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Wadi Rum

Lessons I learnt from Bedouins

Lessons I learnt from Bedouins

Bedouin. Till the time I visited Jordan, this word had conjured an image of mysterious desert-bound nomad, dressed almost like a Sheikh.

About 40% of Jordanians are Bedouins. I met few of them in Petra and Wadi Rum … some had camels or donkeys to take us around, some were guides and some other were businessmen. Their way of looking at life while still connected to roots are things to learn for anybody.

lessons learnt from Bedouins

Here’s what I learnt:

The Great Arab Revolt in Wadi Rum

The Great Arab Revolt in Wadi Rum

It is a very hot day with scorching sun roasting us. Well, almost. It feels like peak of summer. Our train is chugging at a slow pace, emitting black coal smoke at regular intervals. I can see an expanse of brick-coloured desert around us with occasional small sandstone hillocks. The land seems to be so barren.


I am in Wadi Rum,

First Impression of Jordan

I have been to a few countries in Middle East but it was my first visit to Jordan. As a human nature, I tend to compare them involuntarily. Like everyone else, I too had my expectations and apprehensions. I am always excited to know how a new place surprises me.

Jordan was no different. I ponder upon what is my first impression of Jordan, a country similar to its neighbors, yet so different. Here are my observations as a first time visitor to Jordan.


Beyond Petra and Wadi Rum
I had

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