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Thai Herbal Compress Luk Prakob

Thai Herbal Compress Luk Prakob

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Have you ever got a Thai massage done? And told the masseur about your pains and stiffness? And then she or he used a warm aromatic bindle (पोटली) or pack to soothe your muscles? Have you ever wondered what does that cloth bindle contain?
Well, I did.

On my recent rustic tour of Thailand I learnt many new things. I had heard about most of them but going into details and actually doing it is another thing. One of them was making a Thai Herbal Compress. It is called Luk Prakob in Thai language. The cloth bindle has herbal, medicinal properties which helps you in relieving pain. Today we’ll learn how to make it at home. But first,

The benefits of the Luk Prakob:-
1. Helps relieve tension in the muscles
2. Relieves muscular aches & pains.
3. Stimulate circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids.
4. Effective in treating sprains, inflamed tendons and swollen painful joints.

Lemongrass – cut into small pieces,
caffir lime skin & leaves – cut into small pieces,
Turmeric – cut into small pieces,
cassumunar ginger – cut into small pieces,
Tamarind leaves
camphor, Borneo camphor

Method :-
One by one take one fistful of first five ingredients in a stone bowl and crush them coarsely. Take it out in a large bowl as shown in picture.

Add one small spoon of salt, camphor and Borneo camphor each in this mixture.

Mix well.

Now, put a substantial amount of this mixture in a cotton cloth to be able to make a good sized bindle. Tie it with a strong thread.
And your own Thai massage pack is ready ! 😀

Directions to use :-
1. Steam the Luk Prakob for 15-20 minutes.
2. Check if it is too hot by compressing it on your forearm.
3. Compress over shoulders, arms, legs and back.

Do try this home made remedy for all your body pains and let me know how was the result. 😀

Note:- This post is written under Living the Thai culture series. Look out for more.

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