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The Magic of Sangti Valley, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh 

Sangti Valley Dirang Chu Arunachal Pradesh

This needs to be said about Arunachal Pradesh. We expected the most beautiful scenery, friendly culture but as we uncovered the region layer by layer, we unearthed hidden gems. One such was the Sangti Valley, Arunachal Pradesh. On the way to Tawang, travelers often either pass by or stay one night at Dirang to rest, because for most people, Tawang is the destination. We encourage all you travelers to take a slight detour and you will not be disappointed. You will be presented with such natural beauty as never seen elsewhere. We are talking about the spectacular Sangti Valley, in the Dirang district.

Sangti sheep farm Dirang
Sangti Sheep Rearing Centre

Sangti Valley Region

Sangti Valley Sheep Farm 

The detour to Sangti Valley is just after crossing Dirang Dzong, the 9th century village. Once we crossed the Dirang River, the route was scenic beyond words and soon we arrive at the Sangti Sheep Farm on the left side. It is about 7.5 KM from Dirang Dzong. We strongly suggest that you should visit the sheep farm first as we will explain in a bit.

Sangti Sheep Farm Dirang Chu Arunachal Pradesh
Smiling Little Lamb or not a Lamb…that is the question!

This is a government run sheep breeding, research and shearing facility that has over 300 sheep. The vast expanse of the gradually rising pasture reminded me of Europe. We were not fortunate enough to see any sheep or any shepherd for that matter. We conjectured that perhaps it was sheeps’ special day and they had all been taken to the higher reaches for grazing.  

Sangti Sheep Farm Arunachal Pradesh
Fruit Orchards and Farming at Sheep Breeding centre

It was not only a sheep breeding place but also a regular farm too. Not having spotted a sheep, we crossed a couple of small streams and kept walking North till we reached the edge of the hill. And then the magic happened. The entire expanse of Sangti valley, with all its village, houses, hills and river came into view. This is the foremost reason (Apart from sheep, of course) for stopping by at the Sheep farm.

The word picturesque just about begins to describe the breathtaking view. I am sure the curators of children’s painting book were inspired, looking at this very scene. It was so very copybook. My friend, Sange, says, if you ask any kid to draw a village, hill and river, she or he will have this in mind.

Sangti Valley Dirang Chu Arunachal Pradesh
View of Sangti Valley from Sangti Sheep Farm

There is no better painter than Nature…….

And I agree.  😊

What caught my eye, on way back was a few wooden prayer-wheels, which looked very old., making me wonder why they were there. Were they the protection for the farm? 

Sangti Valley Arunachal Pradesh
View of mountains from Sangti

Sangti Valley, Riverside Picnic

The ride becomes a bit bouncier as we climb down from the Sangti Sheep Farm to the riverside. We pass by a few houses and school children who wave at us gleefully. We wave back equally cheerfully as I remembered my own childhood and the fun of innocently waving at total strangers. People always waved back then! Except that one time when this gentleman got off his motorbike and scolded me. It was the festival colors, Holi, time and this guy apparently thought I was throwing a water filled balloon at him. Hahaha. Coming back to the current story…. 

Sangti Valley Dirang Chu Arunachal Pradesh
Basking in the sun at Sangti Valley

After negotiating another 4 KM or so we reach plain ground and make our way towards the Dirang riverbank! Oh! What a sight! I was speechless! 

The weather was perfect for a picnic and folks from Holiday Scout, who had organized our Arunachal experience, efficiently spread the table full of goodies, while we were busy imbibing the intoxicating sights and taking photographs occasionally.  

Sangti Valley Dirang Chu Arunachal Pradesh
All set!

After a bellyful of delicious food including noodles, rice and vegetables and then washing them down with hot tea… the feeling is indescribable 😊  

Now to hit the snooze button! ………… 

Sangti Valley Dirang Chu Arunachal Pradesh
Picnic spread!

Other things to do in Sangti Valley

There is at least one more thing to do in this region which we could not do for paucity of time.  

Sangti Sheep Farm Arunachal Pradesh
Fruit Orchards and Farming at Sheep Breeding centre

The valley has many fruit orchards (apple, apricot, kiwi, orange, persimmon). The surrounding hills are full of coniferous trees. There are also many local hiking trails through the mountains and villages for the adventurous people.

Camping is also possible on the banks of Dirang river, if you want to spend more than a day in the valley.

