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Best Ways to Fund Your Travels As Digital Working Nomads

Traveling is a thing that people wish they could do more often but certain things get in the way and prevent it from happening. Things like not having enough time off at work is a common reason why people aren’t able to travel as often as they’d like. But can you guess what the biggest reason is as to why people don’t travel as often as they want? If you guessed finances, then you guessed right on the money! So, here are some ways to fund your travels as digital working nomads.

In case you didn’t know, traveling can get very expensive, depending on where you’re going. You could be planning a family trip to Bangkok, but with family trips, you have to consider what it’s going to cost per person, and that can get very expensive depending on how big your family is.

That reason alone is why so many people plan their trips a year in advance just to make sure they have enough money to pay for their trip. But, in doing that, it also means that they spend that year not going anywhere and working overtime… You know you’ll be glad you did it when it’s time to actually go on the trip but you’re going to burn yourself out during the year trying to save and prepare for it.

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That type of predicament is also one of the biggest reasons why people adopt the digital working nomad lifestyle. The digital working nomads lifestyle allows you to travel the world and earn income by working jobs when you have access to the internet.

You see it all the time on social media… You’ll see people surfing with their pets on a Tuesday afternoon when most people are working. Sure, when you look at their posts, you see them having a good time but what you’re really seeing is envy because you want to be able to see the world just like them.

All too often people want this lifestyle but aren’t fully aware of everything that’s required in order to successfully live the lifestyle.

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What Being Digital Working Nomads Really Is Like

Living the digital working nomads lifestyle isn’t what people think it is. From the outside looking in, it’s understandable why so many people think the lifestyle is one big vacation. Digital working nomads typically only post the good things about their travel adventures… rarely do they post the transparent “camera’s off” footage; There are some who do but people rarely see that side.

This isn’t slandering the lifestyle by any means but because it’s a lifestyle change, it’s important you know the good things as well as the questionable things.

It Gets Lonely Sometimes

As a digital working nomad, you’re going to be able to see some of the most beautiful places in the world… places you only thought you’d see on TV and in movies. But in order to do that, you’re going to have to give up being able to see your family and friends because they’re more than likely not going to go on this venture with you. And that’s fine because you have social media, phone calls, and emails to keep in touch with everyone.

But understand it’s going to get lonely sometimes but that’s not necessarily a bad thing… You also have the freedom and ability to make home one of your stops on your way to your next destination.

You’re Going to Work Hard

As a digital working nomad, you’re going to work very hard to earn your income… it’s actually possible that you might work harder than you do at your current full-time job.

You have to understand that you are in charge of making your own money so that means that you are the worker, the human resources department, and the boss. So, while you’re enjoying the big beautiful world around you, you also have to carve out time to dedicate to making money because that’s how you’re going to fund your lifestyle.

Jobs to Fund Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle

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As you know, living the digital nomad lifestyle is hard work but it’s more so an act of self-discipline to work, despite having the freedom of not having to. If you’re considering adopting the digital nomad lifestyle, take a look at some of the jobs that will bring you the most income to fund your travels.

Freelance Writing

Maybe you’ve always been told that you have a “way with words” or that you have the “gift of gab”… In hearing that, have you ever thought about putting this talent into document form? There are all kinds of companies and websites that are looking for various types of writers. You just have to determine what you feel most comfortable writing about and seek writing job postings that match your niche.

Build an E-Commerce Website

With an e-commerce site, you’re selling products online, whether homemade goods or reselling popular retail items. Lots of people tend to shy away from this particular way to make money because they think they’re not tech-savvy enough to build an e-commerce site, but where the irony comes in is that building the website isn’t the hard part… getting the word out about your e-commerce site is the hard part.

Whether you devise your own marketing strategy or hire a marketing specialist to help you, building your e-commerce site is going to be one of the top jobs that will earn you the most money during your travels.

Remote Work

Remote workers are becoming one of the most popular type of workers that companies are investing their hiring efforts into. What companies are quickly realizing is that remote workers are not only increasing productivity and reducing employee attrition but it’s also saving them lots of money. According to some analysis, a business would save, on average, $11,000 per employee if they offered their current employees remote work opportunities.


If you know a different language, you have the potential to earn a very nice income as a translator. As a translator, you can work jobs where you’re translating a language verbally or with various documents. A lot of times, people will visit a foreign country and spend so much time there that they just pick up on the language. But regardless of how you know the language, the ability to speak multiple languages is a skill that companies are paying big bucks for.

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