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Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

I live in Mumbai and yet this was my first time at KGAF (Kala Ghoda Arts Festival). Call it my bad luck, I was always out of town at this time of the year.
I used to wonder what is so fascinating about this festival that people come here from other parts of India to attend it and I haven’t done so! Thankfully, I now know the reason.

This 9 day art festival is held every year in Mumbai with various themes and interpretations with representation of social issues, the state of our country what it is today. Many artists show their creativity through their work. Not only this, the sub-festivals feature the visual arts, dance, music, theatre, cinema, literature, lectures, seminars and workshops, heritage walks and special events for children as well. Various NGOs also have their stalls selling their products.

Without wasting time further I show you a glimpse of KGAF. Please read the captions below the photos to know what they depict. You can see many more photos of KGAF on my Facebook page.

Kala ghoda
Kala Ghoda which literally means Black Horse in Hindi is a place in Mumbai where KGAF is held. The statue of Kala Ghoda however is not in the vicinity but in ‘Rani baug’, Byculla. However we got to see a nicely decorated black bull ! 😛

The artists from the British Council have created this intriguing piece to be together and hold hands in times of difficulty and people were encouraged to leave messages on a post-its.

This was one of the messages I read. 🙂

Colorful butterflies flying up into the horizon depicts the freedom we all need.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham: Forty fabric emoticons are made to let us get intimate with our emotions inside us.

There were many things including this horse made of cardboard sheets and packing material, probably telling us to save the environment by using them wisely.

The starving artist syndrome is outdated and boring. The new artist wants CHANGE ! What a way to express that! The whole car is covered with coins or change as we say. 🙂

Kala ghoda
Happiness: Feeling sad, depressed or just plain low. This concept of Mithila Mehta says in these times freshly packed happiness has to be shopped and delivered in boxes. It is difficult to find it in open.

Kala ghoda
This is one of my favourites. With global warming and pollution taking away the most of us, it says Ride Cycle & save the city. The wheels are half covered with paintings of skyscrapers.

kala ghoda arts festival mumbai
This one was entitled ‘Tarevarchi kasarat’, which in Marathi means ‘tightrope walk’. It depicts the tightrope we walk every day, tied down by various wires and ropes and trying to balance our lives.

Kala ghoda
When in danger, a tortoise can pull its limbs inside its shell, saving them from harmful surroundings. This representation with our sense organs peeking out, encourages us to keep our senses in control.

Kala ghoda
‘Procession’, aptly named if you see a long shot, is a set of giant ants, trying to acquire the world. This shot is to show you that these ants are made of Bullet Bike tanks and headlights ! 😀

kala ghoda arts festival

I can not end this post without mentioning the kids from Dharavi, the largest slum of Asia. Using empty paint boxes, large plastic drums and other such things they created an orchestra of musical delight!

Here are more photos from my clicks here.

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15 thoughts on “Kala Ghoda Arts Festival”

  1. This is such a colourful blog post. One would want to visit the Kala Ghoda festival just by looking at this blog. Good stuff!

  2. Lovely pics…hadn’t heard of this festival before. Delhi, too, is hosting the gorgeous Surajkund festival these days. That’s where I’m headed tomorrow, super excited!

  3. 🙂 🙂
    Thanks for sharing about this festival.
    If ever I happen to visit, I shall thank you for introducing me to Kala Ghoda.

  4. Arvi,
    Please go if you can!

    Your name is quite intriguing! 😛

    Oh, don’t remind me of Delhi! Winters and its festival time there. From Pragati maidan to Surajkund, pavilions to crafts mela.. you guys always have fun.

    Do let us know how was your trip.

  5. Heights of creativity, right?
    I’m so amazed by the things they have on display. It obvious that a whole lot of hard work has gone into these pieces.

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