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Mask from Malacca

Before we even realize, it’s another month and time for another souvenir from my treasure box ! 😀

If you were to see souvenirs at my place, you’d find different cultures from different countries, showcased around in abundance, collected over past many many years. They vary in size, shape, color and texture. They speak of different stories and histories. And sometimes they remind me of the moment when they were bought !

For this month, what better than to show you something from Malaysia since I am sitting here in this country.

A wooden mask with two birds on forehead.

When I was in Malacca last time, I saw some souvenir shops which were selling only wooden masks. They were in different shapes and sizes. Some, which I liked, looked like African masks with elongated faces. Agreed, this one also has.

I wanted to gift a pair of them to one of our friends, so i was looking for a set of two. When I told about it to the lady in the shop, she showed me a mask with two lizards on its forehead!
Of all the things lizards ! She said they make a good omen for couples. Well, I did not want to agree.

So I looked for a set of two but every single mask was different from the other. She told me I can not get two matching pieces. In the end, I selected one which had a loving “couple” on its forehead. 😀

The side pose ! 😛

It is a mask made of black wood. The triangles that you see around the red color on forehead and on the cheeks, nose are made of mother of pearl. It’s a lovely piece which now adorns the wall of my living room.

No, I could not afford to part with it. 😀

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