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Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day
Let us celebrate by preserving what has been bequeathed upon us by mother Earth.

Beautiful world.

Be it Flora or …

… or Fauna ..

… and people .. young or

… old ..

Snow capped mountains ….

… or mist kissing drama.

Boring Deserts or …..

Colorful underwater world.

looking up …. or ..

… or looking down.

Rising red ball with a hope for a bright new day or ….

Lone Sun, lone bird, lone boat and lone self bidding bye to yet another day ….

Do celebrate what we have.
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27 thoughts on “Celebrating Earth Day”

  1. Stunning photos! We should really learn how to appreciate all the beauty around us and to keep it. Care about the planet cause it is our home!

  2. Magiceye, John,

    Dark Knight,
    Thanks. Yes, of course! You snatched words from my mouth. 😛

    I agree and that’s why I talked about it. 🙂

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