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5 Must see things in Singapore

5 Must see things in Singapore

Most places we visit have so many things to offer to us, it is quite difficult to identify a few places that would be of interest. On the other sometimes we have very little time on our hands that we would like to visit those few places quickly and prevent an embarrassment back home when someone asks what did you see or do.

In Singapore I recommend the following 5 places which is a must do / see according to me.

Jurong bird park

This bird park is a free flight bird park where one can interact with many birds without a barrier. They claim this to be the largest such park. I can say that it is one awesome experience. There are thousands of species of birds and several bird shows as well. Keep at least half a day for this. If you are also interested in Animals you can get a combined ticket for Night Safari (Nocturnal Zoo) & Bird Park to get some discount.

Walk on the Changi Board walk

This is my favorite. Early morning is the time to visit the place. Let me warn you that there is nothing to here except walk. Singapore Tourism has developed a few kilometers of boardwalk along the Changi sea. It is invigorating to be here at that time and savour the beautiful sunrise and look at the huge aircrafts as they dive close overhead into the airport.

Little India and Anand Bhavan or Komala Vilas

Another of my favorite. During the last visit, I found it has become a lot more cleaner. All things Indian is this place. You may want to grab a snack at the Komala Vilas, which boasts of being the oldest or maybe the newer Anada Bhavan off Mustafa.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

I contemplated a lot while including it into this list, then decided yes it is worth a visit. On a clear day the view of Singapore from atop here is spectacular and not to forget the loooooonng Swimming pool. Twice a day they conduct a tour through the pool areas. It is a must that you take one of these free tours. Otherwise the view of the “infinite” pool is not so good.

Raffles / Fullerton / Merlion / Marina Bay at night

If you had only one day where in the morning you had to attend to business, then this is certainly the place you may want to visit. If you study the Singapore map, most happening places are towards the south which can be covered in one go. The walk along the river, a quick salute to Mr Raffles who stands there a mute spectator now-a-days, crossing over to the bay area to see Singapore’s mascot, the Merlion. Then comes the light and sound show at 8:00pm projected on, no jokes, the Marina bay Sands Hotel. The laser show is worth every penny (!) Ha Ha it is free, I should say worth every second you spend there.
Of course once tired, select a restaurant at Clarke Quay to unwind till late into the night or morning too.

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29 thoughts on “5 Must see things in Singapore”

  1. Hmmm… interesting. My dream is to work/live in Singapore but it doesn’t appeal to me as a tourist! hehe
    Singapore is an excellent base to explore other SE Asian countries.

  2. Marina bay sands is getting expensive day by day. Last July its rents were SGD 249 onwards per day, now it is 339+

    Gardens by the Bay, Labrador Nature Reserve are other places I would recommend…

  3. Shrinidhi,
    Good tourist business I can say. 🙂

    Yeah, those were on my mind but wanted to write only 5 so that I can write one more post later. 😛

  4. It is always good to see people from other country talking about Singapore.

    @Vishal Rathod: Singapore is not a Concrete Jungle. Its a garden city. You have to see it yourself to have a feel of how beautiful Singapore is. 🙂

    @Marysia: Yes! Please come. Singapore is a very friendly country and we always welcome visitor. 🙂

  5. I was FLOORED by Marina Bay Sands. During my time in Singapore, I realised that it is easy to fall in love with the country without getting overwhelmed. Though Marina Bay Sands will always remain an exception 😀

  6. Hey Nisha, I think you have mention most of the places to visit in singapore but for the readers i must like to address that Singapore name seems to be a visiting place, but when you stay there for approx. 1 month you come to know the real religious place is Singapore in Asia.

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