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A love song of Ottoman period

Üsküdara Gideriken (When Going to Üsküdar) – A love song of Ottoman period

This is a Turkish folk song about the love between a man & a woman from Ottoman era. Our guide in Istanbul Yeliz Bolsoy was describing this story and told that it has a song too. When requested, Yeliz was kind enough to sing it for me. The bonus was that she translated the song in English !

The story goes like this.
Most of the rich women in Ottoman period had male secretaries and

Video of Shoh – a dice game of Sikkim

If you are following me on Twitter, you’d have known that we had stopped at a small place called Sevok in West Bengal to satiate our hungry stomachs.

There, a little far from our table, we saw a group of locals playing this game. The group was making some sounds which made us curious. Language barrier and lack of time played against us in understanding the game.
Later when I came back, I searched on the net but could not find any information. I have already written here whatever I could gather from them, including the name and its spelling.
They did not tell me about wooden bowl or leather plate. It was me who looked at those things curiously and found out. 🙂

Here is a small video of this game.

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