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Glamping Experience at Big Berry

After finishing a particularly enjoyable week in Zagreb and nearby areas, we are at Zagreb Glavni kolodvor, the main station of Zagreb, Croatia and we are frantically trying to locate our ride to cross the border to Slovenia and reach the village of Primostek for our first glamping experience at Big Berry. Soon in the distance we see the distinctly recognizable smiling logo of Big Berry on a car.

Big Berry Mobile homes

After exchanging pleasantries with Richard one of the interns at Big Berry, we get in to the car. We are bit apprehensive as this was going to be our first border crossing by road of our #NiVaEuro trip.

Border crossing between Croatia and Slovenia

The border crossing involves crossing from the Non-Schengen Hrvatska (Croatia) to Slovenia, a Schengen country. I feel my pocket gently for the sheet of paper that has all the details of our travels in Schengen and Non-Schengen countries. A proof that we have still not used up our quota of 90 days in the Schengen region. We mentally remind ourselves that we must ask the officer to stamp our passport. This was basically the result of all the horror stories by road-trippers not ensuring an exit/entry stamp and finding themselves in the proverbial soup, juha in this case (Slovenian for Soup) Ha Ha Ha.

Border Control

The ride through the greenery is very refreshing and Richard says “wait till you reach Slovenia”. After a ride of an hour or so we arrive at the border. Each lane has two kiosks one for each of these countries. First, the Croatian officer collects all our three passports and returns Richard’s passport without stamping almost immediately. After what we thought was over 10 minutes we got our passports duly stamped and something similar happens in the Slovenian Kiosk too. Richard maintains that the whole process took just 5 minutes and we thought we were there for half-an-hour! Have you heard of theory relativity? This must be it.


Soon we have a spectacular view of Big Berry in the middle of living emerald. Such was the greenery! The boom barrier at the Big Berry resort rises as if by magic. I would like to think it was because of Nisha and me but of course it was Richards who sent an SMS to a particular number and the barrier opened. What a technology!

Big Berry Mobile Homes

Maria Stoyanova meets us at the driveway and bundles our stuff and us into a golf cart to take us to our cottage. We leave the gravel road and take a U-turn to the entrance of cottage and we notice a beautiful green river just a few meters from where we were standing. Wow! We can’t believe it! Just 90 minutes from the bustle of Zagreb, we are in one of the most beautiful locations in Slovenia and looking at Croatia on the opposite bank called Kupalište Jurovo (Jurovo beach), which was also equally beautiful.


This is the Kolpa River that demarcates the border between Slovenia and Croatia. This strip of about a kilometer river bank is owned by Big Berry! Kolpa River banks are a great way to spend time on both sides of the river. At this point, the river appeared to be less than 50 meters wide.

Maria leaves us to ourselves with a message that we should reach the dining area at 5PM for a surprise. We enter, what will be our home for next few days!


Even before we climb the couple of steps to the main door we are arrested by a unique sight. There is a temperature controlled Jacuzzi in the covered porch and folks at Big Berry had already switched it on so that we could jump into it right away if we felt like it. 🙂

out door Jacuzzi with a view!

With our heightened expectations we open the main door. There is a compact lounge with an L-shaped sofa but what is more interesting is a huge bright painting on the wall opposite the door. Oh! Wait a minute…! It is a picture window with a spectacular imagery of the fields of a Slovenian village.

Picture Window in the living room of each cottage

Welcome Goodies!

Surprises are coming in fast and thick now. A welcome wicker basket containing the finest organic produce from Bela Krajina region, is waiting for us on the table including a bottle of beer, Berryshka Blueberry liqueur, Zlati ghee, honey and other goodies. Slurrrp…

Each of these cottages are well furnished. From 100 cm LED TVs to integrated air conditioning and heating, are well thought through facilities. Our cottage could accommodate 4 people, with all amenities including running cold and hot water for shower with organic toiletries :). In the main bed room there is a cozy bedroom and in another corner of the cottage is a bunk bed for two. As we are glamping, these were luxuriously overboard. We always like to have extra beds to spread our stuff during packing and unpacking and this was going to be quite useful to us. After testing the mattress for comfort, I am in half mind to take a short nap when Nisha ‘Ahem’ed me and I get the message.

