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Christmas in Switzerland : 10 Ultimate Places to celebrate

Switzerland is considered as Heaven on earth and just to think of celebrating Christmas in Switzerland makes us all extremely excited. As the year inches towards its end, planning your Christmas holiday in Switzerland makes more sense. There is more to Swiss holidays than eating Fondu and Swiss chocolates. Pictures of dancing snowflakes, twinkling lights and carol singers brings thought of a white Christmas in a fairyland and if you are ready for the festive season in Switzerland you are most likely to experience that, and lot more.

Where to spend Christmas in Switzerland

The advent season before Christmas in Switzerland brings some color and holiday cheer to its lovely towns. The crisp air has fervour of festivity. Centuries old Swiss Christmas traditions, festivals, legends, food, will take you to one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Switzerland. 

Ultimate places to celebrate Christmas in Switzerland

Yes, where exactly are the ultimate places in Switzerland for Christmas? The Christmas celebrations begin around a month before the actual festival. The four Sundays before Christmas eve showcase the Advent celebrations. Each of the Swiss town has something interesting to offer. Let us see which town has the best Christmas markets in Switzerland and which has the best Christmas tradition to offer.

Christmas in Geneva, Switzerland

Christmas Market at Parc des Bastions

If you decide to spend your Christmas holidays in Switzerland, the best place to start with, should be Geneva, Switzerland. For most tourists, Geneva in winter is simply an entry point to the country for ski trips. But the city has its own festive charm and fervor luring people to celebrate Christmas in Geneva. With its picture perfect scenery, old Christmas traditions and several Christmas markets in the vicinity, Geneva becomes the best place in Switzerland for Christmas.

Like many other European cities, there are many activities to do in Geneva during Christmas. To start with, there are several Christmas markets in Geneva city. You may choose to visit as many as you wish to.

For Geneva Christmas, the best would be to stick around Lake Geneva region. The most traditional-style Christmas market is on Rue du Mont-Blanc which starts in late November, but Christmas Village at the Parc des Bastions is the biggest Geneva Christmas market. Both are at walking distance of each other on either side of the lake, and the route is decorated with the best of Christmas lights.

The shops have the best of food to offer. People can have the traditional Swiss specialties such as Fondue, Raclette in a Christmas ambiance. Or sip vin chaud (hot mulled wine) with gingerbread cookies, hot chestnuts and watch over kids participating in activities which include story telling sessions in French and English, a mini ice skating rink, some workshops and few rides. Some traditional plays are also enacted to lure the children.

There is Geneva Lux festival, a festival of light, with holograms displayed on buildings, and streets illuminated with fabulous lights. Geneva Christmas walk is another attraction with the arrival of Santa Lucia and Santa. There are several souvenir shops for you to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones back home.

Guided Tours in Geneva

If you are visiting Geneva, make sure to consider joining one (or all) of these guided tours. Some of the day trips are worth taking. Most of them also have a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours.
Geneva’s Old Town Secrets of old town discovery
Lake Geneva Cruise – Discover the beauty of Lake Geneva’s shores.
Chocolate Flavors Walking Tour Geneva’s chocolate and culture in a deliciously sweet walking tour.
Geneva City Pass Enjoy the city on your own with a City Pass for easy access to the best attractions and discounts/free offers at 40 sights.

Hotels in Geneva, Switzerland

It is fairly easy to get accommodations in Geneva. The Geneva hotels are in plenty and for every budget. But festive season can hamper your plans if you haven’t booked them in advance. Our personal recommendation would be Fairmont Grand Hotel and Edelweiss Manotel for accessibility, comfort and proximity to major points. Check out the best option for more hotels and other accommodation in Geneva as per your convenience and budget.

Christmas in Basel, Switzerland

Lively Christmas Market in Basel

Basel is one of Switzerland’s largest cities and lies at the borders with France and Germany in the Upper Rhineland.
Swiss Christmas traditions in the region have remained strong for centuries. The Christmas tree tradition originated from neighbouring Alsace in the 16th century. And local tradition has it that the children of Basel receive their gifts from Christkind, although Santa has taken over the mission in recent years.

