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Amsterdam – Keukenhof Garden

This post is about traveling in past. Had heard about Amsterdam Keukenhof Garden and had seen it on screen. Remember Silsila ? “Dekha Ek Khwab to Ye Silsile Hue”. Yes, this is THE place. I always wanted to live the ecstasy and when I felt I had a chance, converted it in reality.

Public can not enter these fields. There is a railing along the pathway.

Lisse. It is an hour’s drive from Amsterdam city in the Netherlands. When I entered the garden I couldn’t believe my eyes – such an abundant beauty in a small place in the country side !! Tulip bulbs were everywhere and such a stylistic work of vibrant colors – Red, yellow, violet, white, pink and just about any shade you can ever imagine.

I think I’ll speak very little this time, let the pictures speak. I have 200+ of them clicked with analogue camera & only a few with digicam. Time again to travel & I know once again my analogue camera will speak more than my digicam. They are my treasures which I show to others.

This garden is maintained by the major tulip exporters of Netherlands. There are many pavilions of these exporters to show off their other flowers as well. It is open only in April and May and gets nearly 2 million visitor in two months. Isn’t it amazing ??

Just take a look at the images. Such a breathtaking as well as refreshing garden.

Now the history. In 1949, a group of Dutch bulb growers planned to create an open-air flower exhibition. It was to remain as a permanent showcase for the bulb and flower industry in Netherlands. Now, after so many years, this flower show called Keukenhof, is spread over 80 acres and 90 bulb producers and 6 million tulips, narcissi, daffodils, and hyacinths as well as ancient trees, flowering shrubs, ponds and fountains are part of it.

The park is breathtaking ! Even the person who has little or no interest in flowers will be amazed at the range of colors, fragrances, sizes, and sheer beauty of the millions of flowers.

Netherlands exports more than two and a half billion tulip bulbs throughout the world annually.

Note:- All the pictures displayed here are from analogue camera, so quality of photos has suffered a lot.

29 thoughts on “Amsterdam – Keukenhof Garden”

  1. Now to comments…lol…..I feel that you have come of age with this post…One word – Brilliant!!

    I am glad you wanted to visit this place and you turned into reality…and for many more people who get the chance to see this through your eyes….!Agree that scene from “Silsila” has left indelible mark on many Indians.

    My fav ones start from 2nd pic/ 3rd pic….they show the backdrop ( was that duck in the background…i see 2 birdie)the close up ….and yeah that hybrid color one (crazy florals)!!

    Nothing beats still …somehow your efforts and then anticipation of the result…its worth it!!
    Thanks for sharing such beauties…!
    Tk care ~

    ps – can we request more….since you mentioned 200+…??

  2. more more more! Looking at these pictures made me feel funny… I will try to go to the Ottawa Tulip festival. btw, wonder whats the tulip:people ratio is in Netherlands… 100:1 ??
    I didn’t see a real tulip flower until 4 months back, and man! they are so awesome 🙂

  3. BTR,
    Thank you. This is one of the places that have etched in my memory for lifetime. It is just impossible to capture the beauty in pictures or in words.
    Yeah, those were ducks !!

    Hmmm… more photos ? I thought no one would be interested in more than what I uploaded. Lolz.
    Give me some time. I’ll definitely do it. It is a pain to get the photos scanned. 🙂

  4. Priyank,
    Welcome aboard !!
    Thank you. Oh please visit the festival. I bet it’ll linger on for lifetime. This is one of the places that have etched in my memory forever.

    Hmmm… more photos for you as well ? Give me some time. I’ll definitely do it.
    Yeah, roses are roses and have a different place but besides that I fell in love with Tulips the day I saw them. 🙂

    Ha Ha… Never tried to find out what would be the ratio. I was too mesmerized. 😉

  5. Wow, looks really nice! Is tulip and/or flowers a major export of Netherlands? Is the climate and landscape perfect to grow these exotic tulip bulbs as compared to other cities of the world?