Floor map of 4 bed cottage

6 Bed Cottage at Big Berry

In short, this cottage has everything a family needs on a vacation. These cottages or houses are also called mobile homes. Not because they have wheels but I guess the whole cottage can be dis-assembled and moved and re-assembled as required.


Later in the afternoon we meet some of the finest human beings. The staff and the interns are actually having fun while managing and running this distinctive place. We also meet Katja Cernjak, another beautiful person and a great chef, one of the Slovenian Masterchef finalists. The surprise – She is going to cook for us all! News had already percolated about our likes and she is game!

Veggie stuff, pumpkin and potato mash with cooked buckwheat
A rich dessert made of Strawberry, yogurt, honey and nuts

This was the surprise element at 5PM. A selection of finest dishes curated by the Masterchef herself. Every ingredient passes her careful scrutiny and in no time she springs 4 hands is weaving magic at the cooking station. We try to help her with nicks and bits of work. I know my limitations and curl up in a corner with a glass of Metliška črnina, a type of local red wine. Apart from the curated menu, she produces a couple of vegetarian dishes for yours truly, too.

Dusan the Ghee-Man
yummmmmmyyyy, heavenly, Monica seems to say while polishing off Chcoloate Ghee.

Anja Rečnik the very knowledgeable, tells us about benefits of certain ingredients that had gone in especially about the ghee. Yes my Indian friends, Ghee! We also meet the ghee-man, Dušan M. Z. Badovinac, runs the company Zlati Ghee, in Bela Krajina that produces many different types of natural and flavored ghee. He also explains how the name Christ (the anointed one) may have come from Ghrita, the Sanskrit word for ghee. Whatever may be the truth, we found him very likable & interesting and he was a storehouse of information. Another surprise!


Dusan, the Ghee-man with his produce, explaining what is what, while we all look on.

Just then we are asked about our preferences for our breakfast. We indicate the same in a specially designed form.
Yet another surprise. (So many surprises that surprises were not surprising anymore!) Next day early in the morning, we open the door to go to the riverside, we see, on the table, a crate full of stuff we had ordered for breakfast including the ubiquitous Pogača, eggs, milk, fruits, Ghee, yogurt etc What an innovative way of delivering, without disturbing the guests.

Breakfast crate containing our DIY order

You make your breakfast when you want. No restriction, only freedom. We now know why Big Berry’s slogan is Luxury of Freedom! All products are locally sourced and completely organic. Wow. Talk of healthy living!


Once we are well fed, we take our positions in the lobby of the resort to catchup with some pending work. Later Ana Iskra ‘Spark’ and Maria discuss with us all the activities that could be done in Big Berry and the list was awesome.
The in-house activities includes BBQ, Canoeing, Swimming in the river, Beach Volley, outdoor fitness in the other end of the grounds, Yoga , walking or cycling in the neighborhood, lazing around on the sun-decks! And last but not the least Zen Shiatsu massage.


River flow is gentle when it is not raining and is great for canoeing


One could get a nice tan basking on the sundecks
A foggy day with very low visibility after a rainy night.
Fog over River Kolpa

It had been raining steadily whole of the previous night and that put paid to some of the activities we would have liked to do. The river turning green to brown because of muddy soil being flushed from the upper regions. It is September and the temperature is already turning down a few notches on the thermometer with winter just round the corner.
It is almost already time to leave Big Berry. On the morrow we leave for Ljubljana. There were good clear days and there were overcast and wet days in the last 5 days. In spite of the weather playing truant we had covered a lot of grounds.
We did a lot of walking around the neighborhood and Chante Brown cast her enchantment spell on us by performing Zen Shiatsu on us. The one hour specialized massage in the open that included consciously letting oneself go with the flow, was just amazing and refreshing. Later in the evening we saw her doing intricate moves with hula hoops.


