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Delhi 101 – A review

Delhi 101 – A review
This book was sent to me sometime back by a blogger friend Ajay Jain for a review. I have been following all his travel stories since quite some years now when he had not written so many books. 🙂

In this book, Ajay writes about Delhi, his hometown, a city that he grew up in and continues to live. Having associated with Delhi myself, I wanted to know about the city through somebody else’s eyes.

Is it different from what I know of Delhi? Is it a one point reference book? Is it a detailed guide?
Well, no! None of them. But you’ll still find it a mix of these and interesting enough to browse through. I agree with the author that one can never write a complete book on Delhi; it has so many ever growing dimensions and layers laced with history that it is impossible to write about them in one single book.

So, here’s a book that takes us through off the beaten track of Delhi. You know it is unusual when of all the places like Red Fort or Qutub Minar, the book starts with Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque which at least I had never heard about!

The author with his excellent photos takes us to a Delhi which might have eluded you even if you claim to be a local here. Delhi with its vibrant colors and moods has been a traveler’s delight. Ask the historian William Dalrymple and you’ll get an answer.

As a traveller the author tries to satiate your inquisitive mind with a local flavour. His research and his deep affection has appealed me. If you think this book is about 101 places, you are wrong. He shows you 101 ways to explore or discover Delhi, some of them might surprise and amuse you. One such example is Ramleela which I have watched many times during my childhood but never thought it could become a part of 101 things about Delhi!

Ajay tells you the short stories accompanied with apt photos from across the city. I quite liked the witty & humorous language used in the book. The suggestions come from author’s own experience and you can trust him.
The book can be used by both locals & visitors of Delhi to explore the city. I have lived in Delhi for years but when I read this book, I knew I have lots more places to visit even now.

Like any place, Delhi is also evaluating itself everyday. And as I always say, for me no place is considered as done. I am sure Ajay will come up with a new #101 places after sometime as its sequel. So if you want to go off the beaten path next time you are in Delhi, carry it with you.

However, what I would like to see in the book is a Metro map or the nearest station to a particular place mentioned. It’ll be quite helpful to the people who are seriously interested in these places.

In the end as I always mention about a book on its physical appearance, the paper and print quality is excellent with an apt cover page showcasing some of the best images of Delhi.

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