    Somehow it reminds me of the situation when I walking along the Hawaiian sand… the locals told me that the sand there was imported all from Australia. Every year the sand would wash back to the shores of Australia. Australians would then make a huge amount of income by shipping sand out only to find it wash back to its’ shores.

  6. Hi,
    read your blog and saw the pictures and remembered my trip to this garden back in April 1993. 8th April to be precise. I remember it (the whole day spent there in 8 deg C) so well even now.
    I cud only say “agar dharti pe swarg kahin hai, to vo yahin hai, yahin hai, yahin hai!”
    I liked the place soooo much that was telling people at home ki kaash mujhe vahan gardener ki hi naukri mil jaaye to badhiya- itni sundar jagah me rehne ko milega! ha ha

    and… didn’t you see Prem Rog? It was there too.

  7. Wow, Beautiful. This is the field I’ve never managed to see in April/May… I’ve some tulip pics of St. James Park, London, but nothing compared…
    I’ve post some from Algarve already: 48th post of the last 50 list (Difficult to find better), and under the label Balaia…

  8. Awesome pictures, nicely captured. Specially the first 3 are wonderful. I have not been to this Tulip Garden, because I visited Amsterdam on August, it was end of season and as you mentioned that this garden is open for only few months of the year (April – May).

  9. Loved the pics…..ecspecially the one with red flowers and yellow at the center. 5th pic i guess…..When i came to your blog first and read abt swiz…this place was the first thing that came to mind….i was hoping to find a post on this place somewhere. Well the songs from silsila and other movies have made this place really memorable.

  10. Edmund,
    Oh yes, Tulips are major export of Netherlands.

    Hawaiian sand… Hmm.. that was an interesting info. 😉 Why don’t we learn something from like that?

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for liking the pictures and the post. Oh yes, I completely agree with you. Ha Ha at your innocent choice of job, I would have done the same. 😉

    Thanks for dropping by. Keep coming.

  11. Gil,
    Thanks for liking the pictures. Thanks for the link as well. And you know I am going to check it. 🙂

    Oh thanks Pijush. They must be good if they pass the test of your eyes. 🙂

    Yeah, if you happen to be there in that season, make it a point to visit it. I bet, you won’t regret it.

  12. Ajeya,
    Oh Thanks for liking the pictures. The one you chose is very beautiful in my album. This is the scanned picture, not that brilliant. Somehow for these shots I still love to go ‘still’. They are lifetime memories for me.

    Keep coming and you’ll get many more surprises. 😉 I am lazy in posting, still trying to balance between work, travel, 2 regular blogs & scanning the pictures (the most hated task at present). 🙂

  13. Hey lovely pictures – and lucky you that you could visit the place! I loved the 3rd picture with red tulips besides the lake ! / river! Super!

  14. amazing pics!!!
    Just hit ur blog few moments ago & ….wow!! really lovely n rare flowers …..

    As an ardent flower-lover these pics r really breath-taking 4 me;don know what i’ll feel if ever able to visit these gardens…
    Keep posting more n more such wonderful pics…


  15. wowwww @ first picture .. a red pattern field .. must be a beautiful sight, as it sure looks pretty in the picture. Hmm @ Amsterdam, ya I might go there for a company meeting.

  16. From the pictures and the description, I can imagine that the beauty of the place would be breathtaking indeed. And your pictures do the talking wonderfully. 🙂
    My favorite is the one with pink flowers with the lake in the background 🙂

  17. Thanks a ton for drawing my attention to this beautiful pictured article of yours 🙂
    I wrote about Keukenhof, but I didn’t visit it, so gave a link to this beautiful article for anyone interested to know more about it.

  18. Hi Nisha thanks for visiting my blog and for following. Just followed you back.I’ve been here once but with my two young kids running around no chance of me taking year i’ll go back and will take lots of photos!

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