Chante performing Shiatsu on us. I am asleep before she could say Zen…hahaha
Village just outside Big Berry


Rain could not stop us from doing a lot of visits to neighboring villages and meeting more awesome Bela Krajinians, if such a word exists. 🙂 We visited the museum, local guesthouses combined with restaurants, oil pressing factory for oil tasting session, local churches and attended a workshop and made Pogača and so on. We shall write about our tours and activities in another article.
All in all, our stay has been one of the most memorable and the best glamping experience so far. We thank the staff and the interns, who really seem to work 24X7 making guests feel at home.

Big Berry Info

  • There are 7 cottages and each of them can hold 2 to 6 guests, depending on the design format. There is also a 5 bunk bed for 10 guests in a dormitory style design.
  • All the houses face the river.
  • There is a parking lot for guest cars but guest’s car may be parked next to the cottage too.
  • Each guest will be provided three towels of various sizes.
  • Each cottage has a temperature controlled Jacuzzi facing the river.
  • The kitchen in each home is fully equipped including cooking facility, fridge, electric kettle, cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery etc.
FTV (Fashion TV) glasses are one of the partners of BB
  • A DIY breakfast basket of your choice of organic products reaches your table every morning.
  • The sofa can double up to sleep one or two persons should you ever need it.
  • Big Berry can also provide personalized and customized experience (even for honeymooners), should you want it that way. We were told, in summers it was fully occupied with families with kids.
  • LED TVs and cable connection for those TV devotees.
  • Each cottage measures 34 SqMetres.
  • Ideal place for corporate offsite programs.
  • Special tote bags are really useful in carrying stuff in and out of the cottage.
  • Many activities to choose from.
  • Big Berry sources its requirements from local partners and thereby providing a symbiotic effort to grow together.

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Big Berry

Disclaimer: We stayed at the Big Berry, Slovenia at their invitation but the opinions, as always, are own.


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66 thoughts on “Glamping Experience at Big Berry”

  1. I’ve never ever tried glamping but it seems so awesome, Vasu! If I ever decide to experience this, Big Berry will be the right place. Thanks for the detailed description and for bringing this place closer. 😉

    1. Once you try, we are pretty sure you’d love it. 🙂

      Big Berry are excellent in taking care of their customers so much that they even customize itinerary as per your taste.

  2. I think I need to try out some Glamping after reading your post. Fantastic description. As a UK passport holder, I remember doing the train border crossing from Pula in Croatia to Ljubljana in Slovenia. Like you, it felt like it took forever but I think I was getting hit on by the female Slovenian officer. I am sure she tried to ask me out for dinner!!! 😀 Happy memories from 2007.

    1. Ha Ha Danik,
      That was some memories down the lane. 😀 10 years!

      Glamping is fun to do with all the comforts plus all the adventure. I’m sure you’d love it.

  3. This really reminds me of going back to the family farm in Ohio. It’s so green and peaceful out there, and having a personal Jacuzzi would be super nice. I love how they partnered with the local businesses to have the best of the region brought into your personal retreat.

  4. what a great intro into Slovenia! Darcee would love this type of “Camping”! I already have it on my bucket list to visit Zagreb, Croatia but to easily cross over into Slovenia to experience Big Berry Camping and go unplugged in the middle of a trip sounds devine. Not to mention, it looks like there is plenty to do for those of us who are restless vacationers.
    That and the food looks off the hook! Definitely going to try glamping at Big Berry in Slovenia!

    1. Thanks Eric. Big Berry is so close to Zagreb that you could probably just squeeze in a couple of days from your Croatian holidays. I am sure you and Darcee would enjoy here.

  5. A jacuzzi on the porch, boating in that river, and Shiatsu, what a perfect combination for an amazing glamping experience! Your pictures look like they’re from fairytale land and I was not aware that a place like this is located so close to Zagreb. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. Discovering Desi Ghee in Slovenia sounds like fun and I have never heard this Ghrita and Christ story. I would love to stay in a place that worships Desi Ghee – I can have any amount of ghee without any guilt.

