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VW Safari tour from Bali to Ubud


These words didn’t make any sense to me. Separately they did, but not together in one sentence. I was waiting in the lobby of Mercure hotel at Kuta Beach for my day’s expedition. I was told, we were to go on a VW Safari tour in Bali! Safari in a city overloaded with temples, dances and art & culture? How does that sound? To be honest, I couldn’t really digest it.

vw safari tour bali ubud

After sometime I was

The Wanderlust Bug

The Wanderlust bug!

I don’t know when I contracted this deadly and incurable condition, but I am not complaining. I was probably born with it and it just took over my body and soul at some point in time. I know I am not the only one. There are many out there afflicted with this, irrespective of the gender, nationality or creed and I know a few of them too, who have given up everything else to dedicate themselves to this condition known as travelling. Yes I am talking about the TRUE WANDERER bug.

Travelling off the beaten track…..

Travelling off the beaten track…..

I guess, the earliest signs

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