During the four weeks of Advent, the popular Basel Christmas market takes place on two main sites: 
the Münsterplatz (Cathedral Square), an exquisite square towered by the lofty Gothic cathedral (Münster), and 
the Barfüssenplatz, a busy square in the centre of the old town, in front of the Barfüsserkirche which now hosts Basel’s Museum of History.

The popular event welcomes 160 traders and artisans in small, rustic wooden chalets, making it one of the largest Christmas markets in Switzerland. The chalets sell various items and produce, a fine art in Basel, from handmade toys to jewellery and from sausages to waffles and mulled wine.
Basel is also famous for its Läckerli which are delicious little gingerbread in a diamond shape.
As in many Christmas markets in Europe, it is best to wait for nightfall to explore Basel and immerse yourself in the Yuletide atmosphere.

This is when the Swiss city sparkles with a myriad of lights in an enchanting setting.
Take a walk in the picturesque old town of Basel whose narrow streets are made beautiful by the Christmas illuminations. And don’t miss the giant Christmas tree on the cathedral square.

Finally, a great number of events take place during the Advent period. Exhibitions relating to Christmas at the Museum der Kulturen, special Christmas performances at the puppet theatre (Basel’s Marionettentheater), classical concerts in various churches, and a much-awaited Gospel Night in the cathedral. A well enjoyed Christmas in Switzerland.
*Contributed by Pierre Guernier of French Moments

Guided Tours in Basel

If you are visiting Basel for the first time, you may want to have a look at these guided tours and consider joining one (or all) of these. Some of the day trips are worth taking. Most of them also have a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours.
Walking Tour Basel Old Town Explore the secrets thru its winding streets of the well-preserved old town.
Self Guided Food Tour Enjoy delicious snacks in their original setting in self-guided “Taste My Swiss City” gastronomic tour.

Hotels in Basel

Basel’s hotels offer accommodation for every taste and need. From traditional top-of-the-line hotels to youth hostels, from highly modern design hotels to the family atmosphere of a bed & breakfast, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Check out the best option for hotels as per your convenience and budget.

Christmas in Gruyère, Switzerland

Gruyeres Christmas By Mihai Bogdan Lazer

The charming and very picturesque little medieval town of Gruyeres in the Fribourg canton of Switzerland creates a magical Christmas event. Perched on the top of a hill overlooking the Alps and acres of farmland where cows graze to produce the milk for the famous Gruyeres cheese, is Gruyeres 800-year-old medieval castle and its accompanying medieval village.

For two weekends leading up to Christmas, 13th to 15th December and 20 to 22 December, the cobbled streets of the village are strung with pretty Christmas lights, the Christmas carol singers are out and about, there are braziers of roasting chestnuts, and the town’s festive Christmas Market of Handicraft and Flavors featuring more than thirty participants displaying their Christmas goodies. Saint Nicholas with his companions and donkey parade the town and oranges and gingerbread are distributed. It’s a delightful festive atmosphere. Christmas Day ends with a concert in the church.

There are many activities for children as well which will make their white Christmas in Switzerland a memorable one. Children’s workshop at the Château de Gruyères, Candlestick making, Storytelling rides, Face painting, traditional present hunting, children’s Bingo, are a few of them. There are musical entertainments from different bands on different days.

Most people associate Gruyeres with the famous cheese of the same name and you can visit the factory, La Maison de Gruyere, just 15 minutes’ walk downhill from the village where you can take a very entertaining and informative tour about the cheese-making process. The cafes in Gruyeres specialize in traditional local food such as fondues, rostis, and dishes from the Bénichon menu– a centuries old, traditional Fribourg celebration, and the local double cream served with meringues and local raspberries is very addictive.  