Sangti Valley Dirang river
Sandy’n’Vijay, Holiday Scout, Lemonicks
Sangti Valley Dirang Chu Arunachal Pradesh
Sandy, Vijay, Tsering, Lhamu, Sange and Vasu

During the months of November and December, Black-necked cranes can be seen in these parts. However due to increased human activity , the arrivals of these beautiful migratory birds are fewer and fewer.

Other things to do in Dirang

Dirang Valley needs 2 or 3 days to explore.

  1. Early morning strolling to Dirang Riverbank for energizing self ! 
  2. Dirang Dzong, the village inhabited since 900 AD. 
  3. Khastung Monastery, dedicated to Dolma or devi in Hindi.  
  4. Manadala Top, with 108 stupas. 
  5. The brand new monastery at Dirang town, the Thupsung Dhargyeling Monastery. 
  6. National Research Centre for Yak 
  7. Natural Hot Springs 
  8. Kalachakra Gompa 
  9. Chug Valley 
  10. Learn to make momos 
  11. Visit a weaver’s home 
  12. Visiting fruit orchards 
  13. Trekking around Dirang. In fact, there is a hiking trail to go to Sangti Valley from Dirang Dzong. 

We spent 3 days in Dirang region to experience many of the above attractions.  

Useful information about Sangti Valley

How to reach Sangti Valley?

Sangti Valley picnic spot is about 12 KM from Dirang Dzong and 15 KM from Dirang town.

The Sangti Sheep farm is about 4 KM ahead of the picnic spot.

Best way to travel would be to hire a cab or use your own vehicle as there are very few other options. You could get a shared Sumo but may not be quite convenient.

Nearest Train station and airport is Tezpur.

However Guwahati is the biggest airport near here and is connected to all parts of India. Guwahati Airport is about 320 KM by road.

What is the best time to visit Sangti Valley?

Sangti Valley is almost a 365 days destination, barring a couple of months of rainy season. Summer could be too hot on some days. We went in September and the weather was perfect.

We were told that the black-necked cranes arrived in November and December to breed here. That would make it a unique experience.

Where to stay?

There are many options for accommodation in and around Sangti Valley and Dirang.

We stayed at Dirang Cottages which is on the banks of Dirang River , near Dirang town. However several homestays have sprung up at Sangti Valley itself.

It is also possible to set up tents at Sangti Valley.

Tips for Sangti Valley

  • It is better to apply UV protection cream, becasue UV may be quite active because of the altitude and Sun.
  • Not very sure if swimming is safe. The river bed is quite rocky.
  • Temperature may drop towards evening.

Please click here for more accommodation options to suit all pockets

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  1. Yet one more place to add to my bucket list! This place do beautiful and peaceful! I hope one day my family and I can experience it for ourselves. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  2. Wow! The view is beautiful. It looks like something straight from a postcard. Love the idea of doing a riverside picnic. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. Enjoyed reading your post.

  3. Absolutely mesmerizing! Your photo story of Sangti Valley in Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh, beautifully captures the serene essence of this enchanting destination. The vivid descriptions alongside the breathtaking images vividly transport the reader to this hidden gem nestled amidst nature’s bounty.

    The vibrant hues of the valley, the picturesque landscapes, and the glimpses of local life truly showcase the untouched beauty of Arunachal Pradesh. Your detailed account of the indigenous culture and the warm hospitality of the locals adds a compelling layer to the narrative, making it an enticing travel experience for anyone seeking a tranquil retreat.

    The detailed descriptions accompanying your stunning photographs provide a deeper insight into the soul of Sangti Valley. The glimpses of local life and the indigenous culture beautifully complement the visuals, adding layers of richness to the overall experience.

    Your photo story serves as an immersive guide, not just showcasing the scenic beauty but also portraying the cultural heritage and warmth of the people dwelling in Sangti Valley. The serene landscapes, coupled with insights into the daily life of the locals, evoke a sense of admiration for the simplicity and authenticity of this region.

    The way you’ve encapsulated the essence of Arunachal Pradesh’s natural splendor and the genuine hospitality of its inhabitants sparks an irresistible urge to embark on a journey and experience firsthand the tranquility and charm that Sangti Valley encapsulates. Thank you for sharing this captivating visual narrative, inspiring a desire in every reader to explore and discover the untouched beauty of this captivating destination.

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