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New and Improved Online Sri Lanka ETA Application Process

Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

Cannons at Colombo beach, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka ETA application

The new Sri Lanka ETA application is quite streamlined. Gone are the days, when one had to physically go to an embassy or a consulate to queue up for a tourist visa, spending precious hours of our life. Life has been easier with so many countries starting an online application process and also issuing visa online based on the information provided.

This article has been Updated with latest information based on my Recent visit to Sri Lanka for a Heritage Tour.

Once I had a full 10 hours layover at Colombo while coming from Malaysia to India. I started searching for Sri Lanka’s visa requirements and was pleasantly surprised to find that Sri Lanka had an online option for applying for tourist visa! It was so simple that we would like to share with you the Sri Lanka ETA application process. ETA means Electronic Travel Authorization. It is important to arrange your ETA Sri Lanka before flying.

This online Sri Lanka eVisa guide is for Sri Lanka ETA for Individuals, only for tourism purposes. 


Proper preparation before commencing filling the online ETA application is half the battle won. Sri Lanka tourist visa application can be fast and easy as it hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes, once all the required data and documents are readily available. You will need the following information while filling up Sri Lanka online ETA application.
• Return air ticket

• Address and the telephone number of the place of accommodation.

• Valid Passport

• Credit Card

Sri Lanka ETA Application

Click here to start the application process

A note pops up in a white block informing the applicant about some emergency alerts to be accepted by clicking OK at the bottom. Conditions governing third party applications and how applicants from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Ghana can apply.

If you do not fall in any of these categories then click OK.

Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

On the left side 9 language options are provided. Select English. You may, of course, select any other language, however we will continue with English as this article is also in English. 🙂

Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

A new screen opens up with 5 menu items “Home”, “Apply”, “Fees”, “Check Status” and “Contact US”. While applying you will note that the appropriate menu item is highlighted.

We will continue with standard online Sri Lanka ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) application process for Individuals. 🙂

Click on “Apply” tab on the top menu.

Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

Any person wishing to enter Sri Lanka for the following person must obtain an approved Sri Lanka ETA before arrival at the port of entry.

Carefully read and understand the long information, terms and conditions before proceeding further. It is mainly about round trip tickets, proof funds, conditions restricting travellers from working on this visa, non-refundable nature of the fees and so on.

Select the radio button “I Agree” to proceed further, as a mark of accepting the terms and conditions.

Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

This online process is applicable for Sri Lankan Tourist ETA, Business ETA and Transit ETA. We will continue with selecting Tourist ETA for individuals.

A comprehensive application form opens up which is to be filled carefully. All information is from your passport and your airline ticket. Proof of funds may be required on your arrival at the port of entry.

Although it is one long form, we have split it into 5 parts.

Applicant Information – Tourist – Individual

All information here is from the information page of your passport and so is fairly self-explanatory.

Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

Child Information in parent’s passport

This is to be filled up only if names of one or more of your Children are endorsed on your passport. If it is click on “Enable” and fill up the details.

Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

If not, move on.

Travel Information

Sri Lanka ETA Process
New and Improved Online Sri Lanka ETA Application Process 15

Intended arrival date is as per the landing time in Sri Lanka and can be discerned from the flight itinerary where all times are local times.

The date of travel should be within 90 days from the date of approval of Sri Lanka ETA.
There is a drop down list of options for the purpose of visit. These are different for Tourism, Business and Transit and are as follows.

Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

We will continue with Tourist Visa ETA and select “Sightseeing, holidaying”. 🙂
Please note that other options may require more documentary proofs at the time of entry into Sri Lanka.

Contact Details

Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

This section is fairly self-explanatory. Please note that address in Sri Lanka is mandatory in most cases would be that of the first hotel where you will be staying.


There are three statements and only if your answer is No to all the three , then further processing is possible for Sri Lanka ETA.

Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

Click on the “I Am not a Robot” captcha check box.

Confirm the correctness and click on NEXT which will take you to the Review page.

Review Information

Carefully review all the information provided..
Use Change or Confirm options accordingly.
Once you are satisfied Click on confirm which will take you to payments page.

Payment Options

The fee for Sri Lanka Tourist ETA is USD 35 per person (As on 17-March-2019). However additional service charges may be levied depending on the type of credit card used. As of now only Visa, Master and Amex Credit Card options are available.

Sri Lanka ETA Process
New and Improved Online Sri Lanka ETA Application Process 16

On successful payment, ETA Application confirmation is display and also sent to the eMail ID provided by you in the contact details. This information will be required to track the application using the “Check Status” Option in the main top menu.

