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Corinthia Hotel Budapest

We must have passed this majestic building many times in the last few days in Budapest, without realizing that this is where we would be staying soon. Hotel Corinthia, Budapest or ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ was an impressive building and one which we thought was perhaps originally a palace of some Duke or another.

Corinthia Hotels originally took birth in Malta in the 1960s and slowly but surely expanded to various major cities of Europe and a few in North Africa too. The name Corinthia has since been an epitome of luxury and comfort.

The Hotel

Over 12 decades back Grand Hotel Royal opened its doors to the royalty and aristocracies of Hungary in particular and Europe in general. Even in those days there were over 300 rooms with over 100 of them with private bath. No doubt that private bath was a luxury in that era.
When the owner of Corinthia group set his eyes on Grand Hotel Royal, it was in a dilapidated state. But he could envision resurgence of the aristocratic clientele and so was born Corinthia Budapest.
The beautiful luminaire welcomed us on our entry. The multiple modern light cylinders in a gorgeous design that we had not seen before. The decoration had nothing of the past, except for a couple of corridors had pictures spanning 120 years of history.

The Room

Hotel Corinthia Budapest, has 439 rooms including 31 suites and 26 Royal residences. We checked into one of the Royal Suites, overlooking the main road, Erzsébet krt.

The two-roomed suite was well appointed. The basic design was in neutral and it looked very modern in its outlook. Both the living room and the bedroom had huge LED TVs. This worked well for us as many times my taste differed from that of Nisha. 🙂

The rooms were well decorated with beautiful coffee table books and shiny artifacts. Each suite had one full fledged bathroom and one WC. Again they had taken care of the contention between the room guests!

The Nespresso coffee machines and tea making facilities were of superior quality.

The highlight was the turndown service where, everyday there were chocolates of different flavors from Corinthia brand and they were no doubt super delicious.

The high quality bath products made us feel very good. One unique thing was a set of hair styling mouse and spray. Something we have not seen even in many of the luxury hotels.

Just when we thought we had seen the last word in luxury, we were taken on a tour of the Presidential Suite, which was all of 240 Sq Meters! There were rooms after rooms, with fully equipped private office, kitchen and bedrooms for the family members and a huge dining table.


The Brasserie and Atrium with its high vaulted ceiling serve traditional Hungarian and European dishes. The high ceiling gives the feeling of eating on the street while it actually protected you from the elements. There were a lot of vegetarian dishes too. Maybe they had prepared since we had informed them upfront. Bulgur with stuffed pepper and potatoes was something I really liked. The desserts menu was completely delectable with Lemony white chocolate, macrons and minted melon. The Brasseries also doubles up as the breakfast room. Every day there was a dish of the day and we did not have to repeat any dish for breakfast on every day of our stay there.

At Brasserie, Krisztina said, they change their short menu every month and the menu ideas are decided a year in advance. It is fine tuned based on availability of ingredients. If required they source the ingredients from other European countries too , subject to cost and logistic factors.

She was a information treasure about the restaurant. Our award for the best employee surely goes to Krisztina 🙂

When we first heard of the Rickshaw restaurant, we thought it would be Indian. Later in the evening when we actually went there to have our dinner we found it was a Chinese restaurant and one of the best Chinese in Budapest too. There were some vegetarian dishes too. The variety of dishes can be discerned by the size of the menu, a full 14 pages of it. 🙂

Like in Corinthia Prague, the Hotel Corinthia, Budapest also provided us access to the executive lounge located in the first floor overlooking the main street. When we were not roaming around the street of Budapest, one could find us here with a bottle of beer or coffee and some snacks. We could also catch with our work here using the comfortable chairs and tables and good quality WiFi.


Budapest is the wellness capital of Europe. It is only fitting that luxury wellness services being offered to the discerning clients. Right from 12 decades back, the pool consisted of steam baths using the healing water as was being used in all the thermal spas. This aspect has been carried forward after the renovation.

