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First thing about India

First thing about India

First thing about India
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘India‘?

Beautiful ? Chaotic? Dirty? Splendid? Crazy?

crazy cow

This crazy cow would not let us drink water on a very hot day & started pushing whoever came near the tap. I have this on a video too.

I want to hear it from you. Even if you have not visited this country, you can chip in your views or perceptions about India.
I will keep updating this post with your reply. The idea is to know how and what people think of India.

Of course, you are always welcome if you prefer to comment as anonymous.

But there are two conditions.
1. Your answer must not be more than a short simple sentence.
2. You can not repeat an earlier answer.

I start with this….
Who is next? 🙂
Nisha – Incredible.
Michi Evans – chaotic
Anu – Amazing, unpredictable, a surprise waiting for you at every corner!
Israr – Diversity.
Arvi – Multiculturalism. Culture changes every few hundred Kilometers.
Connie – Intoxicating.
Jamie – Colorful!
P N S – A cultural bonanza..
Ramaswamy N – Vivid.
Prashanth – Home!!
John Mathew – Crowded
magiceye – Civilization is a state of mind!
Ms.N – too serious.
Adam – Interesting.
Suzanne – Captivating.
Arti – Roller Coaster.
Sankara – Diverse and perennially high!
Kavita – The Best.

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36 thoughts on “First thing about India”

  1. @ISrar,
    I do read your blog but if my comments do not add value to somebody’s great post, I refrain from commenting.

    That’s why sometimes I am called a miser when it comes to comment. 🙂

  2. first thing that comes to mind is that it’s….interesting. Lots of people ask me this once they know I’ve been there, “what’d you think of India?” And there’s always a long pause and then I say…”it was interesting.” Easiest way to sum up such an amazing place that I feel conflicted about but love very much.

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