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Pure and Pristine Mauritius in Pictures

I wonder what I like more about Mauritius. Is it the blue waters or is it the blue sky with white fluffy clouds?
Is it the cloud kissing mountains or the pristine white sands on a beach ? Do I prefer the markets and the malls more or is the vast expanse of sugarcane fields that interests me? The similarity in cultures or the variety of adventure activities?

Mauritius is that one country you can immediately fall in love with, even before landing.

Here is a photo feature of this beautiful country to show you a glimpse.

Bouquet d’Annee, that’s what they call it in Mauritius. In India it is known as Gulmohar. You’ll find roads lined up with these trees and when you walk on those red carpets, you feel like walking in heaven. The blooming season of this strikingly beautiful flowering tree is November- December.

Do you know this picture of these two white cottages surrounded by blue color adorns a full wall of the lobby of Tourism office in Mauritius ? 😀

Beaches, beaches and some more beaches. You can spend an entire lifetime admiring them.

And the adventurous water sports. Plenty of options, this is just one photo! 🙂

A wide range of Flora & Fauna in Mauritius. A fresh Water lily greets you.

Interested in wildlife? Mauritius has amazing treasure of animals and birds.

The black beauty!

Who’ll not go in after seeing such a delightful welcome? This sign board is kept in front of the Mauritius Postal Museum. Not new, it was there three years back also. 🙂

Harbour at Port Louis where ships from other countries anchor.

Would you not want to spend your day here in Le Caudan Waterfront admiring those colorful umbrellas besides shopping and exploring the restaurants ?

Enthralling, energetic and catchy dances ….

… and beautiful dancers!

A variety of delicious food to die for.

Mauritius – It’s an absolute pleasure! 😀

And a gorgeous Sunset to end your day.

Here are some more photos of Mauritius.

So what do you want to do first after landing in Mauritius? 😀

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30 thoughts on “Pure and Pristine Mauritius in Pictures”

  1. Such a lovely photogenic post. 😉
    your photos are excellent and they give us the insight of the place.

    Now Mauritius is on my wish list. Thanks to you.

  2. Nevin,
    Thank you. I could only click it on my last day there. Just couldn’t resist. 😀

    BTW, saw your beautiful pictures on your blog. How do I comment there? Didn’t see any comment box?

  3. Prashanth,

    And I would like to walk on that road with those red petals showering on me. 🙂

    There are so many roads like this and this picture is a shame to the beauty that I have seen there with my eyes.

  4. Mauritius looks beautiful. Had never come across that avenue of flowers before, walking on fallen blossoms with the scent in one’s nose. Lovely! The beaches look incredible too. Would love to visit. Looking forward to your post on the wildlife.

  5. I’ve fallen in love with Mauritius just through this blog post so I’m sure I’d go crazy if I visited! Your photos are lovely, thanks for sharing. Happy travels 🙂

  6. Can definitely see how it’s possible to fall in love with Mauritius before you even land … it looks stunning 🙂 I would love to visit and explore the beaches … wildlife is one of our big passions too, so looking forward to your upcoming posts 🙂

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