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We are the Corinthians!

The tall structure in front of us, kissing the clouds, looked like a state of the art office building. Its design was far removed from the buildings of ancient Corinthia in Greece. Maybe even the present day Corinthia for that matter. It looked as if the Corinthia Prague luxury hotel, had set a new benchmark for the city’s premium hotels. It was a surprise for us since we were looking for a “Hotel” kind of building. 🙂

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
A view of Prague from one of the top floors of Corinthia hotel.

The Hotel

We crossed the circular drive on foot after getting off the at the Vyšehrad metro station. It was just about 50M and it helped getting out of the warm weather into the comfort of the climate controlled lobby quickly. 🙂
The hotel, part of the Corinthia Group of Malta, was on top of one of the seven hills of Prague and the view of the city was amazing from the top of the hotel. We could not believe our ears when they said that the hotel was built in 1988, during the fag end the communist era!

Corinthia prague luxury hotel review
High rise Corinthia Hotel, Prague

Check-in was a breeze but we decided to have a cup of coffee before going to our room, at the lobby lounge hooking our mobile phones to the free high speed Wi-Fi and catching up on communications. We were looking forward to experience all the services of this hotel.

The Room

Hotel has in all 539 rooms including 22 suites and also a high number of 24 meetings rooms! The unique things is, every room is of the same size of 23 SqM and the Suites 49 SqM. The category is based on the amenities provided or the position of the rooms. Interconnecting rooms are available on request for all categories of rooms.

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
A view of the room

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic

We were in an Executive Room where, apart from all the standard amenities, we were allowed unlimited access to the Executive Club on the 22 floor, the pool, the fitness center, the sauna and the steam room too. One amenity we did not use was to book the executive board room for 1 hour, allowed gratis. Were we on a work related tour, we certainly would have.

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
Welcome bubbly.
Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
Goodies after turndown service

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic

A fine bottle of wine, chocolates and fruits were waiting for us when we returned in the evening. What a welcome, after a tired day of sightseeing. The room was super-luxuriously furnished with all amenities including large size LCD TV, premium coffee maker and fluffy bathrobes.


The breakfast is served on the first floor restaurant aptly named “Let’s eat”. The spread was elaborate and could seat over 200 persons. Still sometimes it is possible you may have to wait. Such is the popularity of the hotel. One would have to stay multiple nights to be able to give justice to such a spread. We cooked our own Belgian Waffles every day!

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - We are the Corinthians! Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic

Our favorite hangout was the on the 22nd floor, the Executive Club Lounge. The views were fabulous and it was open from morning till night. We could catch up on our work at the same time catch up on complimentary snacks and drinks. 🙂 Only guests staying in the suites or the Executive rooms are allowed access here.

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - We are the Corinthians!

Top Indian Couple Blog by Nisha Jha and Vasudevan R - We are the Corinthians!

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
Pilsner Urquell. World’s first Pilsner beer.

Other fine dining options were The Grill, famous for its International Cuisine. Lounge 62 for lounging around if you are fed up of the Executive Lounge. Name so because 1962 was the year of commencement of Corinthia in Malta and lastly Rickshaw for Asian cuisine.


Prague is a city where you cannot avoid high calorie intakes with all the pilsners and trdelniks. We found the perfect way to burn all these calories at the wellness center on the top floors of the hotel. This was one of the best equipped wellness centers we have ever experienced.

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
Waiting room at Apollo Spa
Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
Thai massage room at Apollo Spa
Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
The roof top heated pool with an awesome view of the city

We started our day at the half-a-floor large gym, fully equipped with the latest fitness equipment. A large covered swimming pool that could be used on any day, rain or sunshine, was our refuge after a tiring session at the gym.
We could hardly wait for our turn at the Apollo Spa. We both chose different massage treatments from the menu.

