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Yahoo made a Video on Me !

Yahoo featured me as a Fab & Fearless girl on its exclusive video.

It is a great honour that out of billions of Indians YAHOO chose me to showcase as a “Fab & Fearless girl“.

One fine day I was approached by them. They said they wanted to shoot me. Not with a gun, but the video kind. 😀
After initial reluctance, I agreed.

Here is the link of the video for you. Thus yours truly is the only Travel blogger from India to have this honor !

Things are happening this year for me … First collaboration with Fox Traveller and now Yahoo. Somebody up there has been kind to me. 🙂

Now something about the shoot. The initial reluctance was because they wanted to shoot at my place, my home and I was not for it. I am a private person and don’t want the whole world to know about it. We argued the pros & cons and agreed on certain terms.

It was a day long shoot with lights, sound, camera, action kind of thing. The Bollywood kind of atmosphere. I was surrounded with the entire team of sound recordists, director, assistant director, cameramen etc. but no makeup-man. They wanted me to look and be as natural as possible.
Also, I am not a talkative person so they had to play a trick on me to make me speak. 🙂
Overall, it was a good feel and unique experience. Do watch it.

Isn’t it a moment of pride? For me, for you and for every Indian? 😀

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90 thoughts on “Yahoo made a Video on Me !”

  1. Korak,

    Of course I remember you! 😀

    What a pleasant surprise!

    Oh! I was in Kolkata for 2 half days on transit. 🙁

    That was not enough, I will definitely come there again. Hopefully soon.

    How have you been? Long time! 😀

  2. Dear Nisha,

    Am absolutely fine…

    Have been travelling a lot since then…

    Andamans, Kaziranga, Shillong- Mawlynong ( the live root bridge), Kerala,North Bengal ( you will love the greenery there) – the list goes on..
    Travelling to West Sikkim on a trekking trip this Holi ( Hilley and Varsey), thereafter Tripura in April…

    Do let me know when you are in Kolkata… the beer is due 🙂


  3. Nice impressive video. Did I hear earthworm soup? I follow your blog but did not know about the volunteering in Cambodia bit. That must have been an exciting and great learning experience. Immersive travel at its best.
    And that knife looked scary. Kudos!

    1. Abhinav,

      Welcome to my den! 😛

      Didn’t know about my volunteering? Well, I am a voluntourist & have spoken about it in some workshops/conferences also. 🙂
      You know very little about me. I suggest you to browse thru my older posts. 🙂 Yes, Cambodia experience was very fulfilling . Actually that’s my kind of travel. I think once I had shared a post which was written when I was a bit low there in Cambodia.

      Yes, earthworms in soup!
      Ha Ha I do carry a knife on my solo trips. 😀 Never used it though.

      1. Haha. It’s just that I discovered your blog in 2014. I remember the first blog of yours which I read was the annual review one. Checking past blogs one at a time. As and when I am getting time. Volunteering is indeed the best way to immerse in local culture. I am glad you were able to do it.

  4. Congratulations.
    I stumbled upon your blog searching for something. Great treasure of information from around the world. And your stories are different from others.

    Keep writing.

  5. How cool is that Nisha? You are lucky and you certainly have the talent, hence chosen by Yahoo. Being an Indian, I am really proud to know a travel blogger like you. Loads of love and good luck.

  6. To be the ONLY blogger from India to be chosen for this is really amazing, congratulations! Haha, I can imagine the ‘Bollywood’ kind of atmosphere and yeah, I understand you’re a private person and didn’t want to be shot at home!

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