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Things I did with Zenfone Zoom

Things I did with Zenfone Zoom

Given the choice, I do not like to carry my bulky cameras, especially when I am traveling light. It’s the same when I roam around in my own city. I have seen few people who do not leave their cameras at all. Even when they go to a restaurant! I think it restricts them in some manner. These days there are many good camera phones available in the market which allow us more freedom.


Zenfone Zoom by ASUS India is one such camera. I was given this camera to explore its features and use it for a few days on returnable basis. I used it to experience the usual stuff that I do generally and tried to click them. 🙂

A jet passing by and a lone bird starts its day.
A jet passing by and a lone bird starts its day.

1. Sunrise and Sunsets. They say that no two sunrises or sunsets are ever the same. Whether it’s the colors, the clouds, or the scenery each one has something unique about it. For me, the best thing about outdoors is watching sunrises and sunsets. I can never get bored of it. Even when I am traveling, I like to watch it from my window.



2. Stop & smell the flowers. The first thing that comes to my mind is flowers when they say ‘nature’. Vasu knows how much I love flowers. In the gardens I stop at them, admire, look closely and if possible smell them and touch them. No wonder, I am a sucker for flower markets.

3. Listen to music. When it comes to relaxation, music plays a big role. Not only vocal, I like the instrumental as well. Asus Zoom’s crystal clear audio fills you up with joy and peps up the mood.


4. Enjoy colors. One of the reasons of liking flowers might be their colors. Forget about black & white, I like colors & colorful things! Flowers, rangoli, clothes …they are a treat to our eyes.

zenfone zoom

5. Gorge in rich food. I have a big sweet tooth and I love desserts. It’s no secret to anyone. I ate cake, and had sweets. Sometimes you should not worry about calories. You have not done justice to a good cake if you haven’t clicked a picture of it and shared on social media! 😀

6. Being smart. I use a smartphone. Using best camera smartphone instead of a regular camera is a wise decision. It’s also the best tool for casual street photography. These days smartphone photography is very popular and there are good camera phones available in the market.

Clicked by ASUS Zoom
7. Travel somewhere. It is a well-known fact that I love travelling. 🙂 So, this time I left my bulky DSLR at home, and took the Zenfone Zoom instead. Equipped with 3X optical zoom, do I need to mention that I didn’t miss my bulky camera?

Zenfone Zoom comes with 4GB RAM and 64 bit Intel CPU. Other features are:
• World thinnest 3X optical Zoom, total 12X Zoom
• 4GB RAM, Intel PC level performance
• 13MP ultra fast Laser Auto focus camera
• 4 Stops Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
• 10P HOYA Lens (10 elements)
• 360 degrees Sphere Panorama

You can see the complete phone specifications from the link mentioned above. You can also watch this video too to get a hang of it.

I couldn’t resist sharing this collage which was made with the phone which has this feature as well! 🙂

P.S.- All these photographs are clicked by #ZenfoneZoom and you can decide where it stands in the competition of the best camera phone.

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  1. Smartphones have just made life easier for all of us. Can you imagine what it will be without them? Guess not. Awesome shots

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