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Ganapati Visarjan

And so we bade farewell to our Lord Ganesha.
The Elephant God was worshipped for ten days amidst fanfare and now it was time to say goodbye.

Reverberating “Ganapati Bappa Morya ! Pudchya Varshi Laukar Yaa!”, requesting Him to come fast next year, people carried Him to the respective immersion place, whether it was a small pond or a lake or the Arabian sea !

They carried Him on their heads, in their laps or in large trucks, the spirit of this festival remained high. It didn’t make any difference whether they were just two or a large group; whether they were Hindu, Muslim or Sikhs. Everybody rejoiced.

I have tried to catch the mood in my camera. There are many, many photos which I’ll upload soon in my photo gallery.

Till then here are some glimpses.

ganapati visarjan

Isn’t mine better than yours ?

ganesh immersion

It is the thought that matters, not the size.

ganapati visarjan

Forget the large trucks, an auto is big enough for our Lord. Just two of them came with their God.

ganesh celebration

Some travelled in a cab’s boot..

ganapati celebration

We should send Him happily.

ganapati immersion

Dancing in galore…

ganesh immersion

… On the beats of the drums..

ganesh celebration

With Pooja thali, waiting for their turn to do a last pooja.

ganapati visarjan

After Pooja & Aarti… Eyes on the Lord while He is being taken to the waters for immersion.

ganesh visarjan

Last glimpse of Lord Ganesha. Small or big… destination is the same.

ganesh immersion

One of the divers who haggled for more money.

ganapati visarjan

Manel & his friend from Catalonia, shooting for their documentary.

ganesh celebration

And so we bid goodbye…

ganesh visarjan

Let the world show off, this is my style to quietly bid farewell to my Lord.

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12 thoughts on “Ganapati Visarjan”

  1. @Appu,
    You are welcome.

    Thank you.
    Aah if you like pictures of people taking pictures, then I can have a separate post of such pictures ! I mean I have so many of them ! I like to click people while they do their job. 😀

  2. Nice photos. I miss this part of the festival very much & takes me back to my childhood days. Our house was just next to a lake (hardly 100 meters). So most of the processions of the town had to go in front of our house. Those days used to be sort of feast for us – with different varieties of prasads.

    Our routine used to be: Join a procession, dance till the end, feast on the prasad, come back home & wait for the next procession… 🙂

  3. Some nice and clear pictures here.
    I missed it. I was supposed to go to Laxmi Rd and get some good photographs of the visarjan (especially of my friend who was performing with her Dol Tasha) but I got caught up clicking pics of a child’s B’day pics 🙁

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