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All Green in Mahabaleshwar

All Green in Mahabaleshwar

Last weekend of July, people around me were planning a visit to Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani, small hill stations amidst the heights of the Sahyadris mountains, about 120 km south of Pune. Fortunately I was able to plan my time so that I can travel with them. Though I had been to both these places three years back during summer, I wanted to see how different it looks in monsoon. The photos in my last post are from the same trip.

Situated at a height of 1372 m, Mahabaleshwar is one of the most popular and picturesque hill resorts in Maharashtra. The magnificent hill resort is a paradise of the tourists and honeymooners; also famous for weekend getaway. Mahableshwar has the highest rainfall in monsoon in Maharashtra. It was the summer capital of Bombay province during the British era.

Traveling in a big group has its own advantages & disadvantages. First was the hotel booking. During monsoon season, many of good hotels close down for various reasons. So, we zeroed down to MTDC. There, all the family suites & family rooms were already booked (I wonder why then some private hotels close), hence had to settle for cottage rooms. Each room had occupancy for 3 persons plus a guest at extra charge. We booked 3 such rooms at Rs 900/- per room per day. It was at 50% discount because of something called Monsoon Dhmaaka discount ! That was quite a bargain. This is how the mornings were inside the MTDC hotel complex.

He is Kamble, standing in front of the MTDC office. All in one, very helpful and punctual person.

And below is MTDC hotel complex, it becomes extremely foggy during monsoon and winters. More on this later.

Next was mode of transport. Since most of us wanted to be together, specially the kids (all between 12 to 16 years), the best option was to go for a Volvo bus. We did try for a mini bus all to ourselves but couldn’t succeed. The one way Volvo fare to Mahabaleshwar is Rs 400/- per person. The nine hour bus journey was quite comfortable with an hour break in between. AC Volvo buses are known for their comfortable airplane like seats and latest movies. 🙂 Friday night at 10 we left and reached there on Saturday morning by 7 AM. By the time we took cabs to the hotel & formally checked in, it was 8 AM. From market to hotels (within 2 KMs) is flat rate of Rs 40/- per taxi. It was drizzling throughout the journey.

By the time we all freshened up, had breakfast and negotiated the taxis to take us to various points Mahabaleshwar is famous for, it was well above 11. The deal struck for Rs 1200/- per taxi to show us two temples, three points and Pratapgarh Fort on day one and take us to Panchgani & back on day two. Quite reasonable, I must say. If you don’t have your own vehicle, hired taxis are the best option.

Mahabaleshwar’s famous “points” offer breathtaking views of valleys that are full of evergreen forests and lush undergrowth. Springs and water falls abound in the area offer lovely picnic spots. Many of these points have good motorable roads. A drive around Mahabaleshwar, the winding rides through thick foliage are an experience & most pleasant. One can also see the generously sized bungalows of another age. However, the landscape is fast changing with modern architecture.

If one really wants to enjoy nature in all its placid glory, it is a must for every visitor to take leisurely walks along these paths.

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20 thoughts on “All Green in Mahabaleshwar”

  1. Fleiger,
    Yeah, after going there I realized it. 🙂

    Yes, we went to Pratapgadh also but it was pouring not raining so could not take out my camera. 🙁
    But I have some pictures of the fort from my previous trip.

  2. Amit,
    Which waterfall are you talking about ? There are three.
    Two in this post and one in previous but I guess you are saying about the one where we can see people enjoying the waters. Am I right ?

    BTW, your profile is not available and since I have 3 Amits coming to my blog, I don’t know whether you are one of them or a 4th one.
    How do you expect me to visit your site ? 🙂

  3. Cabacurl,
    Where are the pools to swim ? It was a roadside waterfall. Took the picture from the vehicle since it was raining heavily.

  4. Prashanth,
    The last pictures of both the posts are of the same waterfall. Where we had gone was above the hill.
    For going down to the falls you’ll have to take another route & reach through the village down. It is somewhat difficult I guess.

    Anyways, there are innumerable no. of waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar during the monsoon season. You won’t have time to visit all. 🙂

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    इस चिट्ठे के चित्र सुन्दर हैं। इसमें टिप्पणियों की संख्या देख जान में जान आयी 🙂

  7. Sounds like quite a satisfactory trip overall, with good accomodation and decent prices.
    But what am I hearing about AC volvo buses being “known” for “latest” movies? Didn’t I tell you about that fabulous “jani dost” [starring dharmendra, jeetendra, sridevi et al] I was forced to see twice on my Dharamsala trip? 😉

  8. I am planning to go to M’war in April. Would like to take the volvo bus there, through which agent did you book it? i live in mumbai.

  9. Sigma,
    In Maharashtra they mostly show the latest movies, it is another thing that we end up watching the same on to & fro journey since each individual bus own a set of CDs. 😉

    Yes, it is. Thank you.

    Welcome to my blog. Sorry for replying late, I am in the middle of my travel. April would be very dry & hot but each season has its own charm. 🙂

    You can book with any good agent but ask for Nita Volvo or genuine Volvo bus. Many times they charge for Volvo but make you sit in an ordinary bus with ‘Volvo’ painted on it. 🙂
    I had booked thru Ratna travels.

    Thanks for your visit, keep coming.

  10. i am from pakistan , for my honyMoon i went to Mahableshwar , it was awesome,, i had a great time ,, saw alot of diffrent placess,, cant wait to go again with ma kids now ,,

  11. Hey guys Sona here from Mumbai , awsum pics in this site might be the destination itself is awsum. I am so happy i am going to Mahabaleshwar with group of my friends on this 29th Sep for the 1st time and i got best deal for the same would like to share wid u oll . For 03 Nights / 04 Days all meal all sightseeings in car and private bus from Mumbai to and fro i got for INR 2,800 /- ONLY, per person total package and even Mapro visit is included . I am so Excited !!!!!!!

    Guys I am off to enjoy … hope you to are enjoyiing your monsoon….

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