Visitors can learn about the art of fondue preparation by master cheesemakers at the Fondue Academy. If chocolate is your passion, you can reserve a place in a workshop at the Chocolaterie de Gruyères or take a visit to the nearby Cailler Chocolate Factory. Gruyeres is a magical place to celebrate Christmas in Switzerland.
*Contributed by Maureen Spencer of So many places so little time

Guided Tours in Gruyere

Visiting Gruyere for the first time? The following guided tours will definitely help you. Check out these guided tours while you are in Gruyere, Switzerland or visiting it. Some of them are day trips. Most of them also have a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours.
Cheese & Chocolate Factory Tour First thing to do in the region. Also discover the medieval village of Gruyère.
Fribourg and Gruyeres Full Day Trip Swiss Fribourg and Gruyeres in a private day tour with panoramic views.

Hotels in Gruyere

Gruyere is a small town, so it’s better to book your accommodation in advance. They are for every taste and need. Check out these options for hotels as per your convenience and budget.

Christmas in Interlaken, Switzerland

Beautiful evening with Christmas ambience in Interlaken

Christmas in Interlaken is a wonderful experience. The beautifully decorated Christmas market in Interlaken with a backdrop of snowy Swiss Alps is a mesmerizing visual winter treat. The Christmas fair has a long tradition and offers visitors a nice surrounding to get into the mood for the festive season. The charming wooden chalets, Märlizelt, candles, musical events, and of course Santa Claus in the Coca Cola truck won’t let you go anywhere else.

While you stroll through the streets in the centre of Interlaken with a mug of hot mulled wine, the children can enjoy some of the creative and varied winter activities on offer. It also offers an unique Top of Europe ICE MAGIC Interlaken skating experience. Much fun for both young and old! You might also want to include the “Chocolate Show” at the Grand Restaurant Schuh.

The aroma of vin chaud (mulled wine), Gluehwine, roasted chestnuts, baked goods like gingerbread, pastries, cookies, and tasty regional specialties will sweeten your experience and keep your hands and heart warm in much exciting way.

For a wide range of attractive Christmas shopping ideas there are a variety of handmade crafts, candles, souvenirs when you stroll through Höhematte. The specialist shops on the Höheweg boulevard and the festive wooden chalets invite everybody to pause, look, and purchase.

It is a great starting point for numerous excursions by train or boat. From Interlaken you can easily make a day trip to Bern and Luzern both of which are lovely small cities, very different one from each other. Or go to Grindelwald for that white Christmas spirit. You can also plan a trip to Jungfrau, Top of Europe. In fact the entire Jungfrau region has plenty to do.

Guided Tours in Interlaken

Is this your first time in Interlaken? The following guided tours will definitely help you. Check out these guided tours while you are in Interlaken, Switzerland or visiting it. Some of them are day trips. Most of them also have a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours.
Jungfrau: Round Trip to the Top of Europe by train – It’s one trip for you to experience reaching Europe’s highest-altitude railway station.
Cable Car Round Trip to Bond World – For the die-hard 007 James Bond fans, this is one of the movie locations in the movie On her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Hotels in Interlaken

There are plenty of hotels in Interlaken for every budget. Our personal recommendation would be Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa and Hotel Interlaken. But festive season can disrupt your plans if you haven’t booked them in advance. Check out the best option for more hotels and other accommodation in Interlaken as per your convenience and budget.

Christmas in Lucerne, Switzerland

Christmas in Luzern: Copyright @Emanuel-AmmonAura-Luzern-Tourismus-EA141127-K-97

The beautiful Swiss city of Lucerne or Luzern is a wonderful Christmas destination with traditions dating back many centuries. If you are looking for things to do in Lucerne at Christmas time, there are plenty of choices including a number of Christmas markets.

The main Lucerne Christmas market, known locally as Lozärner Wiehnachtsmärt, is held in the square in front of the Franciscan Church in the Old Town. Here you’ll find a wide selection of food and drinks and handmade Christmas products made from different materials such as glass, textile, ceramics, wood and metal. Gifts include candles, hand knitted hats and sheepskin gloves.