    Cottages sound very compact but complete in themselves. What luxury to stay next to a river.

    1. Thanks Anu. We got bowled over when they mentioned Ghee. We were like “Ghee”? here? maybe it is something else… 🙂 The different flavored Ghee actually enhanced the flavor a lot.

  7. Such an experience you guys had, first with the border crossing, and then staying at the ultra modern luxurious Big Berry. Having a heated Jacuzzi in the room, is still something that I have yet to enjoy. The cottages surrounded by greenery, appear straight out of a post card.

  8. This is so nice! Enjoying the outdoors without sacrificing the comforts that you’re used to. Nice, neat space you got! I’d love to do this with my family.

  9. Glamping looks like something I would love and I remember being invited by Big Berry quite some time ago but did not have any plans to be around Croatia at the time. Your post is excellent. Glad to see exactly how things look and they look far better than I expected. Nice trip!

    1. Thanks Melody. I am sure you will enjoy every bit of it, should you ever decide to go to Big Berry. Not only the place, even the people and the interns are very nice and enthusiastic to make our stay great.

  10. I have always fancied glamping and Slovenia looks like a great place to do it. I like how food is delivered and you can make it when you like, such a nice touch. The cottage looks nice, clean and modern.

    1. Thanks Lucy. Big Berry takes care of all these small creature comforts to make your stay enjoyable. The cottage, while not as big as a hotel , is completely self sufficient.

  11. Luxury in the wild! A lovely experience indeed. The mobile home looks lovely with all the convenience of a contemporary stay. However, the thing that bowled me over is Shiatsu in the nature. I would love to experience that.

  12. Christ and Ghrita… I am like OMG! Sanskrit is the mother of all languages!
    I liked the Shiatsu part too. And DIY breakfast concept is new to me. Over all an enjoyable experience no doubt.

    1. It makes a great story isn’t it, Indrani? We all travel for stories such as these and more , don’t we? Thanks and good luck to you, so that you travel to Big Berry too. 🙂 🙂

  13. This is crazy! I was just looking for a place to go glamping in Slovenia this year, and yours looks literally perfect. That’s actually how I want my dream home to look like. I can’t believe you ever found a massage there. I think it’s safe to say I’m going to be following in your footsteps this year!

  14. Awesome pics, this all sounds like a very cool experience. The crate full of stuff for breakfast that is delivered sounds so whimsical, and yummy.

  15. What a great place to recharge your batteries! I love the temperature-controlled jacuzzi. What a nice touch. The food and cottage look great, but even better is the slower-pace of life that comes through in your photos. Lazing away just outside the cabin or even getting active in a canoe/kayak sounds amazing.

    1. I like the way you say “recharge your batteries”. Because that’s exactly what the place did to us. Rejuvenated and re-energized us to let us continue with our long European tour. Thanks Jackie. 🙂

  16. Would I be considered any less of a man if I said that I love glamping? I’m a little confused about the Schengen and Non-Schengen thing. But put me in a room with LED TVs,air conditioning and heating and I can stay out in the woods for weeks 😉

    1. Not at all, Christopher! <>. It is just that Schengen allows us 90 days travel in a block of 180 days. So to travel for more days in Europe, we need to mix it up with non-schengen European countries.

  17. The accommodations at Big Berry look really nice and well planned. I think its great that they use only locally sourced and organic products. That basket full of goodies in the morning looked so delicious!