In addition there are several massage treatment starting with foot massage, back, neck, shoulder to full body treatment. Corinthia did not let us down at all. We were in a couple room and the masseuses were very well trained and ensured that our individual requests were also catered to. If you want to gift a spa treatment to your loved ones, you could buy the Royal Spa Gift Certificate.

We both selected our favorite aromatic massage. Once the treatment was over we were so relaxed that we had a simple dinner and retired to bed. We still have not figured if massage before dinner is the right time!

Banquets, Meetings and Events

Even during the days of aristocracy, the erstwhile Grand Hotel Royal was the talk of the town, with the Royal Ballroom being the venue for a Ball, Concerts or even movies. In fact Lumiere Brothers screened their Cinematographie first time in Hungary here in 1896. Movies slowly became popular and by 1916 this was converted to a 1000-seats cinema and named it Royal Apollo.

When here, we ended up imagining how a masquerade ball in the contemporary era would look like in this hall!
While the grand ballroom is in the main building, the state-of-the-art Valletta Exhibition Centre, is across the street joined by bridge that may be either used as a whole un-partitioned 740 SqMtrs or divided into 12 separate smaller halls.
Valetta Conference Halls 1 and 2 is similarly equipped and is located on either side of the Royal Ballroom. Add to that a couple of Board Rooms, you have upwards of a whopping 2500 SqMetres of events’ space.


The hotel Corinthia, Budapest is located in one of the busiest streets with access to public transport. The Circular tram number 4 and 6 is right in front and using that one could have access to most of historic and heritage sites.

It is also a walking distance from the House of Terror, Jewish District, Heroes Square and also famous Ruins Bars, which is a unique phenomenon in Budapest. No doubt we had chosen a perfect hotel to stay in.

Disclaimer: We stayed at the Hotel Corinthia, Budapest at their invitation but the opinions, as always, are own.

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29 thoughts on “Corinthia Hotel Budapest”

  1. Wow! That’s one luxury hotel! It’s so impressive! I love the details on the common areas. It’s like being transported to a time of royalty. And the room is in contrast to that: more modern. I also love the idea of the hotel being near the circular tram. Makes sightseeing more convenient!

  2. I love it when hotels serve these nicely packaged chocolates on your pillows 😀 I can’t believe the hotel was originally set up 12 decades ago, wow! It does look pretty awesome, and I love the swimming pool and wellness area. And it is perfect that the location is in the heart of the city.

  3. I love the architecture of Hotel Cotinthia! Inside it feels like lodging into a royal palace! Also the rooms look pretty big: how cool that they also had Nespresso coffee machines and gave you chocolates!!!

  4. This is one hotel you can call luxury in abode.

    Can’t believe the hotel was originally set up 12 decades ago, and they have tried to retain the same charm. Loved those royal steps going up.

    Your room looks very comfortable and spacious. I love when they give those little gifts at turndown time. 🙂
    Lovely review.

  5. I lost count of how many ‘wow’ I said while reading your review, lol! I think I passed by this hotel when I was exploring Budapest. But the interior are really grand beyond my imagination. It looks more like a palace than a hotel. So beautiful! The chocolates on turndown service is a sweet touch I’d really love too 😀

  6. Hotel Corinthia, Budapest looks incredible – the hotel group have done a spectacular job of restoring it to the former grandiose of the Grand Budapest hotel. And I love how they’ve combined modern luxury while keeping an air of traditional Hungarian design. The rooms look so spacious and I love the open floor plan. And it wouldn’t be a true luxury Budapest hotel without the baths! Thanks for the review 🙂

  7. What a fantastic location for a hotel – the trams being so close, making it easy to get in and out. I love the decor of the hotel. The way they have used the colors, especially for the coffee shop that you see from atop is amazing. I even liked the concept of chocolates (yummy). You have been lucky to stay here. Cheers

  8. I didn’t know that Corinthia Hotels started from Malta and expanded to Europe at a later stage. The hotel looks really amazing! The decoration is very beautiful and the packaging of the chocolates is really impressive. I’d love to stay there!