The delicious aromas of roasted chestnuts, grilled sausages and homemade gingerbread will assault your nostrils as you stroll the market stalls. Follow up your tasty treat with a warming cup of mulled wine or a steaming hot chocolate. Lucerne’s Christmas markets are usually held from around 3 to 20 December. Lucerne is an attractive city when dressed with Christmas lights, and with snow dusting the roof of the city’s famous wooden bridge, Kapellbrücke, the scene is straight from a Christmas card.

For even more illuminations be sure to visit Live on Ice in Europaplatz (next to the KKL Building). This festival, which runs from late November into the New Year, is home to food stalls, an ice skating rink, and festive light illuminations. Its location next to Lake Lucerne is the ideal spot to admire the twinkling Christmas lights reflected in the water.

As you wander the pretty streets of Lucerne old town, keep an eye out for the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Santa Claus. The pair arrive in early December to check that the local children have been behaving. 

Samichlaus, wearing red, leaves bags of nuts, chocolates and gingerbread for the well-behaved children, whilst legend says his counterpart, Schmutzli, who wears black, kidnapped the naughty ones. Thankfully, today his role is to remind kids to be good and to help Samichlaus distribute the gifts! A photo with the good and bad Santa is a unique souvenir to remind you of your Christmas visit to Lucerne.
*Contributed by Carolyne of Holidays to Switzerland

Guided Tours in Lucerne

Is this your first time in Lucerne? Check out these guided tours while you are in Lucerne or visiting it. Some of them are day trips. Most of them also have a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours.
Walking Tour to Chapel Bridge & Old Town – First thing to do in the city. Also discover the “City of Lights”.
Guided city Tour of Lucerne Beautiful way to know the town & its history.
Eco friendly Tuk Tuk City Tour – Eco friendly personalized tuk-tuk tour with a local guide.

Hotels in Lucerne

Hotels in Lucerne are in plenty and for every budget. It is fairly easy also to get accommodation in Lucerne. But festive season can hamper your plans if you haven’t booked them in advance. Check out the best option for more hotels and other accommodation in Lucerne as per your convenience and budget.

Christmas in Montreux, Switzerland

Santa flying high in Montreux ! Photo credit: studio Edouard Curchod

Montreux is the best place to celebrate Christmas in Switzerland also known locally as Marche de Noel Montreux. This is because they have Montreux Christmas market, probably the best Christmas market in Switzerland and a whole festival around it. Montreux Christmas market is the largest open-air Christmas market in Switzerland and probably one of the most picturesque in Europe. If you can’t get into the Christmas spirit in Montreux then you can’t anywhere! In fact, there are frequent trips from Zurich to Montreux and Geneva to Montreux.

The Christmas festival, Montreux Marche de Noel, takes place annually on the banks of Lake Geneva in central Montreux. It starts a month before Christmas and runs until the big day. The traditional Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt) is the centerpiece and runs seemingly forever along the shores of the lake. There are 172 chalet style stalls with many gift and handicraft options as well as great food and drink. These sell anything from antiques (Brocante de Noël) to arts and crafts. Jewelry and clothes are common as are household and Christmas decorations. A Vin chaud (mulled wine) is a must to sip as you wander around the market along the Grand Rue and listen to the Christmas themed music.

For families, next to the market is Elves’ Square. Here you will find activities, workshops and entertainment. Learn candle making and take a chocolate workshop. In the evening, keep a look out above the lake. A few times an evening, between the Lumberjack village and the Place du Marché, the big Santa Clause himself flies over Lake Geneva on his sleigh!

Also worth a visit is, UNESCO listed Chateau de Chillon Castle (you can get tickets here). While this is a must visit at any time of year, at Christmas time, you can experience a medieval Christmas here with many Christmas themed activities. Next stop should be the top of Rochers-de-Naye mountain which you can climb on a cogwheel railway. Not only do you get great views on the way, but Santa’s house is at the top. You can visit Santa and then ski while you are up there if you wish.

