The dim sum there is soooo good. I’d love to see the view from the Peak at night- it was so foggy/humid the last time I was there I couldn’t really see anything.

    1. Yes, once we went for an all-dim-sums lunch and the spread was delicious. Its a shame that the weather was not good last time you went to the Peak. Hope in your next visit you will be able to enjoy the night view better.

  4. I have just started researching for things to do with kids in Hong Kong so I am really glad I came across this post. There are so many ideas here but unfortunately, we are only going on a short trip. I think we will definitely make time for the Big Buddha on Lantau Island. The site itself and the journey to get there sounds like something my family will really enjoy.

  5. It’s great you brought your kids with you for this trip in Hong Kong. It is quite a place with many activities so no doubt they would’ve loved it! The 3d trickeye is always fun too!

    1. Thanks. We did not bring our kids here :). We went to Hong Kong and while there we just did a recce to search for places which are interesting to explore with kids.

  6. Great post guys. Hong Kong looks amazing and I would definitely love to visit one day. Whilst we don’t have a family yet, we do plan on travelling with kids so it’s good to know what there is to do as a family, in my bucket list locations. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes Prasad. I am sure there is more to HK than what we have experienced. Even if you go to the same place again, the experience is different.

  7. I always wanted to go to Hong Kong and see this huge Buddha on the mountain) But i didn’t know that there is a Disneyland there! Did you like it?

  8. Yeah I’ve been to Hong Kong, but not with kids! But even so, I agree that there is a lot there to keep children entertained; Disneyland and Ocean Park are the obvious draws, but they would definitely love the funicular and views from Peak Tower as well. I was visiting my friend and he also mentioned something to me about a railway museum, which we didn’t have time to visit when I was there, but that sounds like it might be appealing too…

    1. While kids love these places, I know of many adults who wouldn’t miss it while in HK. We also had heard of the Railway Museum but it was a bit far up north, we had to give it a miss.

  9. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Hong Kong, but would love to go again. Hopefully next time I’ll have a better idea of things to do!

  10. Hong Kong is indeed a fun place to head out to for families. There is something on offer for everyone. We were there a couple of years ago during Christmas time and had a whale of a time. Loved every bit of the magic of HK. Want to head back again!

  11. WOW! What an awesome adventure for a family. I don’t have kids, but sometimes find myself traveling with families and it’s nice to be able to suggest things that would be family friendly. Looks like the kids would be sleeping well after the first day on this itinerary. 🙂

  12. I’d love to return to Hong Kong, I only went once but had a fish pedicure at the top of the peak and even ate in a toilet themed restaurant! Thanks for all the tips, Sky 100 looks like great fun

  13. wow I didn’t even realised that there is so much to do in Hong Kong! Sky Terrace has such a amazing view! Your list is great, so informative! I would love to do all of it !

    1. Absolutely. I was told that this was the second Disneyland in Asia. One possible problem of taking photos from Sky100 is the glass enclosure. I wish they also had an open viewing deck , just be able to take good aerial photos.

  14. Great to see a different perspective of Hong Kong – traveling with family. I just loved your pics, especially the view from Sky Terrace 428 looks stunning. Big Buddha looks like a nice place to stay.

  15. Perfect family vacation spot! Thank you for sharing this. Enjoying reading different accounts of this on multiple blogs. I wrote one too and its great to see something new everywhere.

  16. I cant wait to be back in Hong Kong and this time I will be with my kiddo. Cant wait to show her around the Disneyland and we will also go to Oceanpark and Victory Peak where I have never been to since I last went to HK 6 yrs ago

  17. Iza - Fill My Passport

    I have visited the Ocean Park, Disneyland and Peak and the Peak Tram from your list. I would love to go to Hongkong again and visit the other places on your list. I will also try more local foods and do some shopping.

  18. Balanced post for a perfect family outing. Did you know there is a tower named Q1 in Gold Coast, Australia where you can go around the observation deck and climb it all the way to the top?

    Try that if you ever go there…I had an amazing experience there!

    1. Wow! Must check that out. That’s amazing. Even the tower in Macau allow that. Sky100 is basically a commerical building with offices or business in all floors .

  19. I’d love to return to Hong Kong as I was really ill when I was there. It looks like you have found some great options for families although I have to confess I am a sucker for views from above with or without children

  20. My friend is going to Hong Kong soon so def. will be sending this to her. That’s’ funny you explained what Junk means because I was thinking “hmmm a junky ferry doesn’t sound so nice.” So yes, I was wondering. Thanks for sharing.

  21. This is so great. It’s can be both difficult and rewarding to travel with kids, but you really picked some great attractions for keeping them engaged. When we travel with kids, we try and schedule unstructured time outside so they can get rid of some energy, and we almost always avoid art museums and tours of churches. My teens still talk about all the churches we made them visit in Germany. Hopefully some day they’ll appreciate it!

  22. Hey, if any of those photos are to go by, it really looks you guys had an amazing time. Apart from the Victoria Peak and the Tower and the lightings etc, I am sure HK has got something else too, that only the locals may be aware of. But first, let’s just be there and then we have all the time to discover. Isn’t it ? Great post, congratulations !

  23. Would love to stay at the tower at the Ritz Carlton hotel – that would have to be one of the highest hotels in the city? What a fab list of family friendly things to do in Hong Kong – Ocean Park looks like it’s just as much fun for the “big kids” as it is the children! As a photographer though, I’m super drawn to the view of Hong Kong from Sky Terrace 428 on top of Peak Tower. What an incredible shot! Noted on the tip to take a jacket – thanks!

    1. Who wouldn’t like it! 🙂 This is defintely the highest hotel in the city and probably the highest in a city too. The view from the sky terrace and also from the Kowloon is fabulous. One could spend hours there and they have a whole of benches on Kowloon side (TST) just for the purpose 🙂 The first photo-panorama is from TST.

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