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Block Museum, Taichung

Few years back while searching something on the internet I came across an interesting picture. There were some half buried cars in that photo. Tried to find more about it and I realized it was part of a museum! So excited I was that I immediately wanted to go and touch them when I didn’t even know which part of the world the museum was located.

And then the wish also got buried & forgotten under myriad other chores of life.

Fast forward, a couple of months back, when I decided to visit Taiwan, I looked at the major attractions of different cities. And suddenly this picture popped out again! My joy had no end.

Finally I was going to see those cars! In Taichung!

The full name of the museum is CMP Block Museum of Arts and it holds different exhibition throughout the year as per the theme and holiday trends. But these cars are a permanent feature. CMP (Chin Mei Plaza) Group and PUJEN Land Development joined hands to construct this first cultural creativity square in Taiwan on the lines of European streets. In Europe, local culture being integrated with interactive art is a common sight.

How did they do it?

There was a department store. And some school buildings as well. The building was very old and the parking lot was deserted too. The park lane was broken & crowded. The team spent a lot of effort and turned the whole area into a modern and clean museum.
This “living museum” has no boundaries and pedestrians are the important roles of the exhibition. The school buildings are transformed into indoor exhibition halls and outdoor space has lots of geometrical and intriguing art figures.

The museum takes street blocks into art design, involving aesthetics in our life. The residents are invited and encouraged to get close with the art displayed here, and allow art to become a part of their daily lives. Art, unique stores, book store, café, local culture and daily life come together in a park-liked environment for the new generation of Taiwan.

Do you feel a connect with these lines? 😀 The broken and boring park lanes are now Happy Trails, such as above, to make the kids play the age old games. I had to wait for a few minutes to click this picture as a game was in progress. Have you played this game in your childhood? I am sure you would have. 🙂

Even the gas & other pipes and meter boxes are painted artistically.

A section of open space has these hanging lights which look extremely beautiful at night.

Look carefully, those are plants growing on the walls of this famous shopping mall.

Gradually, the area has become popular and has a creative market on holidays. There are also many coffee shops & restaurants nearby. You can pay a visit to all the unique and interesting stores in the building and take a stroll in the park, spend time at the Block Museum.

So, what is your opinion about this museum?

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