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Discover Thainess in Pictures

Discover Thainess in Pictures


At the grand inauguration of Discover Thainess 2015, there were moments when I was awestruck, when I was smiling, when I was curious and when I was speechless. I tried to capture such moments and some faces for you all.

Thinking or praying?

Lost in her own world?

Awaiting her turn.

Why so serious? Is the head gear heavy? 😛

Dancing feet …. before the dance.

Some more …..

A discussion on how should they pose.

And then they decide how to pose for shutterbugs. 🙂

A traditional couple.

Her hairdo and her nails. 🙂

And her smile. 🙂

And such a grace on her face.

Some were tensed … from the front….

from the side as well….

While some had no camera, only eyes ….

… some had big ones and four eyes 😉

Some argued over seat …

… while some coolly talked work.

There was a huge crowd.

But some cameras stood out in the crowd.

There were mythological stories ….

there were dances … Fusion of traditional and contemporary.

And lo! It’s over!

For more pictures on Discover Thainess please head over to my Facebook page album.

So how was this pictorial story?

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  1. Hello,
    Very nice post and so nice pics. After getting your post I really enjoyed.
    I would love to see some more such interesting article from your side.

    Have a nice day!

    Irasad Umar

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