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Flying business class with Etihad Airways

Flying business class with Etihad Airways

“We’ll arrange for a pick up & drop for you, madam.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Little had I realized it would be a black Limousine waiting for me at the door. That’s how I remember my first flight to Abu Dhabi by Etihad Airways.

From Mumbai to Abu Dhabi, it wasn’t a long flight but I got a chance to experience the business class of the airlines. I had flown business class on earlier occasions too with different airlines, so it would not be less human if I made some comparison among them.

Here is how they spoilt me:

At the airport: On reaching the airport, I was treated like a princess. Priority check-in, business lounge, priority boarding and what not. They pampered me no end.

In-flight Service: This is an area where Etihad Airways excels. The service is attentive, assuring and cooperative. The moment I entered the aircraft, an air hostess led me to my seat, made me comfortable, adjusted the seat to my liking, explained their services and offered me a choice of magazines to read. Most of them speak a number of languages. I wish I knew a few more to converse with them.

Food & Drink: The first thing I was offered was some Hors d’oeuvre along with a fruit juice of my choice. Not a canned one but freshly squeezed on board. The food choice is comprehensive. All-day menu offers light snacks but the most enticing options are on the a la carte menu, which features Middle Eastern and international dishes. The Arabic mezze was excellent and so was the dessert. On long flights passengers have the option to eat whenever they like to. I think I give a thumbs up to this facility.
There were variety of wines including Champagne and other alcoholic drinks available, not to mention plentiful of tea, coffee and rest of the non-alcoholic drinks. The aroma of fresh bread increased my hunger manifolds.

Entertainment: An 18” TV screen welcomes you to watch films of innumerable genres, periods, and countries of origin. Besides, television shows, music albums and games to entertain.

Interiors: This was one of the most sophisticated arrangement in business class, I had ever experienced. There’s plenty of place to keep your things. A tray table that doubles up as a working table. Also there are USB ports, mains sockets for UK, US and EU plugs and Wi-Fi if you are in a mood to work. Though I could not use but the bed is fully flat with a side pocket to keep your amenity kit; a control panel to adjust the seat position and built-in massager (wow!). A USB port for easy charging of your smartphone, plus connectors allowing you to output your own device to the aircraft’s entertainment system.

Abu Dhabi from above and the ATC building.

While returning, a complimentary chauffeur service ended my glamorous, luxurious and enjoyable Journey.

Have you flown a business class? How was your experience?

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61 thoughts on “Flying business class with Etihad Airways”

  1. I flew Ethihad to UK from Bangalore. The layover was smooth and service excellent. I would not mind traveling with them again and maybe, if they upgrade me, then a business class 😉

    1. Ha Ha yes, business class. 😀

      Recently someone was complaining about the airlines and its rude staff. But I found their service quite good, both on & off the ground.

  2. Hi, Recently travelled Business Class by two different airlines to two different destinations within just a few days of each other. First it was Cathey Pacific Dubai to Hong Kong and second Emirates Dubai to Abuja (Nigeria). And my vote goes to Cathey….their seat configuration giving complete privacy and ample space, their attention to details keeping several goodies, their quality of service with a smile…available to you immediately….and off course their Bloody Marry… mixed to perfection 🙂
    Emirates on the other hand had all but gives you an impression that oh its just routine and oh you are just another passenger. It is the difference between warmth and oh so cold.

    1. I agree. Cathay is one of my favourites also on that route. Very caring and sensible staff and they care of everything.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences, appreciated. 🙂

  3. Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay

    Wow. That was quite the experience! Personally I’ve never traveled in anything higher than Indigo economy .. but someday hopefully 🙂

  4. Ethihad Airways is too comfy and their services are splendid. Travelling to and fro in many airways, this one is the best I had. Emirates is underrated compared to Ethihad anytime.

  5. Had same experience on a jet airways 1hr long flight. A personal window, fresh fruit juice, Indian non/ veg dishes on board.. To be frank those 60 minutes were the best time I had in my life, that too via upgrade.. ☺

  6. I would LOVE to experience business class one day – especially Etihad’s – they’re so famous for it. A friend works for them, preparing and planning the menu for business class and all I keep hearing is how fabulous it is in there lol…. #goals

  7. Wow this sounds amazing, I’ve never flown business class before, but I’ve heard Ethiad is famous for it; and it’s so amazing that the experience starts before you actually arrive – love the limousine service – nice touch!

  8. What a great experience – I’d love to travel Business Class – but I don’t think I could ever part with the money when I know I could spend it on the destination. I can keep dreaming though – and living vicariously through your experience 😉

  9. Looks lovely! I love the stewardess uniforms, the scarf looks so elegant. Singapore Airlines has a great business class too, I particularly love their selection of movies.

  10. So cool! I would love to fly business class once, just to see what all the fuss is about! But Etihad sure did a great job pampering you! How can you ever go back to flying economy;-)

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