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World Post Day

World Post Day

World Post Day is celebrated on 9th October every year, that is today. Contrary to the popular belief that the first post office started functioning on this day, it is actually the day on which Universal Postal Union was established in 1874 in Berne.

Enough of history. Why am I talking about this?

Mauritius Postal Museum

If the entrance is this inviting, who would not like to go in ?
Is not it a good way to invite to a museum?

Postal Services are very close to me and I get excited every time I see a post office in any country. Don’t take me wrong, there are many other things that get me excited as well. 😉

If you know me, I am avid collector of Postcards and I try to send myself a postcard from a country I am visiting. 😀 When I am at home, sending postcards to my friends across the world, in this electronic age, is still fun.

What could be a better day to show you some letter boxes and post offices from around the world. Have a look.

I start with a Postal Museum in Mauritius. The first picture is the entrance to the museum.

The 18th-century stone edifice housing the museum is quite small. It once served as a hospital, but today it is a National Heritage building. The Postal Museum is located near the Post Office of Mauritius.
The Postal Museum’s mission is to develop philately on the island and to preserve locally made stamps, which are valued highly around the world.


Mumbai GPO

Next in line is a row of letter boxes at GPO, Mumbai. These letter boxes are almost of my height and are situated at the entrance of the building.


I saw this cute letter box in Jerusalem.

The way the post offices are maintained and kept, tell you a lot about the country or the city.


Post office in Israel


A letter box in front of Information Office, Jordan


A letter box in Madrid, Spain.

HK DSC_8509.2

This is Hong Kong, a complete vending machine post office where you can buy stamps as per your requirement and post letters. We saw it near the main bus stop.


A letter box in Macau, you can buy stamps through vending machine and post letters.


In Israel, letter boxes are aplenty… in market places, on the streets. This shows that there are still people going for the snail mail.


A full fledged post office at the airport at Tel Aviv. It was closed since it was around midnight.

There are many more from other countries as well, I am being just lazy to talk about them today. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “World Post Day”

  1. post box and letter box and even letters are such a rare thing now a days.. you have stirred some very fond memories when we waited for postman to arrive and bring letters..

  2. Lovely post. It comes at a time when I am so frustrated with the services offered by the Indian Post. The system is still so outdated and I wish they would do something to move on with times. We still do need postal services but a better avataar of it – better back-end, tracking and other services.

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