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
Apollo Spa Massage room
Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
Plunge pool at the wellness center to cool oneself after sauna or steam

Nisha picked the aromatherapy, whereas I selected the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. At the end of it we only wished it would go on forever! We thought they could do with a couple massage room too, which they do not possess at present.
And after the hour long massage treatment, a few minutes in the steam or the Sauna for a complete relaxation. I would have loved to go to sleep at this point but there were more calories to be tucked into, by way of dinner. 🙂

Other Features

The Corinthia Conference and Events Centre occupies an entire floor and offers meeting facilities are divided into 22 rooms for upto 1000 delegates. The meeting facilities are divided in two separate sections joined by a scenic foyer with panoramic views over the city. Of course many of the meeting rooms can be merged and largest merged room can accommodate 500 people in a theater style seating.

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
Corinthia Hotel Prague at night

Wi-Fi speeds were excellent wherever we used at various areas of the hotel.
Concierge knew his city very well and was very helpful in guiding us about the city. One could also buy public transport tickets from him! So you have your tickets ready before you step out of the hotel and get into the metro station.


Vyšehrad metro station just under the high way connecting to Brno and Vienna is practically in the same premises as the hotel.
On the other side of the highway is the Congress Convention Center. During our stay the 28th International Montessori Congress was being held there and many delegates were staying in Corinthia Hotel. It was so convenient to simply walk to the event venue via the aerial bridge.
The main railway station, Praha Hlavní Nádraží is only 3 metro stops away and just 4 stops away from Florenc bus station.

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic
Vyšehrad fortress area

The old city of Prague is 5 minutes to 15 minute by metro, depending where you want to go.
The metro station and the hill is named after a beautiful castle called Vyšehrad just 20 minutes walking distance from the hotel. We had great time at the castle but missed the walking tour because of time constraints. All about Vyšehrad later!

And, of course, we wish to visit Prague again ! 🙂

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Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic

Disclaimer: We stayed at Corinthia Hotel, Prague at their invitation but the opinions, as always, are own.

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49 thoughts on “We are the Corinthians!”

  1. Aww this hotel looks very nice. So is the view from the top floor.

    Love the plunge pool. 🙂 Spa and the Executive Club Lounge look huge and plush.

  2. Great Wellness facilities as you’ve said. I like the turndown goodies too! Prague is a wonderful City isn’t it? Did you find it easy to get from the Corinthia into town? What time does the metro stop running?

  3. We’re going to Prague soon and I’ll gladly check Corinthia hotel for our stay! The Pool looks particularly awesome and I agree with you that with all the calories intake in Prague, a session at the wellness area would be the icing on the cake!

  4. Would you say this is a high end or a mid-range hotel? It looks very convenient with all the facilities that a traveler might need, especially the business traveler. Do we not love cities that have such accessible public transport system?

    1. Thanks Anu. It is a five star hotel, but the prices vary as is the case with every other hotel. Executive club is a bonus for the business traveller. I think most major cities in Europe have good public transport which makes it lucrative for the travellers

  5. Corinthia Hotel sounds pretty great with lots of amenities for its guests.. I love how the hotel had an Executive Club Lounge (perfect for guests wanting to work for a while) and the heated pool.. I’m sure the views are lovely during the night – perfect for night swimming!

  6. I love hotels with rooftop lounges or bars with a view. And a hotel with a view of Prague’s skyline has to be awesome. I love their indoor pool and the spa looks good too. A bottle of wine with fruits on arrival? Just perfect !

  7. The hotel looks much better on the inside than out! I’m looking to go to Prague, so this is nice to know that this hotel is modern and has good facilities. The welcome bubbles in the room is a nice bonus.

  8. While the room looks normal for that type of hotel, I loved the bathroom an the pool area. Although, if it were me, I’d pop some of that champagne while in the bath tub. If I am done, I’ll look at the window and marvel at the sights from above!

  9. What an epic view over Prague! Prague is one of my favorite cities, and I did a lot of backpacking here when I was young, though now a lot older my style is more geared towards comfortable, luxury hotels, so the Corinthia sounds like the place I would want to be.

    The rooms look beautiful and very comfortable. Love “Let’s eat” as the name for the breakfast hall!!! I would probably be spending all my time at the rooftop pool, though I love that it’s so centrally located close to the Old Town. I loved Prague for it’s walkability – once you get into the Old Town it’s all very walkable from there to explore 🙂

    1. Thanks Megan. I think the luxury is defined by how small details are attended to provide a pleasant stay with a generous sprinkling of creature comforts.