For anyone looking for a full Christmas experience with days of Christmas related activities, Montreux can’t be beat for your Christmas stay.
*Contributed by Sharon Gourlay of Dive Into Tasmania

Guided Tours in Montreux

Is this your first time in Montreux? Check out these guided tours while you are in Montreux, Switzerland or visiting it. Some of them are day trips. Most of them also have a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours.
Chaplin’s World – A must see museum of life and cinema of Charlie Chaplin.
Chateau de Chillon Tour – UNESCO listed 14th century castle awaits you.
Montreux Discovery Walk Tour – Hidden gems & get local’s perspective of the town in 1 hour tour.
Riviera Cruise – On Lake Geneva, beautiful views of the Swiss and French Alps, and Chillon Castle.

Hotels in Montreux, Switzerland

Hotels in Montreux are in plenty and for every budget. But festive season can hamper your plans if you haven’t booked them in advance. Check out the best option for more hotels and other accommodation in Montreux as per your convenience and budget.

Christmas in St. Gallen, Switzerland

A White Christmas in St. Gallen ! Photo by Daniel Ammann

For those who love Christmas in Switzerland, “The city of stars” St. Gallen is the answer to enjoy the festivity. Seven hundred stars shine above the city’s idealistic old town, emanating a fairy-tale feel and festive sparkle to the facades of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another starry-eyed sight is a huge 17 meter high Christmas tree at Klosterplatz square in the Abbey district with 18,000 lights! There’s something magical about the lights!

A not-to-be-missed event is “Chlausritt”, which sees Father Christmas, Santa’s helpers and angels take to the saddle to parade through the city. The festival of nine lessons and Carols happens in the Cathedral and is really worth to see and hear!
Engage in candle dipping activity by making your own candle by dipping a wick into hot tub of molten wax in a pavilion on Kornhausplatz. The price is as per the weight of the candle when it’s finished and the proceeds go to charity.

Several concerts take place in St.Gallen’s impressive Cathedral and special events in the Waaghaus. There are choir performances, readings programs as well. A food market to cater to your taste buds.

Among traditional and local food, first to try is St. Galler veal bratwurst which originated from here. Glühwein (Mulled wine) comes in four different flavors. Mulled beer, the typical raclette and Fondue and other specialties are available in the Christchindli market. Christkind has an interesting lore attached to its name.

The Christmas market in St Gallen stretches from Waaghaus, along the Bohl, all the way to the Market Square. Festively decorated 70 stalls of the Christmas market await your visit in the narrow alleys. If you are visiting St Gallen over a weekend, be sure not to miss the Christkindli market with over 120 stalls!

Wooden toys, handcrafted gifts, homemade gifts… Compared to elsewhere in Switzerland, St.Gallen Christmas market has some of the best selection for unique Christmas gifts.

Guided Tours in St Gallen

If this is the first time for you in St. Gallen then St. Gallen Express Discovery Walk with a Local Guide is just the tour to get you started. However if you are a photography buff then St. Gallen Photography Walking tour should interest you.
For more guided tours in St. Gallen, click here.

Hotels in St Gallen

St. Gallen is a small town but accommodation options are plentiful. These are the list of hotels for your enjoyable stay near St. Gallen Cathedral.

Christmas in Vevey, Switzerland

Tunnel of Light! Photo Credit: ©MontreuxRivera Tourism

Between Lausanne and Montreux is the town of Vevey on the north shore of Lake Geneva. A town which was a special place for Charlie Chaplin, a town which still celebrates and remembers the legend in high regard.

Only 20 minutes by car from Montreux, it has an interesting way of celebrating English Christmas in Vevey. While other towns of Switzerland lure you with irresistible markets, music, shows, food and traditional art and craft, Vevey has Europe’s longest tunnel of light, in addition to all of that. And this light tunnel by the lake has become the spotlight of the festive season. The 50m-long tunnel is made of 25 arches holding up 1,150 garlands of fairy lights with around 28,750 sparkling star bulbs. People can walk inside the tunnel and be mesmerized.

