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Dondurma, the Turkish Ice cream

Ice cream and the ice cream sellers
I saw them in Capadocia, I saw them in Istanbul and had I visited other cities in Turkey, I would have definitely seen them there as well.

dondurma Turkish ice cream

A Turkish ice cream seller.

I am talking about Dondurma, the Turkish ice cream and the handsome ice cream sellers. First time I saw them in Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More than the ice cream, I was fascinated by their way of selling it. I stood there for a few minutes trying to understand what & how they do the tricks.
Dondurma is also consumed in northern parts of Greece where it is called “Dudurmas” or “Kaimaki”.

Dondurma literally means ‘freezing’ in Turkish. Two qualities distinguish this ice cream from others … its texture and resistance to melting. The ice cream, which is served cold but not frozen, is dense and chewable and has amazing elastic powers. It has no relation to the ice cream we normally eat except that it’s also served in a cone. It is sometimes so sticky that it is eaten with a knife and fork!

dondurma ice cream turkey

Turkish ice cream sellers in Cappadocia.

Dondurma is commonly sold from both street vendor’s carts and store fronts. The mixture is churned regularly with long-handled paddles to keep it eatable.

The sellers don maroon colored half jacket with golden embroidery and a matching cap. Generally there are two vendors together and more often than not, they tease the customer by serving the ice cream cone on a stick, and then taking it away with the stick and rotating it around, before finally giving it to the customer. Look at the expression of the girl in the photo below. 😀

dondurma Turkish ice cream

Buyer & Seller: I love the expressions- surprise and seriousness. 🙂

And here is a video for you to see how they do the tricks. 🙂

Their most famous funny lines of the sellers are
Ice cream, you scream, we scream !!!.

dondurma Turkish ice cream

Is she enjoying the tease?

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8 thoughts on “Dondurma, the Turkish Ice cream”

  1. I had seen the video of the Turkish ice cream vendor before. But after reading your blog, I came to know more about them.

    It was fun reading about the exotic tastes and even more exotic tricks of the vendors 😀

    nice click too capturing the apt moment.. hilarious

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