  10. Luxurious and beautiful. Very comfortable rooms and the bubbly in the room adds to the whole pampered feel. (Hic Hic) . The sauna plunge pool is just perfect to soak yourself after that hot treatment. I particularly mention this coz it seems to be just the right size unlike the huge ones that I have seen. A good choice for a stay. Cheers

  11. We’re going to Prague probably next year and this is a great timing for us as we’re considering some nice hotels to stay. I love the top pool which allows you to give you a view, though we’re not that a big fan of wellness, this luxury hotel’s gym is inviting. Prague must be a wonderful city, I’m sure you too can agree to that and we’ll be back there, right?

    1. Absolutely! The wellness treatment and the staff were well trained. Prague is indeed a very beautiful city. Much of the city escaped WW2 bombings and still retains its old world charm. Whatever bombing happened was because the pilots thought this was Dresden! Well , whoever said wars have happy endings!

  12. I’d be making Belgian waffles there every day too! And as a Thai massage therapist myself, I wouldn’t hesitate to get a massage while I’m there. The rooms look really nice too, and I like the attention to detail and little things that they leave you. I definitely need to get back to Prague someday, as my last experience was a little rushed and I had a hard time really appreciating the city. Thanks for this; I’ll look into staying with Corinthia when I’m there.

    1. Ha Ha Skye. Just like me. Great. Did not know you were a Thai massage expert! After 4 nights in prague we still thought there was whole lot of things we have missed and have promised ourselves to return .

  13. Corinthia Prague looks like a wonderful and luxury hotel to head to without a qualm when in Prague. The ambience, location, service, and food all sound above par. The access to the Executive lounge seems to be a real bonus. I think it would be a great place to catch up on pending work and also feast one’s eyes on the views from the 22nd floor.

  14. The view from the Executive lounge looks pretty nice! And I wouldn’t mind enjoying a bottle of bubbly from this luxury hotel. And a spa day. It looks like this is the perfect place to indulge and feel like you’re on vacation!

  15. Thanks for sharing this post about how magnificent this hotel is! It is indeed luxurious. I am really amazed with the facilities, and the room looks so comfy. I really love the pool on the rooftop plus the big bonus part is having a beautiful sight of the city while getting yourself pampered. Again, thanks for sharing this outstanding post!

  16. Whoa a room at that height! Definitely a great photo opportunity. That is a grand welcome with wine 😊 I liked the toiletries too. Looks like an excellent place to stay.

  17. 539 rooms? That’s quite a lot 😀 Belgian Waffles for breakfast sounds fantastic! For me, the Wi-Fi is always very important, so it’s good to know that it works great in the hotel. I’d definitely stay there.

  18. Thank you for this review! Modern hotels in high buildings are not quite our thing, because we prefer to stay in small boutique hotels. But of course here you get to have a fantastic view if your room is far up in the tower. The covered and heated swimming pool on the roof looks stunning, and it’s good to know that it’s located less than 15 minutes from the city center!

  19. Wow, that pool is absolutely stunning! I’d love to take a dip in there. I can’t believe how cute the goodies are for the turndown service – I’m lucky if I get one piece of chocolate!

  20. Looks like an absolutely beautiful place to stay! I think you would have a hard time convincing me leave my hotel to explore the rest of the city! That pool looks like a great way to enjoy the city while still relaxing in the comfort of your hotel!

  21. That panoramic rooftop pool looks fabulous, as do the stunning city views from your room. We’re headed to Prague this summer–we’ll remember this, thank you!

  22. whoa the Corinthia Prague hotel is definitely a great luxury hotel! I loved the Pool and I know this sounds a bit demented but the GYM! It is so hard to find a great hotel gym period and outside of the US they tend to be non-existent.
    As for the hotel rooms, they look great and I secretly become a happy child when I get chocolates for turn down service. It is my favorite treat in the whole world.
    I think Darc would love the spa treatments and we both would too find the Executive Club Lounge perfect for catching up on work. Great find!

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