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Souvenir shopping in Goa

Souvenir shopping in Goa

This is that time of the month when we talk about the souvenirs collected from all over the world. No points for guessing the place of this month. 🙂
Yes, this month it is Goa from where I returned only this weekend.

souvenirs goa

Postcards of different theme from Goa.

For travelers to Goa, the visit is not complete unless they take back a souvenir of their memorable sojourn. Naturally, along with the sightseeing attractions, souvenir shopping is one of the activities on the itinerary of every tourist here.

Like any other touristy place you have plenty of choices to buy souvenirs in Goa.
The local handicrafts are made of coconut shells, sea-shells, bamboo, paper, beads and brass. From fridge magnets, junk jewelry, coasters, paper weights to intricately made mirror or photo frames are available for reasonable price. The shells vary in size and color. You’ll find these souvenirs being sold at the beaches, at the Government and State Emporiums or along the touristy areas of Panjim.

souvenirs goa

Sketches & drawings on mugs, tiles and in frames.

Another item as souvenir includes memorabilia with Goan pop culture drawings. Sun sand, musicians with big bellies, handlebar mustaches, typical “I heart Goa” designs and hearty grins or the famous Mario Miranda sketches are very popular here.

souvenirs goa

Local Port wine of Goa.

A must-buy item in Goa is the indigenously produced Feni, made of cashew nuts. And the local Port wine. These are available in any registered liquor shop. The prices of these depend on the no. of distillations, quality & the brand name.

Anjuna and Baga beaches of Goa also offer plenty of musical instruments if you are interested in. CDs selling Goa’s trance music and Portugese songs and instrumental compositions are among the cherished souvenirs of Goa.

And what did I buy? 😀
Since this wasn’t my first visit to Goa, I did not buy T-shirts, caps etc. I looked for something different. As I am a member of Postcrossing, I bought postcards of different themes, a few sketches and of course few bottles of Port wine.

souvenirs goa

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9 thoughts on “Souvenir shopping in Goa”

  1. 🙂
    I like the second. I have been a great fan of Mario Miranda but never thought his works would be on tiles and mugs.
    Maybe after his death his family must have thought this to be the fitting tribute.

    and of course the 3rd picture I like. In fact , I like the real ones and not the picture. 🙂

  2. Interesting post about Goa. Goa is a must see tourist spot in india. We can get everything here. It’s a heaven in simple. Thanks for sharing.

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