ETA Application Confirmation is not an approval of ETA. The authorized ETA would be sent via eMail.

Check Status

You may use this option after 24 hours of applying to check the status of your Sri Lanka ETA application by providing the information required like Confirmation code, Passport Number and Nationality. However you will receive your Sri Lanka ETA within a couple of hours.

Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

Good Luck!


Is eTA required for Sri Lanka?

ETA or Electronic Travel Authority is not mandatory. One can opt for Visa on Arrival too (which is USD 5 more. However looking at the convenience of applying from home and the cost factor it is suggest to go for online ETA application

How much is Sri Lanka eTA?

For SAARC countries cost of ETA is USD 20 (plus credit card charges and for all other foreigners it is USD 50 plus credit card charges. The details are mentioned here

How long does eTA approval take Sri Lanka?

If all information is correctly filled then in most cases it will be approved in a couple of hours. If it is not done in 24 hours then it is best to contact the authorities.

What type of Visa can be applied for online?

Only tourist visa for individuals can be applied online ETA system. Visa will be valid for 30 days from the time of landing and included two-entries.

You may also read step by step guide to process Russian visa for Indians.

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Sri Lanka ETA application process, eVisa application

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23 thoughts on “New and Improved Online Sri Lanka ETA Application Process”

  1. I love how easy visa applications are online and the entry visa to Sri Lanka was just that, easy peasy. I remember when I visited last year everything was smooth at this entry point especially when I arrived the country at 5am in the morning when I’m completely exhausted.

  2. I didnt know Sri Lanka had the ETA system and is good to know (and yes, I can use it as a British Citzien…even better as I am hoping to do a trip here soon).

  3. It looks so easy to get a visitors visa. I’ve wondered about getting visas online, as I know the requirements for the EU are going to change for US citizens in the future. Thanks for the demo.

  4. At this time, Sri Lanka is not on the near term travel plan. But it is always interesting to understand what the entry requirements are. It is great to know that the visa process is a simple online form. And at a reasonable price. The only challenge is that you must have an airline ticket before you can apply. So you better hope there is not problem with the application or timeline. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. When I travel internationally I usually go to Europe so I have not had to apply for a visa. The process always seemed so overwhelming, but you walking through doing it online I see I was wrong!

  6. I love the ease of e-visas. We have to get them every two years for USA and Canada, so it’s a relief when the system is as easy as this. I’ll pin this for if we visit Sri Lanka – thanks!

  7. I loved Sri Lanka a lot!! The locals were so warm to me when I visited!! And having the e-visa system eased everything! Was also cheaper than going to embassies and consulates!!

  8. Good to know there’s an online option of getting a visa. E-visas make lives of travelers much easier. Hey, I wish there were no visas at all, but better anything than nothing!

  9. This is so informative on how to apply for an evisa. Its so great that Sri Lanka is progressive and doing this online now.

  10. You are so right when you say that long gone are the days when we had to go in person to an embassy to apply for a visa. I almost forgot how difficult it was. It’s so good to know that it’s so easy to get your ETA for Sri Lanka. Your post contains a lot of useful information, so I’ll bookmark it for later reference. I’m hoping to visit this country sometimes next year.

  11. Thanks for explaining the whole process of Sri Lanks evisa in detail. Your post is going to be super helpful for the first time visitors. Evisas have actually made life so easy for the travelers.

  12. Thanks for this great info… I have been thinking of Sri Lanka for a long time. Although recent events have made people rethink their plans… I hope normalcy is restored soon.

  13. This e-visa option seems brilliant. We sent our daughter to Sri Lanka last year and she messed up her initial visa request and had to do a visa run to Thailand when her 30 days ran out. I wonder if the e-visa double checks your return ticket with your length of stay request to make sure that you have your i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

  14. I love that so many countries are doing evisas these days. It makes things so much simpler. A few years ago when I went to Russia, my passport had to be sent off and I didn’t have it for over 3 months. As I was living abroad, it stressed me out just because I knew I couldn’t even travel if I had a family emergency back home.

  15. I went to Sri Lanka last year and was also pleasantly surprised at how easy the process to apply for a visa was. The eVisa took literally 20 min to be approved for me! I do wonder, however, if that might have changed post the recent attacks?

  16. Thanks for the clear instructions on getting an eVisa for Sri Lanka. This is a great time saver compared to the old method.

  17. Being British, we have an embarrassing history with an evil colony that took over the world, but it certainly makes the whole visa issue very simple! I did love Sri Lanka, such a beautiful country.

  18. Oh so easy! Love the e-visa options. I remember those horrid days of having to send your passport away and hoping it came back in time. Such horrid times.

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