Christmas markets in Vevey are not that alluring compared to other Christmas markets in Switzerland but people from other towns still flock over here just to see the tunnel and be part of it. Or they stay in Vevey and cover the other two neighboring towns for festivities. Besides Christmas, Vevey holds a year round market every Tuesday and Saturday in the Grand Place, the best place for local products like cheese and sausage.

A street away is the Läderach chocolate shop where you can take a guided tasting tour before making your very own chocolate bar. On the promenade is the Alimentarium, the world’s first food themed museum.

But the icing on the cake is a visit to Chaplin’s World, a peek a boo to the legend’s personal & professional life. You can buy a ticket here.

Guided Tours in Vevey

Is this your first time in Montreux? Check out these guided tours while you are in Montreux, Switzerland or visiting it. Some of them are day trips. Most of them also have a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours.
Chaplin’s World – A must see museum of life and cinema of Charlie Chaplin.
Cheese Tour to Gruyere with Fondue Tasting – UNESCO listed 14th century castle awaits you.
Riviera Cruise – On Lake Geneva, beautiful views of the Swiss and French Alps, and Chillon Castle.

Hotels in Vevey

There are plenty of hotels in Vevey for every budget. Our personal recommendation would Modern Times Hotel. But festive season can disrupt your plans if you haven’t booked them in advance. Check out the best option for more hotels and other accommodation in Vevey as per your convenience and budget.

Christmas in Zurich, Switzerland

Singing Christmas Tree : Christmas in Zurich, Switzerland

Christmas transforms the beautiful city of Zurich into a spectacular wonderland of twinkling fairy lights, Swarovski decorated singing Christmas trees, bustling Christmas markets and fascinating events.

Zurich outdoes other cities when it comes to Christmas markets and boasts of the largest covered market in Europe! The Zurich Christmas market at the main train station holds this honour and is an absolute treat to visit.

If you want to see the best Christmas tree in Switzerland, the gigantic Christmas tree that is the centerpiece of this market is adorned completely with Swarovski crystals, making for a magical sight!
As you walk out of the train station into the brightly lit Bahnhofstrasse, the famous shopping boulevard of Zurich, another special Christmas market at Werdmühleplatz awaits. This one is famed for it ‘Singing Christmas Tree’! A choir takes up position on the tree and regales the crowd with lovely carols and songs – a few in English as well!

One of the largest Christmas markets in Zurich can be found as you walk further up from Bahnhofstrasse, crossing the beautifully lit old town along the Limmat river, at Zurich Opera House. The large Sechseläutenplatz is the site for a huge tree, a beautiful market and an ice skating rink  – making it the perfect place to spend an evening.
Some of the best things to in Zurich at Christmas are to try Swiss specialities suchas Fondue & Raclette, baked goodies such as Luxemburgerli, delicious Swiss chocolates from Laderach or Sprungli and drinks such as mulled wine. 

Christmas in Zurich is also marked by several fascinating events. Circus Conelli, known for its acrobatic feats has been part of Zurich Christmas tradition for several decades. The Samichlausschwimmen tradition is another fun event which witnesses hundreds of Santas swimming across the freezing cold river!

Christmas festivities in Zurich start from mid-November and last up to Christmas eve. These along with the chance to ski at some of the world’s best ski slopes make Zurich in Winter a worthy Switzerland bucket list addition!
*Contributed by Smita Singh of My Faulty Compass

Guided Tours in Zurich

Visiting Zurich for the first time? The following guided tours will definitely help you. Check out these guided tours while you are in Zurich, Switzerland. There are many of them including day trips. Most of them also have a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours. Or enjoy the city on your own with a Zurich Card for easy access to the best attractions in town.
Old Town Walking Tour – First thing to do to know the city.
Sightseeing Bus Tour – Explore city landmarks and Old Town
City Tour – 4-hour extended city tour by Ferry, Cable car & coach
Tuk Tuk City Tour – A private tour

Hotels in Zurich, Switzerland

Being a lively city, Zurich has many options to stay. From 5 star hotels to Zurich hostel, the city has plenty. But being a festival time, it is advised to book accommodations in advance. Check out these places to stay in Zurich.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no extra cost for you!

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