  18. This is definitely the fanciest glamping I’ve ever seen! It’s more like a little cottage for sure. I’ve done glamping before but it never came with a kitchen or anything – just an outdoor shower but indoor plumbing thankfully. This is super ‘glam’ and I’d opt to do this over camping any day 😉

  19. I heard a lot about Big Berry last year – glamping seems to have become a trend which has just exploded! Slovenia is so green! What a beautiful retreat – I love that the staff had already switched your Jacuzzi on for you ahead of arrival – that’s such a kind thought! The cottages look amazing, I love that they’re so modern and self contained. Those strawberry champagne class desserts look AMAZING! With the accom, food and activities, it sounds like you had a fabulous time! Glad you didn’t let the rain ruin your experiences 🙂

  20. I’ve never ever tried glamping but these cool pictures made me think I have to try it as soon as possible. Canoeing, outdoor shiatsu, jacuzzi, organic food … it’s semms to me that Big Berry is like the heaven !!! Thank you for sharing.

  21. Great, that place is looking so awesome and its things are really great to enjoy. I really love to plan a holiday here and wants to spent some days here. Great photos you shared of that beautiful place.

  22. This is such an amazing experience. I thought with all the travelling you both do, border crossings would be a smooth breeze by now 😛
    And glamping is a new word added to my dictionary now 😀

  23. This looks adorable! A glamping trip is still on my list and now that I am back in Europe after many years outside of Europe maybe I should try Big Berry later this year 🙂

  24. I stayed here a couple of years ago now and it was such a cool experience. I really love how you can swim to Croatia and the kayaking was awesome too. My favourite part was the breakfast in the basket. The bread was so amazing!

  25. I love glamping. You’ve got my attention! I’ve done it in Africa and Australia but would have never thought of glamping in Zagreb. The food looks great and the countryside looks really pretty.

  26. This looks like a great place to camp without the hassle. Those mobile home units look amazing, and I LOVE those little baskets with the food and drink in them. What a great experience!

  27. Slovenia looks amazing! It has been on my list of places to travel for quite a while. Big Berry looks nice and I would love to soak in that outdoor Jacuzzi. I also think it’s really sweet that you got a little pack of welcome goodies, it’s the little details like that which really make the difference and make your stay special.

  28. We tried “glamping” in Patagonia for a night and enjoyed it but it was nothing like this. I really love that they are providing locally sourced products. Cooking them at your leisure is icing on the cake.

  29. We’re very interested in trying Glamping! And we haven’t been in Croatia forever, maybe you just gave us the best idea! I also love that there’s a temperature controlled Jacuzzi in the covered porch, oh gosh that sounds heavenly!

  30. The glamping at Big Berry looks pretty nice especially with your own Jacuzzi facing the river. We went Glamping last June in Wales but unfortunately, we had mist and fog. like in your picture but it lasted 3 days!

  31. Big Berry sounds like haven! Not only the outside looks fantastic, as the cottage seems excellent. Also, the staff sounds really friendly and attentive to your every need. Wouldn’t mind spending some days there.

  32. Lately I have seen a lot of buzz around Big berry and Glamping. Slovenia is also getting a lot of attention specially from this part of world. Big Berry is so green and looks like another heavenly set up from Europe. Everything about this place looks perfect be it nature, rooms, cottages , people, outdoor activities, and food and of course your incredible shots. Loved to see our Ghee making ways there too.

  33. I havent been to Slovenia yet, but nature looks so lush. Must be an amazing place to camp. So good you included the detailed information and illustration of the cottage. I would love to do this kind of travelling. Looks so much more relaxing and not being surrounded by other stressful tourists xD

  34. Wow this place looks amazing!! It sounds like they took such good care of you, and details like the welcome basket are not necessary but they make such a difference in making you feel welcome and at home. I would love to try some Berryshka Blueberry liqueur!! The breakfast basket looks yummy too, and having a proper chef prepare everything for you personally is amazing! Seriously need to visit Big Berry!!

  35. I think I need to try out some Glamping after reading your post. Fantastic description.That was some memories down the lane. 😀 10 years! Also, the staff sounds really friendly and attentive to your every need. Wouldn’t mind spending some days there.

  36. I’ve never done glamping Nisha and I am certainly missing out on something…loved that outdoor Jacuzzi 🙂

    I’ve never traveled by road between Shenzhen and non-Shenzhen countries, and I guess it’s good to know the basic rules. Also thanks for the reminder on getting the passport stamped 🙂

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