  9. What a stunning place to stay! It’s an interesting contrast of styles, the modern and traditional. Did you like the modern rooms or would you have preferred something a little more traditional?

    The pool looks stunning, and must have been wonderful with the gorgeous Budapest water.

    I can’t believe the details that they throw in, hair spray!? And those chocolates look to die for! Peach chocolates, who knew?

  10. I’d already heard a lot of things about this hotel but it’s excellent to see such a comprehensive review – I’d totally stay here. It’s rare to find city centre hotels with a pool, so that is an added bonus when you’ve been sightseeing all day. You’d be really in luxury here – chocolates on the pillow is a sign of a high class hotel!

  11. Wow Nisha…I am so fascinated that you actually stayed at the ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’! That would be quite a dream 🙂

    I love the old world charm as well as the very modern rooms – the juxtaposition is certainly interesting. The pool is my favorite…now I want to visit Budapest soon as well 🙂

  12. I just left Budapest a few days and loved it. I wished I stayed here now! I really like the look of the wellness centre, I love the sound of the massages. Budapest is somewhere I could happily stay for over a month. there is so much to see and do, don’t ya think?

  13. The Corinthia Hotel Budapest looks so beautiful. What I really liked is the fact that the hotel has a rich history and heritage but has been made up in the most modern and contemporary style. Loved the decor which is so elegant and the amenities are of course top class. Add to that the strategic location of the property. The place really rocks.

  14. Oh my this hotel looks stunning. 120 years of history yet the rooms look modern. Love it. I’d be definitely trying to pocket that silver silverware, tea pot, cups and saucers haha.
    Budapest is a fantastic city and I can’t wait to go back. I used to think it was underrated but I think it’s finally getting some recognition.

  15. What a cool hotel. I love how the lobby and the rooms are in completely different styles. So you get a taste of how it used to be, but your room is a bit more modern. How was the food?

  16. Hotel Corintha, Budapest just looks so beautiful. I love that the tram runs right in front of the hotel. I’m getting more and more obsessed with the location. Those chocolates are a great selling point too!

  17. Oh wow this hotel looks very up my street. Loving the pool, the ballroom and the grand staircase but better yet is the room. What great colours! I want to go!

  18. hey, this hotel is so amazing, i just looked each picture with a keen eye. I am in love with you guys. you have given me travelling goals. love love.

  19. Yup, I can defo see myself staying here. Looks so grand and classy. Loving the facade of the building. Would consider staying here if I get back to Budapest again.

  20. Uh wow, one would not expect as modern rooms in a majestic building such as this one. I am always one for well set contrasts and suprises. I miss the good old times when it was standard to have a chocolate on your pillow in a Hotel after a long day of sightseeng. That was one of the best part of travelling for me when I was little haha

  21. The building looks SO beautiful! And the inside, with the magnificent stairs, makes you feel like lodging in a castle! I’m so glad the Corinthia group decided to pick it up to bring it back as the Corinthia Budapest!

  22. You had me when I saw the grand staircase of Hotel Corinthia Budapest! How majestic. I absolutely love the layout of their rooms too. It would feel more like you have your own apartment rather than a hotel room, which I love when I travel.

  23. Budapest is such a beautiful city and it deserves a stay like the Corinthia Hotel. While everything about the hotel (location, food, decor, room etc) looks great, I love the turndown service that you mentioned. Being a chocoholic I would absolutely love getting chocolates of different flavors from every day.

  24. Wow! The Corinthia Hotel surely is an epitome of luxury and comfort. It is quite Royal. I liked the shades and contrasts of your room and the concept of daily chocolates is just awesome. Hair styling kit is something I have never seen in any of the hotels. Your pictures truly describe the essence of the place. Lovely

  25. Aren’t you fortunate to be able to experience the Corinthia Hotel — it is a truly beautiful place to stay. I adore the atrium and courtyard area, the beautiful swimming pool, the modern decor, and the gourmet chocolates they give you at turn-down!

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